American Idol 2012 Top 9 Elimination Predictions

The lights are nearly ready to be dimmed tonight on American Idol so let’s take a look at the Top 9 elimination. The pool of finalists is growing smaller which means we’re not far away from seeing some of the more popular singers falling in to the danger zone. Tonight I’m not expecting anything shocking and your votes in our weekly poll look to back that up.

Starting out in the “so safe they could just stay home” category are the two obvious choices: Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. Those two singers will continue to march on down the road to the American Idol 2012 finale. Joining them in the safety zone tonight should be Elise Testone. After weeks of struggling in the bottom ranks she nailed her Led Zeppelin performance in the pimp-spot. That’ll be a combo sure enough to keep her away from the risk of elimination tonight.

The middle-ground group tonight should consist of Hollie Cavanagh, Colton Dixon, and Joshua Ledet. All three have had their ups and downs so far this season but those ups will keep them above the fold with their fans. Out of this group Hollie should be the most concerned. She’s been slipping and needs a fresh standout performance fast if she wants to make it through to May.

Finally we’ve got the unenviable Bottom 3. I’m expecting a near repeat of last week with DeAndre Brackensick and Heejun Han returning to Seacrest’s Stools-o’-Sorrow. Last week I expected Skylar to take one of the Bottom 3 spots and she didn’t. Maybe she’ll be as lucky again this week and if she is come American Idol results time then I’m going to flip her seat over to Hollie.

As for who will be singing for his/her life tonight on American Idol 2012, I’m awfully tempted to say DeAndre, but I’ve said that for the past two weeks! Heejun managed to shed his goofy side for the night and I think that’ll be enough to keep his head just above water. If Skylar gets the Bottom 3 spot I’m not expecting her to go home on her first visit to that side of the stage. I just can’t get past DeAndre having previously been eliminated by America’s votes before his return as a wildcard. To avoid jinxing myself again I’m going to say “DeAndre won’t go home.” Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Who do you think will be in tonight’s Top 9 Bottom 3 and is most likely to go home?




  1. before yesterday’s performance…. it’s just jessica, phil colton and hollie i’m always looking forward to, but elise testone….whew…… i have 5 favorites!!!:) i guess, heejun ar deandre might go home…

  2. colton dixon all the way he can sing and play an instrument that takes MEGA talent so does Phillips they are my 2 choices

    • Colton should still be there, and Phillip should have  a successful career performing for insomniac support groups. Bore. Ing.

  3. You know I really don’t get all the Jessica hype. Yes she sounds pretty when she sings. BUT, her diction leaves something to be desired. I couldn’t understand 95% of her words last night. I listened again twice and still couldn’t make them out. Accent is something all singers have to work on. When diction is bad it just sounds like a pretty voice singing a lot of notes with no words. She isn’t the only contestant with this problem but last night she was the biggest offender. Good diction is elementary to singing.

    • sing your own interpretation of ‘louie louie’ when you get a chance in front of your family & friends…

      • and your point is? I was in chorus for many years. The first thing we learned was pronouncing the words so people can understand them. Words are pronounced differently singing them then saying them. If you are going to sing me a song that is telling me a story I should able able to understand the story not just hear the sounds.

      • Envy?  If you have problem with her diction, then you must have had near-explosion when you had heard Beyonce’s original?  The song is R&B/Rap/Hip-Hop and you’re looking for diction?  Go somewhere else to buy your own .whatevah!

      • Would you know that because of her “more diction” version of that song, people are tending to call her performance as “too musicale”? Haaaaaaaay.

    • Better for u to go to ur doctor and have ears check….maybe something with it…just suggesting.

      • I have perfect hearing. Thank you. I call this one as I see it. These people are working with professional coaches and they should be pointing it out to them.

      • Don’t get all butt hurt, I heard it too. It’s not his ears that are messed up, it’s JSan’s singing.

      • To Chad Steimer. I couldn’t understand one word Jessica sang either! LOL!  Guess you and I both need a hearing aid!  Sherry K

      • Track; Can you help us old foggies afford a hearing aid. Not just Chad and me!!!! I see a few others that need a hearing aid on Jsan’s too. Seriously Chad and I can’t afford a hearing aid. Chad could you hear Scotty’s pretty country song?? I thought it was beautiful. I guess his diction was spot on!!

    • I agree. I couldn’t even tell what the hell she was singing. She needs to get better diction if she wants to win this thing.

      • You need a hearing aid too! She has the clearest diction among the contestants fyi! Or you just don’t like her? Jessica deserves to win all of this! She is the best of them all! Sorry!  

      • Hey everyone!!! Look up! Chad we really need to get a hearing aid. Joe could understand every word she said!!! Are you the age Chad to need a hearing aid???? Maybe we could go halves and afford a hearing aid. Let me know Chad!! I will check back with you in the morning!  Thank-You. Seriously Sherry K

    • If it was a diction problem, then Jimmy Iovine and all her mentors should have already said that since they are her MENTORS.. but they didn’t because they don’t find anything wrong with her diction.. If there was, then it could have been brought up ever since the start of the competition then.. you where I believe the only person I knew who raised up the “diction” issue.. how come others haven’t mentioned that since the start?

      • you’re totally right! If it (the diction) sounded really bad, then, their HONEST MENTORS should have told her about that. Hearing her on television or in internet is entirely different than hearing her singing live.

      • Jimmy did mention to him to add “s'” to the end of his sentences.  The judges should have realized before they sent him to Hollywood, he had diction problems.  It’s all political, you just can’t have 12 clean cut white kids in the contest.

    • Jessica doesn’t have a diction issue. Why dontcha re-watch her past performances that rendered her standing ovations 2 weeks in a row? The 1st was JHud’s Love You I Do and Whit’s too obvious I’ll Always Love You. Or if you’re not content yet, check out The Prayer by Celine Dion/Josh Groban or even the Miami Sound Machine’s Turn the Beat Around which the judges — though they gave her props for taking on a hard-to-sing song and sing with power, strength and conviction she did — wasn’t very crazy about; that song is considered a “mortal sin” in any music contest shows and should not be ung at all. She also gave more justice to Whit’s I’ll always Love You beating JHud, a talented and respected singer/actress.

      • And what I was trying to say is Jessica’s super clean, clear, crisp, big voice with all the phrases in her song emphasised (as Jennifer Lopez said), i.e., songs –> songssah. That’s how she enunciated her words towards the end, and JLo pointed that out and loved it — along with “the growl, the screaming, the ‘s’ in the end, the movement of the arms…I love all of it.” And that was around the time when the judges were only giving standing ovations and genuine appreciation to the contestants who gave out the best performances. Last Wednesday, those who have been in the bottom, except Hollie, all received standing ovations from the judges, which I think the judges did to reverse the “damage” done after AI fan faves Shannon’s and Erika’s elimination

    • Also I suggest you go o your doc or better yet, pick up a nettipot from your local drugstore and clean out the dried up disgusting thingies in your ears!

    • After Shannon and Erika’s elimination, there was furor among their fans resulting in AI’s low rating. The producers may have instructed the judges to be more forgiving of the contestants’ flaws and be more constructive through words of appreciation in addition to standing ovations no matter how predictable and a tad mediocre their performances were. If you noticed, the contenders who have been dominating the top poll ranking and the #1 front-runner spot for the 1st-3-4 weeks as well as the most talked-about and critically appraised contestants (Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon) who did well or better as anticipated, we’re not given a standing ovation but received rave reviews such as Colton possibly going to the finals

    • Cont’d: such as Colton wanting it and heading to the finals, and Jessica, who at 16 — per Randy — has a natural innate talent that make her look and sound as if she’s been singing like a professional for 10 years, plus another critique from Randy that “a talent, either you’re born with it or not” referring to Jessica. Another critique for Jessica from Randy last Wednesday: “You have. Slowing Beyonce’s jam to a crawl, backed by a harpist, Jessica gave her most interesting performance of the season, And yes, it was technically flawless, of course. “A really, really beautiful rendition. You left us wanting more,” said J.Lo. “I think you’re a star no matter what, but you did it again. Delicious,” salivated Steven. “The maturity that you have as a singer at this age–where do you learn that? You just innately have this unbelievable  talent. You’re one of the best singers I’ve heard in many years,” said Randy. Jessica’s sweet dream of being this season’s “Idol” winner may indeed come true, if she can keep performing like this.

      •  Definitely agree with you! Jessica is on top of this game! She will rule it till the finale! 🙂

    • What? You must have a hearing problem! Jessica has the clearest voice and diction among the contestants. Or you are just trying to suppress what you hear coz you don’t like her at all? Pathetic comment!

      • Joe, Still in the chidish arena???  You must be the one with the hearing problem.  That song Jessicaa sang was her worst EVER!  Can she sing beautiful?? YES!!  But the noise that night or something was off. I could not make out one word she sang. And Chad is telling the truth. She is not going anywhere because of it. The girl is good. But I cannot see why you insist like a child that that song was so good??? Vbrocks you can go to hell. I didn’t say I would burst in to flames!! I said you people~~~ You and Joe and some of the others. Big BABYS!!! 

    • Better consult your ENT doctor asap before AI goes to the finale! You may not hear all of the performances as we go down the wire……!

      • Joe, You are just being nasty and childish to Chad !!! Act your age. MANY people said they couldn’t understand one damn word she sang. So go and chill and find some other subject to gripe about.

    • You are right Chad!! I listened to her 3 times. I downloaded her. And her diction is just in outer space. I couldn’t make out one word she sang. I wonder if we could make a bet on when she goes in the bottom 3??   Oh mercy!  Chad , You know this is all in good fun!! Some of them are going to burst in to flames for pretty little Jessica. Lets just keep it on the Adult level.

      • Hehe yeah you probably need hearing aids. As obvious as it already was, we all know Jessica can sing and it’s the natural way singers pronunciate their words. If you were smart enough to keep it on “the adult level,” you wouldn’t be all sarcastic. And yes I hope YOU burst into flames. Jessica is clearly one of the best in this competition and I wish you a terrible day. Thank you.

  4. Deandre should go home, but who knows..I think the bottom three will be Hollie, HeeJun and Deandre..but i never pick right.  I could also see Elise there but not based on last night but more the same thing that haunted Erika…no strong following i suspect.  HeeJun and deandre clearly have a supporting army…otherwise they would have been the last two eliminations.

  5. well I can see how Deandre manages to survive this long.. I mean this is a country that idolizes Justin Bieber, apparently a boy singing with a girl’s voice is a thing here. I hate to say this but I think Joshua Ledet is in for a surprise elimination. It seems that among the remaining contestants he has the least appeal to younger voters.

    • First of all…the WORLD Idolizes Justin Bieber. Not just this country. That said I can’t stand the brat….LOL. Justin Bieber definitely cannot sing and I don’t even think he sounds like a girl….I just think he can’t sing period. But he was the right person at the right time to hit the ground running and make millions so how can you criticize that? 

      If you couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but people still went crazy over you, would you argue with it or just go with it? I’d go with it. LOL

  6. HMMMMMMM…..Dial Idol has “J-San” in the bottom three…..very interesting.  Might we be seeing Pia – part two?  She’d be saved obviously — but very interesting.

    Still likely it will be DeAndre or HeeJun but — would make for some interesting TV

      • Not smoking anything — just sayin — her busy rate dropped tremendously.  I know it’s not the only method of voting — BUT — it would definitely be an indication that she’s not getting nearly as much support this week.

        She’s probably not in the bottom 3 – BUT, if she is — I want some credit for pointing that out 😉

    • i think peiple are starting to believe jessica will always be safe whiles she’s actlly in danger just like pia and ceasy and james.

    •  dial idol’s margin is tight for each contestant.. so you would see that all of them COULD be in the bottom 3 according to their site..

      there are better polls that are more believable like the one in this site..

  7. What type of songs will they be singing next week? anyone know?Hopefully a good song choice can bring Hollie back into it

      • If trends hold — I’m guessing an “oldies” theme — 60’s or 70’s…..

        How about a British Invasion theme?  That might be fun…..

      • Hi Matthew .
        Branden could really learn something from u. I am not kidding ,  Openion without offending anyone. U can manipulate the words in a nice way . 

      • @03f748dee8a00abf7399d08bd83c4a28:disqus : I appreciate the compliment, but the whole point of Branden’s articles is to provide his opinion and review the performances. Reviews like those are going to be subjective. Not everyone is going to agree. But without some level of opinion in his recaps things would be very dull.

      • Matthew, Are you sure they have not announced next week’s theme /songs yet???????  Lets hear some Rock and Roll. And as someone below said Aerosmith. That makes me laugh! Think Steven Tyler would like that???? NOT!!!!

    • To Matt again. Sorry Matthew (GTP) I like Branden. He is sweet!  Yes maybe your reviews have some bigger words in them. But Branden is very nice!!! And it makes me mad when they pick on him. They just do it because they know he is not going to hit them right back like you do!!!
      Hi Branden!!!


    • I sure hope you’re wrong.  Hollie won’t be in the running, I think even she knows it.  I wish it was Phillip, but fear it will be Jessica and Colton

  9. My top two choices are Colton and Phillip. Both truly awesome performers and vocalists and worthy of American Idol. My bottom three are He Jun,Deandre and Skylar, in that order. Elise was exceptional last night. My husband’s and my favorite thing is to judge each night and see who wins in the end. He has won the last two years. I am holding out for Colton or Phillips and he is holding out for Jessica.

  10. im sorry but i vote to send heejun home! save hollie and def jessica and colton who are my top 3 favs

  11. skylar is not even close to bottom 3.
    bottom 3 will be
    Hollie or joshua
    I think Joshua will be elinmated but will be saved.

    • I’m sorry I typed that wrong. It should say that he’s the best, and not the worst. My mistake.

  12. rankings
    1 hollie “from 7 to 1 great song choice”
    2colton “drop from last week but hey you cant always be number 2”
    3 skylar “best girl in the competiton hollie had a great week though”
    4 phil “is starting to grow on me however phil aint the best”
    5 elise “is starting to be the next haley”
    6 jessica “fell it was just a bad choice for song”
    7 joshua ” if he goes the save will be used”
    8 deandre “How far can he go really”
    9 heejun “should have been gone a long time ago”

  13. I believe that HeeJun’s standup comedy routine sadly did him in. He will go home tonight. No save…

  14. Deandre jlo wants to see him for a few more weeks.
    notice i dont want to see him win.

    • I think it’ll be (and should be) DeAndre.  He’s not the same calibre as the others.  Next will be Hollie and Skylar (sorry, she’s way to nasal and shouty for me.).  HeeJun has a huge following and I think it’s a good idea to let him develop; he’s a potentially big moneymaker for a lot of people.  I’m not sure how anyone could think Joshua will be in bottom 3 – he’s my pick to win, along with Elise and Phillip for Final 3.  Jennifer I’m sort of indifferent to; I don’t find her believable for some reason.

      • skylar is great same for hollie.
        glad to see heejun has a fan. but i must say he sucks.

      • CalHorse, I agree with you. For me, Joshua  is the best. He can sing, dance, and show a lot of depth when on stage. It’s funny to see him so shy when he’s not performing. A true artist! I also like Phillip.

  15. It’s funny how people say Jessica is getting boring… She can DO either a ballad or an upbeat, she’s very consistent as well. She made ‘Sweet Dream’ her own version, and the way she sings is just over her years!

    Elise did an excellent performance, I think shes a fantastic singer. But I haven’t seen her personality shine. I think she will stay in the competition for a few more weeks, she may not win because she’s a bit old. And mostly teenage girls watch the show…
    Elise, Jessica, Colton, Phil, Joshua – (my opinion) will be definitely safe.
    I think DeAndre, Heejun or either Hollie or Skylar will be bottom 3…

  16. The way the judges see it: 1.) Jessica 2.) Joshua 3.) Phillip 4.) Colton 5.) Elise 6.) Hollie 7.) Skylar 8.) DeAndre 9.) Heejun
    The way I see it: 1.) Colton 2.) Skylar 3.) Phillip 4.) Jessica 5.) Elise 6.) Hollie 7.) Heejun 8.) Joshua 9.) DeAndre
    Prediction: The save will be used on Joshua (whatever week that may be)

      •  Well, he’s certainly more entertaining than Joshua or DeAndre… I’d have him ranked above Hollie too due to her boring performances, if not for the fact that I just love a chick that can really blow.

    • After Ms thinks she’s better than everyone after I sang Whitney’s most famous song perfectly and falsetto faggot goes home, heejun will after them I really believe he can connect with people better then those two. I actually loved all his performances.

      • I’m pretty sure Jessica doesn’t think she’s better than everyone else. She’ll be here for a long time. I do agree about deandre though

  17. its funny how people loved skylar.
    now since she is my new fav nobody does anymore.
    if i started liking jessica she would be in the btm

  18. Jessica, Elise and Phil are so gonna be safe tonight [My prediction]! These are the artist that I would prefer to see in the Top 3.

    Hollie – Jesus—-I’d prefer listening to Carrie.
    Joshua – Oh my, stop crying out.
    Deandre – He might flip his… or her hair out.
    Skylar – Yeah, you did quite well but not enough.
    HeeJun – Hmmmm tough weeks, huh? I now you did well last night.

  19. I’d have to agree with Matthew on his picks for tonight’s show; Elise out-sang everyone last night so I’m now really concerned about Hollie’s safety. She’s got a beautiful voice but unless she “lets loose” with a rocking song; I’m afraid that the American public is quickly going to grow tired of her.

  20. My take on tonight’s results show is this: If  Hollie is in the bottom three and has to sing for her life, the judges will save her; if it’s Heejun or Deandre, they won’t.

  21. So excited for the results. won’t be working till i read that JSan is already safe hahahahaha 

  22. For those JSan fans who could vote, vote for her! its not enough to just support her thru expressing your praises with her performances in forums like these. VOTE FOR JESSICA! That way we could ensure her smooth way to the finale and to the title.

    • Nah I don’t feel she’s going to go that far until she does something amazing like that Whitney Houston song. Her other performances have been so bland and karaoke

      • I’m sick of her, especially when she fooled us with the Whitney song n now she just is kinda alright. She’s got enough fame enough to get her a record deal hell she probably already has one, found her on iTunes doesn’t need to win sorry just my personal opinion… Go ahead and hate if u must

      • Im sure that the judges will save her if she’ll be in the bottom which is it think impossible for now

  23. They are all so good. I do not know how you can pick. I think that Skyler is the next one to go. There were a lot of other Miranda Lambert songs to pick from. She is either country or rock. Not both.

    • your kidding right.
      did you not hear josh or heejun or deandre or even jessica
      all those guys sucked.
      skylar was the best

      • how come skylar is the best ! I would say Heejun and Jessica have their distinct voices unlike your Skylar wheeeewwww

      • Yes but I love hollie she has an amazing voice n she can connect with people if she really tries.

  24. joshua
    skylar “sob sob”
    will be the last member of btm 3
    we know who the other two are dont we.

  25. As long as Jessica is safe, i will have a sweet dreams… or a beautiful nightmare 🙂

  26. hey branden! you hate deandre too much coz he proves your predictions are wrong! hahahha

  27. My Top 8 Rankings:1.  Jessica Sanchez – very consistent, versatile, dynamic and powerful with her performances for the past 4 weeks. The best vocalist in the competition. She has also a wide fan-based. 2.  Philip Phillips – consistent and puts his own style and arrangements to his songs, that’s why many loves how he sings.3.  Joshua Ledet – consistent except his last week performance. Great voice and he puts so much passion in his every performance.4.  Elise Testone –  she is becoming a dark horse for the last 2 weeks. She is gong back in the competition and if she keeps doing what she do best, she might catapult to the top of the rankings.5.  Colton Dixon –  consistent and a great performer. Handsome too. But his performances are not way over the top. He has to put more vocal dynamics to his renditions to beat Philip.5.  Skylar Laine – she is a dynamic performer and consistent. Great voice too. Country pop star. But lacks the versatility to her voice.6.  Hollie Cavanagh – she has one of the best voices and top singers in the competition during the inaugurals, but she is slipping down slowly because of her last 2 performances. She’s sounding too strained and pitchy at times. She has to go back next week to stay back in the competition.7.  De andre Brackensick – he is a great artist. But too much falsetto (which many ordinary people can do anyway) is becoming very inappropriate and annoying too. I hope he goes back to his natural and beautiful chest voice. Not too use too much of his falsetto which sounds too fake for me.You may have your own preferences and analysis. This is my own. 🙂

  28. Sorry, Heejun finally met the bad moment. His jokes could not work forever. I truly enjoyed Stevie Nicks being on AI. I have been a fan of hers for a long, long time. Yes I am old. But music has always been the delight of my life!!  All of you teeny boppers can laugh. I will give you a good joke. On me too. I got an Ipod for my birthday. And I am putting GOOD music on it like crazy. Still haven’t got ADAM’s ” Better than I know myself. I want
     it a capella. Beautiful voice. He was at some radio station. Well I have a lot to do. Good night. I hope everyone has a great week end. And that includes you too Matt . And if you see this ~~~Hi Ed. 

  29. Colton should do his praise singing at church.  There is a time and place for worship…not to get the Bible belt vote.  If history is any indication of the outcome, his tears and praying to the ceiling will get him into the finale.

  30. Bitch you dont know where Deandre placed  when the top 12 guys performed. Though he was a wildcard he may have placed just outside of the top 6 guys, so get  you need to get past him being a wildcard. He deserves to still be here.

  31. Chad, yeah I’m sure you just know SO MUCH about singing, don’t you now, hon? Jessica has perfect diction, thank you very much, so you can just shut up about it and stop complaining.

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