American Idol 2012 Tour: Heejun Han and Colton Dixon Grill Each Other

The American Idol 2012 Idols Live! tour launch is only weeks away now and the American Idol Season 11 Top 10 are in full rehearsal mode. Ahead of the tour, we’ve got interviews with the Idols (Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter) where they talk about the tour and give us a little insight on what to expect.

In this video season jokester Heejun Han and Colton Dixon play interviewer with each other. And like everything else this season, Heejun can’t take anything seriously and therefore, I can’t really share any quotes with you now. So you’ll just have to check out the video yourselves.

At least it’s good to see Colton is still rocking the dead coonskin hat hairdo.




  1. I don’t get the pairings.  It would have been better to have Hollie with Joshua, Hee Jun with P2 etc.  They’re mixing it up in a weird way.

  2. This was the weirdest interview ever……..Someone give HeeJun his own sitcom or standup show……PLEASE!!!!!   He is totally out there!!!!!

    • heejun was always hilarious!!  he belongs on the comedy channel.  on a completely different note, the taj in a.c. is still playing adam from both his cds.  no word yet on trespassing tour, if any.  and does he ever look HOT!!!!!!!!  in the interim we’re enjoying hells kitchen and master chef, and frequent trips to the jersey shore.  hope your summer is a blast!!

      • Hello Namesake……..I have been watching for info on the tour and also I have Adam’s fan club on my Favorites so I get updates when they happen.  If I hear anything I will definitely let you know…….This site is going to go down eventually…….This is my email if  you hear anything let me know………We are having a great summer.  Coming into New York  to see my first grandchild in August…..We are so excited…….t2us!!!!!! Have fun and win!!!!!

      • I have been waiting 5 years to be a grandmother…I’m just a young at heart one!!!!! Thank you for the congrats!!!!!!

  3. HeeJun gives a very bad example for Asians. His actions play into stereotypes and he should be banned from TV.

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