Jessica Sanchez Signed To Interscope Records

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Jessica Sanchez. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

American Idol 2012 Runner-up Jessica Sanchez has confirmed via Twitter that she has signed to Interscope Records.

For the first time in several seasons, the runner-up getting signed wasn’t a sure thing. But luckily for Jessica, she has been signed.

And not only that, but she’s already working on her album.

“At the stuuuuudio recording some amazing tracks for the upcoming album ;)” she Tweeted Wednesday. That album will most likely drop in October.

There won’t be any official announcement about Jessica’s deal and upcoming album until after American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ announcement has been made. That news always comes first.

Jessica will soon be leaving the studio and heading on the road with the other finalists for the Idols Live! tour.





  1. no surprise here at all.  nice to know that in the idol universe history repeats itself.  (hint, hint.  the initials are adam lambert!)  she should do very well. to those who gave her a hard time all season, don’t buy her album if you don’t like her.  no one is holding a gun to your heads.  if you like her then go out and support her.  leave the nastiness at home.

    • How dare you call Jess g a y like that Lambert freak, she is nothing like him, stop being so stupid.

      • he’s comparing the signing thing of jess to adam. not their gender. stop being judgmental and try to comprehend what your read.

    • Please take note that the one posing as the other Carlos is anti Jessica who is threatened by my friend Carlos or Karl as Karl can write so much better in defending Jessica

    • Previous winners album usually comes out during the next years AI. It’s fast for Jess to have her album comes out by October. But who knows maybe it will. And also with Glee! Good Luck and God Bless Jessica

  2. I was reading that she is saying her album will have more of an urban vive to it. I’m not really sure what that means. Does that mean like Beyonce or rap or what? Not being nasty, I’m genuinely curious.

    • other popular artists who are
      with Interscope are Eminem, 50 cent, Black Eyed Peas, Keyshia Cole, JoJo, Lady
      Gaga, LMFAO, U2 and “Idol” Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery, among

      • Interscope is Jimmy Lovine’s label.  So..she probably still has that 19 Entertainment thing hanging around her neck.

      • Scotty is with the Mercury/Nashville branch of Interscope which is not answerable to Jimmy I.

      • Taylor, shut up you know nothing about it and I know everything when it comes to the Anerican music industry

    • Urban Vibe is a name of a band in indonesia. the group
      originated in the early year of 2007 as an indonesian pop soul band.  its
      music is influenced by a couple of genres, such as Soul, R&B, Nu-Soul,
      Nu-Jazz and PoP. the mix of those genres makes what the guys also call as “urban
      rhythm,” which is basically PoP with a SOUL.
      Urban Vibe brings soulful songs from maxwell to musiq
      soulchild, from stevie wonder to michael jackson. 

    • well, by the mere fact that she’s an ai alumn, jessica will always have something of that “around her neck.” but, if u can sing, u can sing, and u will succeed, no matter. michael jackson in the late 70’s always had the jackson 5 “around his neck,” but after a few years it was the jackson 5 “hanging around” michael’s neck, so to speak.

      • Jess has Carlos around her neck, like stalker. Always pretending he knows everything from his basement world, when in reality, he knows nothing.

      • Carlos, why can’t American Idol Net site stop LordCalvinKline immitating you??

      • Carlos, why can’t American Idol Net site stop LordCalvinKline from immitating you??

  3. Can’t Philips make a waiver that news about Jessica being signed to Interscope Records come ahead of his own record deal? We surely would like to hear details of Jessica’s activities regarding her album, including titles, songwriters, with whom is she collaborating with, etc..? 

    • angelo, there is a protocol AI follows with its own timeline in making such an announcement. u can’t just announce the arrival of the queen before the king arrives in the scene.

      in the case of jessica, however, the official announcement will be nothing but lame-duck as everybody will have known already about it by the time the announcement will be made, not to mention that now many people know already who is “ahead” of the two. in fairness to philip phillips though, he can’t really do much as he has just been under the knife to have his 6th kidney stone removed yesterday.
      u can follow up on the details of JS’ album by signing up with Twitter. also, there are a lot of other news media that carry news on the popular diva. one of these is the philippine/american based ABS-CBN network. si entiendes espanol hay las mismas noticias sobre de ella en telemundo, etc.

    • I think there is one from SONY/ Grammy Nominated Producer
      @Rykeyz who is JS working with her songs. Source: twitter

  4. It’s all about the songs Jessica. JLo was right about that. If it doesn’t feel like a hit the first time you hear it then move on to something else.

    She could do very well after the sculptors get done with her tracks. They wont need to do much. She should make it easy for them. They wont have as much to cover up and tweak as they will with Phillip. And she is such a good mimic that it wont take long for her to listen to the sculpted track and be doing an exact replica on stage. This girl is like the Xerox of new age, urban vocalization.  I can see this as a great vocal and ear training experience for her. I know you guys think I’m being facetious but I am being completely, brutally honest for once. I guess at some point we just have to accept the fact that the electronics age is upon us and understand that this is a step forward in the production of music instead of fighting against it. It’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. The only difference here is that what ever they do in the studio, Jessica is the one with the ability to recreate that in a live performance, note-for-note!

    So here is how it goes. She sings it, they tweak it, and then she studies it and practices it and then she sings it again. The second time there is no need for tweaks. She’s that good!

    And before all of you get started this is actually supposed to be a compliment to her. Not so much Phillip though. ;-D

    Congrats Jessica! But don’t ever stop doing the national anthem every chance you get! You make us all proud to be citizens of this great country! 

    • You really do not know very much about the American music industry. I am an expert in these things and you should just let me comment on Jess. I think she should stop the anthem singing, it gives the appearance that she is a one trick pony and is desperate for exposure.

      • Although I like all music across the Americas I am mainly into the music of the United States.

        If you think that being invited to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” is somehow degrading then you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. 

        Jessica is 16 years old and the reason she has made so many appearances singing our national anthem is because she does such a great job of it. She didn’t ask anybody to allow her to sing it. She was asked to do it because they want it to be a stellar and moving performance and because Jessica is the very embodiment of what our country is all about. There is no better representative of this great country than Jessica Sanchez and everyone knows it. The fact that she sings the anthem so flawlessly is just icing on the cake. 

        So you go give your advice where it’s needed. It isn’t needed or even desired here. 


      • Taymaro, I was with you until you said that there is no better representative of this great country than Jessica Sanchez. Honestly, that’s a bit over the top.  I can think of a lot of people who represent this country better than a 16 year old!

      • Really?

        Better or just as well?

        I say just as well. Why would you say she isn’t as good a representative of this country as some others might be?

      • Because she’s a 16 year old kid. What about all the soldiers that have fought for this country?  Every single one of them is a better representative of this country than ANY singer who has been on American Idol. 

      •  @ Taymaro…I think the Carlos who commented above is not the real Carlos…..

    • u and lordklein have a similar tendency to write run-on sentences to spice up ur sentencing style, i guess. look at the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph: 

      “She could do very well after the sculptors get done with her tracks.” this sentence is non-sensical.  what is the antecedent of the pronoun “She?” are u talking about jessica or jlo?

      • What does “u” mean? That is an English word I have never seen. I would also like to know what “ur” spells. I tried to look it up but I couldn’t find it. 

        Here in the USA we start all of our sentences with a capital letter and the pronoun, “I”, is always capitalized as well as when writing a person’s name.

        The question mark should be outside the quotation marks in that particular instance. Since the word “She” is not a question in and of itself. “She” is the object of the preposition in that particular interrogative sentence so the punctuation needs to indicate the interrogatory nature of the whole sentence instead of just that one word.  

        Get your own grammar correct before criticizing mine! 

    • are u so didactic that u can’t understand short cuts! u’ve never written in short cuts with correct grammar, lordklein?

    • the quotation mark is always after the period or question mark or exclamation point. and philip is spelt with one l. william williams–u spell those with 2 l’s for both name and surname.

    • What out for the other Carlos,aka LordCalvinRekliner who is anti-jessica and full of sarcasm!! who’s using Carlos’ name…. 

    • I mean Watch out for the other Carlos,aka LordCalvinRekliner who is anti-jessica and full of sarcasm!! who’s using Carlos’ name…. 

    • That is just stupid, one cannot say they love something when it hasn’t been created yet. It really gives people the impression that your s Jess stalker.

  5. I think this is late to post, still good to see you post it though~ 🙂 Thanks~ 🙂

  6. Jess tweets that she will be doing all cover songs on next album, nothing original until she has a chance to learn how to read music. Her mom is picking out her songs for her.

      • hey lovelyday, the other carlos is deluding himself that he can deceive readers like u and me. it’s characteristically lordklein’s work, and his style of writing is very similar to one or 2 writers here whom u will detect as u pay attention to the syntax of their sentences and the way they employ the placement of verbs, their modes, and their tenses. anyway, let him keep mock me as he is the one making a fool of himself. 

        there are not many in this site who can write at length; one day u will know. study their style very well and the way they express their supposedly satirical potpourri or whatever. 

      • Very clearly Lordklein and somewhat similar to Taymaro. They’re or he is threatened by someone who can write better I mean so much better. This site must have some mechanism to require people to register. Now they’re hard on Carl and not to other bloggers who also use aliases or some kind of impersonation. Very unfair system.

    • This is not the real Carlos….it’s LourdesCalvinessKliendestine again,aka LordCalvineRekliener.. Why do Branden allow this to happen…Conspiracy theory huuh? 

  7. I knew this was coming and all a lot more…excited to her to too in Glee. Hmmm wondering what would be her role?! Can anybody guess?!

    • Ryan Murphy, producer of Glee has confirmed Jessica Sanchez will appear on multiple episodes of Glee’s Season 4. He said “We are so excited to get Jessica as a guest cast member”. He explains that Jessica’s character, Bebe Sez, will be introduced as a young 16 year old mixed race (“Flip”) illegal alien from Mexico. Her parents have abandoned her in the tomato fields of Ohio, leaving her to live all alone in a large fruit crate.

      Another new character, Carlos (played by William Hung), will be introduced as a mean and self-serving singing Filipino pimp. His life is plagued with one failure after another. Carlos meets Jessica at a soup kitchen where the cast of Glee is singing “Hits for the Homeless”. While at the soup kitchen, Will Schuester hears Bebe singing with the group sing along and uses his extensive Spanish language skills to befriend Bebe.  He invites her to attend school and to join the glee club. Will hears Carlos’s singing and emphatically tells Carlos to stop singing and that he isn’t welcome at the glee club. This inflames Carlos with jealousy and he immediately becomes obsessed with Bebe and in controlling her for his own needs and purposes. Bebe moves in with Carlos into his mother’s basement and Carlos convinces Bebe to become a singing prostitution in order to obtain the luxurious lifestyle she had been obsessed with since age 5.

      For months, Bebe does the singing Prostitute at night and singing student during the day thing. She soon grows tired of the exploitation by Carlos and his mamma. Slowly, through her involvement with the glee club, she discovers her life’s dream and purpose. Bebe loves to dance and sing the national anthems of the world. Naturally, the glee club supports her efforts and puts together a fabulous show of the world’s national anthems, starring Bebe Sez.

      Unfortunately, Bebe becomes pregnant and infected with multiple STDs preventing her from doing the show. Bebe now hates Carlos for the mess she thinks he put her in. Carlos commits suicide by chewing on an electrical cord and getting electrocuted. Bebe is relieved and overjoyed with her new freedom from Carlos. She gets an abortion, finds a good STD clinic, and finally gets to star in an encore presentation of the “National Anthems of the World” show. Bebe gets lucky, a Russian movie produce, Putin Robthemall is in the audience and immediately signs Bebe to a contract to make the “National Anthems of the World” into a movie. Bebe makes millions, marries Will, and sends her parents a bag of rice. As Will’s new wife, she is open to additional appearances on Glee.

      • waaaaa, i kinda like the beginning showing the struggles in life but the end part nahhh….its too mature for her and not a good model.   

      • so tremendously and unspeakably distasteful, unbecoming of a well bred gentleman or an educated journalist! again, just like lordkalvinreklein’s, the author’s satire here fails miserably. 

      • Branden should be fired from his job, allowing rude and mean people to destroy other people’s reputation…Lordkleine is in conspiracy with Branden, no doubt….

    • it was drizzling that evening of thanksgiving
      weekend. the dotted dappled leaves of autumn were falling on the pied plotted plot
      of the chula vista church where I was watching the leaves touch the top of a
      busted belfry.  the leaves were
      falling faintly with double drops of rain bubbly blown by an unusually un-wild
      california wind and tears were mizzling from my eyes misted by mellowed
      melancholy.  it came home to me
      sadly that it was the very first time i had spent such november revelry with no
      camaraderie, far from friends, from family, from my father, who has been in the
      military to defend this country. 

      never heard of thanksgiving dinner until i came to chula vista from mexico.  i was twelve and chula looked to me like
      a gigantic city with tree-lined boulevards by the sea, european cafes, spanish mansions,
      and grandiose churches patterned after the big spanish churches of medieval europe.  the religious houses tended to be old,
      reminiscent of the era of the spanish friars in mexico.  night and day i would visit these
      churches and would sing. one night a man in white said, “welcome to chula
      vista! one day u will be a famous singer!” lord i thank u for this opportunity
      to be in glee. Your daughter, jessica.

      • This is a very good piece of writing. Very touching Thank you Carl and Good luck Jessica. Carl just ignore the other carlos because we know who is who in this thread

    • whose personality are u using here, no names? how many email addresses do u have? how many ip addresses do u have? how many computers do u have in ur office or basement.

  8. Can anyone loan me $150.00 so I can purchase my medications, it’s getting really hard for me to sort out all the voices I hear. The one voice that loves Jess keeps fighting with the voice who hates her. My head really hurts bad and my face too from the many times my momma slapped me. Help please, these basement walls are closing in on me.

  9. hey lovelyday, the other carlos is deluding himself that he can deceive readers like u and me. it’s characteristically lordklein’s work, and his style of writing is very similar to one or 2 writers here whom u will detect as u pay attention to the syntax of their sentences and the way they employ the placement of verbs, their modes, and their tenses. anyway, let him keep mock me as he is the one making a fool of himself. there are not many in this site who can write at length; one day u will know. study their style very well and the way they express their supposedly satirical potpourri or whatever. 

  10. I’m the real Carlos and everyone can tell because they know I am very knowledgeable and have a very nice personality. Yes, I live in a basement and I take medications for my multiple personality disorder as well as being bipolar. I’m currently out of money and my medications, so it is getting hard for me to know which one of my voices is in control at any time. LordKlien caused all this by pressuring and making my more dominate personalities to take over.

  11. Please moderator stop this foolishness. If you want a person to go away from this site do it in a professional way. Do not go down to the level where you are making a mockery of yourself

      • Don’t pretend to be naive let’s stop this conspiracy against Jessica by curtailing people’s freedom what they can do with their ability to write and ways to project themselves in the Internet world

      • LMA…totally off. What in the world are you talking about? How is anything said on here curtailing anyone’s freedom and how is it a conspiracy against Jessica?  Wow…

  12. carlos. carlos, Debricassart, & lovely day
    Why are your IP addresses all the same?
    Carlos tell us the truth, exactly how many personalities are you afflicted with?

    • hunkyray_16, why do u say “addresses” if there is only one same address? see i gotcha! the subconscious never lies. 

      maybe ur the one with the same ip ADDRESS with x, y, and z. 

      are u so closed-minded that u can’t imagine a scenario where a group of fans gather in a household with only 1 computer? since when did it become a rule that one can only comment here using only 1 computer?

      • Each of you have an IP address, so when referred to as a group, you have IP addresses that happen to be the same. It is proper english.

    • how many times did u vote for philip phillips or jessica or joshua or ur mother? a million times? so now then ur afflicted with a million personalities? think, brother or sister, think. 

  13. Can`t wait to hear the first Joshua Ledet album, Jimmy let slip that he`d signed him already by Top 5 week of AI. Anybody know if Skylar has a deal????

    • Joshua is a g a y screaming hack who is no where near the talent of Jess. His record deal means nothing.

  14. Carlos ha vuelto completamente loca. alguien tiene que tener este hombre sus medicamentos.

  15. Paging Dr. Philipino
    Doctor, Doctor, give me the news
    I’ve got a bad case of the kidney stone blues

  16. lord, make me a channel of ur peace
    where there is hatred, let me bring love
    where there is injury ,pardon
    where there is sadness, ever joy!

    forgive lordkleincarlos and Dr. Philipino for they know not what they do. 

  17. Carlos solo hablo el español que me enseñaron mis padres y sé que hay otros idiomas

  18. Just be happy for those talents who’s being signed up and say goodluck. Buy if you’re a fan. If not, save it for the bills you were paying.

  19. Though I’ll be happy if Deandre will be on Glee too. The show needs new talents like Jessica & Deandre.

  20. People. Please stop. Carlos, and Carlos…stop the whole stupid back and forth bickering.  It’s boring.  Debricassart, stop also and whoever is calling someone “gaylord” like being homosexual is an insult, stop with that too. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    • All these commentators (Carlos, Carlos, Debricassart, lovelyday, Dr Philipino, and likely more) are all the same person who is truly very sick mentally. The poor man is in desperate need of help before he totally melts down and hurts someone.

      • You are the one who is posing as the other Carlos and Dr Phillipino shame on you liar!

      • Yes, non other than LordCalvinRekleiner….. He also does speaking of the tongues!!!

    • Pally ask Taymaro or Matt or Branden or Vanessa why they or he or she is doing this

      • Are you talking about Matthew..whose blog this is? You can’t be serious? And Branden, the other writer? Come on. WHY would they do something like this? You are delusional. I have seen a lot of posts from Taymaro and Vanessa and why you would think either of them would stoop to this is beyond me. They both seem too mature to do something so childish.

    • Vanessa had a message to you about this whole thing of people’s using alleged impersonation Stop pretending Please if you people want to ban Karl from this site please revamp the whole system of how people must write or present themselves on the web

      • She did not. You might have read it that way but that isn’t what she was saying. Who is Karl?

    • As in ask people to present their IDs and let them give to the moderator phone numbers and other stuff but anyway enough of this and don’t worry Karl won’t be in this site anymore and funny coz his real name isn’t even Carlos

    • Don’t be naive and don’t do that sweet girl talk ok? Who do you think is Karl ? It’s my friend Carlos’ nickname but Carlos is not even his real name and it’s an alias like what most if not all people do in blog spots to maintain anonymity and for me I would prefer if the system of blogging is revamped and we can know each other as we would face to face

    • Pally if it is petty and childish if you think the issues here are petty then why do you keep on the replying to them? Why do you spend so much time in addressing what you call as petty?

      • This is my last reply to this nonsense. The issues are ALL in your head. Seek therapy immediately.

    • Please after your therapy I’ll follow… And good don’t reply here no more as your replies are unwanted Take care have a good weekend

  21. second time here on jessicas page..and i see most of people here come and argue ..soo stupid you people,,come on just comment something good to read and stop acting very childish

    • Write to AmericanIdolnet’s Moderator and suggest a revamp of the system of blogging notes so that the pro Phillip forces will not resort to ridiculous attempts at degrading what they call as Pinoy. I am in favor of a system where bloggers are not anonymous

  22. Bravo Vanessa and friends have succeeded to remove Carlos from this site but What is in a name? A rose is still a rose … If a rose were called by any other name it would smell as sweet .. as Shakespeare said

    •  They would call Carlos and all his others personalities including you, crazy and send him to a nut farm. Please stop it and get the help you need.

  23. Wow! I’m so excited! In October? Finally…Jessica’s dream is coming true.  This is an early Christmas present for me.  Go go go Jess!!!

  24. Karl, Carl,  Debricassart, lovelyday, and others using the physical body of Karl, please call your mental health profession and tell them you really need your medicine, they will work with you to get it somehow or contact my show on TV.

    • Just make sure you can substantiate your case. Otherwise shape up or ship out

    •  Better take your med. or just cut your have off are so annoying .

    • You’re so disgusting LordKlein!! Maybe you lack shower…Take your shower now and you’ll feel better. You stick like your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get some help!

    • You’re so disgusting LordKlein!! Maybe you lack shower…Take your shower now and you’ll feel better. You stink like your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get some help!

  25. Bulletin … Bulletin …. Bulletin:  Mini CDs from the top 5 go on sale at Wal-Mart on July 3rd.  Each of them will feature 5 songs.  Plus a 6th CD will feature duets.  So, all of you fans of P2, Jess, Josh, Hollie and Skylar get your rear to Wal-Mart on The 3rd.

      • Branden please stop this foolishness. You are the one bringing your own administered web site to the dogs. You have allowed that racist Lordklein to dominate this site. If you love Phillip that’s your choice but stop your dirty manipulative trick. You can’t like Jessica? Ok but why demonize her and the Filipino fan base of hers? You should be ashamed of yourself!

      • DebricassartIf Branden wanted to get rid of the Filipinos, all he would have to do is to call an exterminator.

  26. No wonder I don’t look at this site much anymore….it has been taken over by a ‘few’ or ‘one’ crazy person….very little information shared here anymore….just a bunch of nonsense….too bad.

    • Blame it on the biased anti Jessica Administrator of this site Rick F Branden

    • Congratulations Matthew and Branden!! What a great site!! Both of you should be fired for allowing this site to be infested!!!  

  27. Nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen.
    Nooooobody knows my sorrow.

    It’s a small world after all

    I’ve got a lovely much

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    some as big as your head

    • You are a racist! You don’t belong in the world of journalism Your name is all over the Internet now. You’re judgment is blinded by your oh well my my never mind oh my oh my poor CarlosLordBrandenKlein

    • Anyway LordCarlosBrandenKlein goodbye to you as I will be busy tweeting in more interesting sites and your articles are boring very boring anyway.

      So please my Lord You and Vanessa and Pally and Phillip have a good July 4th celebration and I might see you there as I will be with a male friend who so loves your stony Phillip. If you find a handsome young man in his early 20’s assisting an old veteran walk that’s probably me. I’m six feet tall 180 lbs with green eyes but unlike you LordCarlosBrandenKlein I am not a Racist. Can you delete this comment ASAP because my IP address might be traced by stalkers who like young handsome men

  28. I was hoping the site had been fumigated of verman and that all the Carloses were gone, but I see BobTomKat is back.

    •  don’t worry we’ll all be gone soon…this is my last comment..i hope you too Hunkyray_16 so this site will be fumigated soon….good ridance!!!

    •  Last one… since this is a PRO-PHILIP site, you’re not included btw…

  29. I’m Jessica’s fan, BUT…I’m a little skeptic of her having an album this early. She needs to undergo a lot of training first. She needs to be polished first.

    • Like you haven’t heard her sing before…. Training on are for those who can not sing, you don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.

    • Like you haven’t heard her sing before…. Training is for those who can not sing, you don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.

    • well yeah i kinda agreee, but i believe she knows what she’s doing and will be very careful and do whatever it takes to make this album really good. plus she has experts working with her so its fine. Lauren alaina album came out in october and it was  #2 on the country charts and #5 on us billboard charts. 

  30. Remember to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow for mini [5 songs] Cds by the top 5. Plus a 6th CD of duets.  I believe they are only $5 each.

  31. just watched Jessica’s Hollywood week round that was never aired on tv.. if you guys wana watch it just search Jessica SAnchez:Hollywood week preview and Jim carrey’s daughter Jane Carrey leaves American Idol 2012.. my previous post with the link haven’t been posted yet.. wonder why… hmmmm


  32.  Nice update on Phillip with video song…he is sooooooooooo goooooood!!!


  33. Hope this site that was our source of American Idol Updates survives …
    I wonder if it will get to be like YouTube ( comments for this blog are blocked ) …. :))
    Happy 4th …!!
    EP/CD of Season 11 Top 5 are at Wal Mart tomorrow as announced..

  34. Phillip Phillips is now #1 pre-order album on Walmart.!!
    Jessica Sanchez #2
    David Archuleta #3
    Joshua Ledet #7
    Hollie Cavanagh

  35. Broadway Buzz …. Jessica Sanchez of American Idol mentioned as possible ” Kim ” in the MOVIE adaptation of Miss Saigon….
    Google Jessica and Miss Saigon …lots of articles posted about it…it’s also in the American Idol Community page..

  36. Good luck Jay !!!! busy busy busy .Idol tour, Album release,Glee , Miss Saigon and Grammys  so on .. Stay grounded dear.More blessings to come.BTW I just baught your EP CD.

  37. Jess just sang the national anthem for the Gorillas at the San Diego Zoo. She was a crowd pleaser, I’ve never seen Gorillas go so crazy.

  38. Oh my!! It appears I have missed out on some interesting developments with the mental state of Carlos.  Wow, I was only gone for two weeks and it appears that I was the buzz of many conservations. Lol…more than when I was present. 

  39. Ok, after reading this entire thread, I’m a bit shocked at your fit or whatever. Carlos are you alright?  Yes, I am actually concerned about you.

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