James Durbin Prepares For A Familiar Week On American Idol 2012

James Durbin eliminated

James Durbin might have gone on to find lots of success following his time on American Idol, but it seems like he’s still a little miffed that he didn’t walk away with the crown last season. James sat down with MTV to discuss his thoughts on this season and that fateful results show one year ago.

“Oh, I’ll definitely watch this week, because this was the week [last year] when I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m so pumped, I kicked ass, it couldn’t have gone better!’ And then I go into work the next day, and no one’s making eye contact with me,” he laughed. “So that was like, ‘Oh, son of a bitch.’ I knew the moment I got to work that day [that I was going to be eliminated]. But it is what it is. I was happy to make it that far.”

It’s odd to consider how many people in production know the results well before America hears the results, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard how the tone changes around the set when doom awaits a singer.

When asked for his thoughts on who would win this season James revealed his favorite had already been eliminated: Skylar Laine. In a bit of a dig at the other American Idol 2012 Hopefuls, James explains why she stood out against the crowd. “[Skylar] actually has stage presence. She puts on a show,” James said.

Skylar should take solace in the fact that elimination from American Idol doesn’t mean an exclusion from the music industry. Considering her ambitious plans for the future, she should turn out just fine.

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    • It looks like Haley is laughing…from the back, Scotty’s reaction could be disbelief or concern…I can’t tell.

      • no I don’t think haley’s laughing… She has a great character and she wouldn’t do that at live tv…

    • They can’t be laughing at James being eliminated. Ryan had to be showing them something that someone famous said about Haley or something.

      • Haley did laugh a couple of times last season during elimination night. I don’t think she was laughing at the other contestants but just at the fact that she kept getting bad reviews from the judges and yet she kept being put through to the next week.

        It may have been a combination of her bad reviews yet going through and other people’s praise yet they were eliminated. It wasn’t a good thing to be seen laughing at all though. She should have controlled that just a little better. 

      • @Taymaro:disqus :  She had herself a good chuckle when Pia got eliminated..all the others looked so shocked and she was smiling…as I am sure Pia was when Haley got the hook.

    • Actually they had just annouced Halley safe and Ryan was confirming it to Halley, showing her the card.

    • she was happy to see her name on the list, to go on the next week…who would not be relieve by it?

  1. Performance counts, but so does singing ability.  It’s a whole package deal and Skylar was just a bit short in several areas.  As was James, by the way.

    • Skylar was the best performer on the show. I think she’ll do very well in her career. 

    • It’s the record industry, not Broadway or the Opera. Vocally virtually all the Idols tower head and shoulders above most of the biggest acts in pop, country, rock and metal and that includes James and Skylar. Miranda Lambert is frequently off key, Skylar can sing circles around her. As for James I recommend you check the footage from this year’s Golden Gods Awards, James was nominated for best vocalist. Vocally James absolutely crushes practically everyone who performed that night, including Amy Lee of Evanescence who won the category James was nominated in, she was a total train wreck. Performance matters, nobody outside the Idol bubble cares about perfect vocals when they go watch these artists perform.

      • Now that’s true. Perfection only counts on a recording. The stage acts are seldom vocal master pieces. But if you are out ahead of your recorded release you better be damn close or who is gonna look it up once it comes out? 

  2. There is nothing wrong with that photograph…it was just Haley finding out she made the top 3 (after all her criticism).  It did not actually show anyone else not making it…it was just her name.

    I cannot believe that even after a year later, James is still cocky about the whole thing.  That is the reason I did not like him in the first place. 

    • Where do you see James being cocky about it?  All he said is that he had a feeling and that he was happy he got as far as he did.  In another interview he said it all ended OK, and that he loves Scotty.  So why the hate?

      • When the judges keep telling you that you are the best thing since sliced bread you can either take it with a grain of salt and keep working harder and harder or you can let it go to your head and become over confident. 

        Over confidence is equal to cocky IMO. The fact that he was on the high of highs and so sure of himself and then it was like someone pulled the rug out from under him tells me that he did indeed get a little cocky. But I still liked him and he was a great performer. It just wasn’t his year to win.

    •  staff probably knew the result but could not disclose it and it shows eventually thru their actions toward him…

  3. I think Haley is laughing becauseshe had such a horrible attitude.  I was not a James fan only because I prefer country and really liked Scotty.  That being said I thought James had an amazing voice and thought he was going to win.  I was shocked when he was eliminated.

    • She is laughing from happiness because Ryan showed her that she was in the top 3. If I’d gone though what these kids go through to get to the top 10 and be told that I had made the top 3, I’d be grinning from ear to ear as well.

      • Why some people do not get that, I will never understand. I think it’s because a certian type of person needs to see drama in everything.

    • Oh God, here we go with the “bad attitude” comments, once again. Why is it that JUST GIRLS are be labeled this way. Elise had the same thing said about her this year on many occasions. Yet the Bible belts beloved Colton, say’s things like “I don’t care” when asked what he thought of the judges bad review … And hardly a word was mentioned. I am rather certain neither Elise (this year) nor Haley (last year) ever displayed that sort of rudeness. Some people need to get more of a life and learn to be less judgmental.

  4. I liked James when he was on the show, but this year all of his comments have seemed so catty. What’s with his attitude?

  5. Even tho he hated the comparisons..I always though he was an Adam wannabe and definitely not even close.

    • NO ONE comes close to adam.  durbs was good but not that good.  he’s great in front of a band but not as a solo performer

  6. “And then I go into work the next day, and no one’s making eye contact with me…”

    How rude. There are plenty of ways to hide the truth from a person. You don’t have to avoid him or run away just to keep a secret from him. You can still act normal despite the fact that he’s going to get eliminated in the results night.

    • I’m sure they weren’t intending to be rude. Many probably felt bad for him and didn’t know how to react under such circumstances. Some people hide the truth better than others. Not sure which kind of person I have more respect for.

    •  Well…Hollie ought to be used to it by now….she must have the record for the number of times in the bottom group.

      • Yeah I’m pretty sure she does. She’s been in the bottom 2&3 a total of FIVE times now.

      • I am not sure Hollie has that reacord.. Last year when the top 13 started, Haley was in the bottom 3 on a weekly basis for about 5 weeks stright. Mainly because Judge Randy, put her performance down, no matter how great her performance was, each and every week. Yet, Haley was able to make a lot of people see beyound Randy’s comments and she eventually made it to the top 3. I don’t think that has ever happened before and I doubt it will ever happen again.

      • Elise has been in the bottom group (bottom 3) six times. Hollie has been in the bottom group 5 times. Hollie doesn’t have that record, unfortunately.


  8. it’s more like Haley is shocked. and laughing so hard because there are 3 strongest competitors here. and scotty’s on his way to hug her. Why are you guys so stupid? 

    •  Haley was just told by Ryan she is in their top 3 and he was showing her the proof. Of course she would be smiling at that point. Who wouldn’t be? I don’t think people on this website are stupid as you say … I think there are just some that have a need to see drama, race conspiracies or fault, once their favorite gets voted off. It’s the way the show has always been.

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