American Idol 2012: What should the Top 7 sing?

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Elise Testone. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

This week’s American Idol 2012 theme is songs from this decade so it’s time to take a look at what the Top 7 should sing.

I’m going to preface my suggestions with a ban on Adele songs. Please, no more Adele songs on American Idol!

Jessica Sanchez, “You and I” or “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. I think it’s time for Jessica to take on Gaga. She can go the more ballad-y route with “You and I” or the more upbeat way with “Edge of Glory.”

Elise Testone, “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. OK, maybe not exactly this song, but something like it. Elise needs to do something well-known and powerful to redeem herself from last week.

Colton Dixon, “We Are Young” by Fun. I feel like someone should do this song and while I don’t think it fits anyone’s rage, really, it makes the most sense for Colton to do it. Who ever does it (if anyone) will definitely score some extra votes in doing so.

Joshua Ledet, “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. This is finally Joshua’s chance to do something young and modern. This song would definitely show a different side of Joshua.

Phillip Phillips, “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. Imagine it with Phillip’s spin. And since it seems to be his attitude (to his advisers) then it would be perfect, no?

Hollie Cavanagh, “Jar of Hearts.” I feel like someone has to sing it, so it might as well be Hollie.

Skylar Laine. Picking out a song for her is tough. I don’t really know country. So that being said, I think she shouldn’t do a country song. She should do a really known pop song and put her country spin on it. And she’s got to display the same power she did last week in order to keep herself afloat.

What would you like to hear the Top 7 do this week?




  1. Skylar – A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.
    Joshua – Dance With Me by Olly Murs.
    Jessica – Rumour Has It by Adele.
    Hollie – The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. She needs to sing a fast tempo song and shows her feelings to the judges, audience and especially America.
    Colton – Everybody Talks by Neontrees.
    Elise – Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

    I really think they should sing modern songs this week. Songs within 2007-2012.

  2. “Jar of hearts” isn ‘t such a good song for Hollie, the song doesn’t have enough range, plus it was sung perfectly  by Joshua Ledet earlier this season.
    But she should choose an upbeat song, I agree.
    Enough with the ballades.

  3. Jessica – Skyscraper or Love on top
    Hollie – Firework or Bound to you
    Elise – Set fire to the rain or You and I
    Skylar – Because of you
    Joshua – Forget you
    Colton – Paradise
    Phillip – Lullaby

    Like it?

  4. I believe Elise is singing “You And I” by Lady GaGa… it sure seems that’s what Nigel is implying anyway…

  5. Jessica – Who you are by Jessie J
    Phillip – Little Lion man by Mumford and sons
    Elise – You and I by Lady Gaga
    Colton – Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
    Joshua – Without you by David Guetta and Usher
    Hollie – Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
    Skylar – Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum or Poison and Wine by Civil Wars

  6. Jessica Sanchez: Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
    Hollie Cavanagh: California King Bed by Rihanna
    Elise Testone: You and I by Lady GaGa
    Skylar Laine: Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
    Joshua Ledet: It Will Rain by Bruno Mars
    Colton Dixon: We Are Young by Fun
    Phillip Phillips: Forget You by Cee Lo Green

  7. It’s final that Elise will sing You and I by GaGa. And she’ll be closing the show. Her sister tweeted.

  8. I’d Rather Be Blind by:Beyone’ I heard this song in youtube by her,it was perfect choice.

  9. I AGREE FOR NO ADELE 😛  im already full of adele songs’ covers 😛 hope that  jessica will sing a lady gaga song, and or christina aguilera song, NOT MYSELF TONIGHT,  or YOU LOST ME! 🙂

  10. My Song Suggestions:
    Jessica- In this Song by ChariceColton- Here comes Goodbye by Rascal FlattsPhillip- I won’t Give Up by Jason MrazSkylar- Mr. Know It All by Kelly ClarksonHollie- You lost me by Christina AguileraJoshua- If I had you by Adam LambertElise- Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
    Press Like if you agree. 🙂

  11. I don’t have suggestions for all of them. I just saw a Youtube video of Phillip doing Halo and he should definitely do that!!! I think Elise should do something by Pink. Colton..anything alternative. Skylar…hmm..I’m torn. I loved her ballad last week but I like her upbeat also. Jessica, I don’t care what she sings..they all sound the same. Bet any money she does Rihanna or Beyonce though. 

    • This is so lame. Saying Jessica sounds the same was just as good as saying that (your favorites) Phil, Elise & Skylar sounds the same too. So puh-lease…if ever you were going to put down any contestant, make sure your favorite wasn’t bad at all. With all honesty…does the 3 of your favorite sounds differently every week? Specifically Phil and Skylar? Lame…

      • I admit and HAVE admitted before that Phillip didn’t have his best week last week. I don’t always say he is the best ever like a lot of Jessica fans do. I’m not a fan of Rihanna and Ionly like a couple of Beyonce songs so that could be why I’m not a fan of Jessica’s. So be it. I don’t like that kind of music so it all sounds the same to me.   It’s all preference. So..PUH-LEASE..I can honestly say that I like Phillips’ sound and I like Skylar’s sound. I like Elise and Colton also. If  Joshua would tone down the gospel sound, I’d probably like him also.

      • Even YOU couldn’t say that with a straight face. I swear, half of the people comment only listen to one person sing and then decide the rest suck without even listening. It’s almost like a cult on here!

      • This whole argument is LAME!!! Philip sings the same song every week. The rhythm may be different and the words may be different, but his delivery is the exact same. The same can be said about Jessica, Colton, and Joshua. Guess what… They all sound good every week. Scotty McCreery did the same thing last year. It’s called playing to your strengths. It leads to winning.

    • So that’s it…since you like Phil’s sounds it wouldn’t occur to you he actually sounds the same week after week after week? Really lame.

    • I THINK YOUR NOT A JESSICA FAN! I love her and she can sing anything! Jess will bring the house down Wednesday!

    • Anyway Pally45  you don’t care because jessica is always on top. No matter what performance she will do she always excel..hehehehe..

    • The way you talk against Jessica only tells how envious you are of her magnificent talent! It clearly shows your insecurities against her. I also don’t care what Philip and Elise sing tonight! Philip only showed his true character when he talk trash against fellow idols who shake hands with the audience when performing! That will surely hurt him! Jessica will win! 

      • LOL. I am not envious. I said, the girl can sing. She just isn’t my favorite. It’s people like YOU that make me dislike her. What is with the Jessica fans and their cult like following. It actually frightens me. What is wrong with you people? It’s a reality show…it’s not life or death. From what I’ve been reading, half of you can’t vote anyway.

      • Oh..and a lot of performers don’t go out and touch the audiences’ hands. It’s cheesy and stupid.

  12.  Jessica- Love on top by beyonce
    Colton- Somebody that i use to know by Gotye
    i love to hear Colton sing this because i think his voice fits this song

  13. Branden … U r really good … I just hope that Jessica sing any song but ” The Edge Of Glory” …. I think u r planning to make a comparison between Jessica’s performance and Erika’s. In a positive or nagative way, I don’t know.
     Jessica should sing anything but “The Edge … ” coz she needs to stay away from that comparison. Branden , U r not the only one who will  make that comparison , Everone will …

  14. Jessica Sanchez -I would like to see her singing some Christina Aguilera…perhaps that song from her movie, “Bound to You” or simpy stay with a Beyonce song…”Love on Top” or “Best Thing I’ve Never Had” ( go watch her singing that on youtube, it’s amazing).

    Joshua – Bright Lights Bigger City by Cee lo Green i think it’s from 2010.

    Hollie – Well my personal opinion is that this girl needs something simple to sing and an upbeat song. This is gonna sound terrible but maybe she should sing a bieber song and put her own twist on it? i think she’s the only one who hasnt had inserted her own spin on any song so far. And she will win votes with the teenagers.

    Colton – I picture Colton sing something along the lines of The Fray, The Script…he would do well with that. “The Man who can’t be Moved”.

    Skylar – I would like to see her singing a Katy Perry song personally and see how she does without the whole country vibe behind because i think all the country singers in American Idol play it way too safe and don’t get much out of their boxes as the others do. I think she needs to adapt for this week.

    Elise – Now this one is complicated. She’s my favorite contestant this year. I think she shouldn’t sing “You and I” because it will draw comparisons between her and Haley from last year, and i think they’re just to different, and comparing them is gonna backfire. I won’t lie and say that i would like to see her take on an Adele song, “Set Fire to The Rain” would be a good fit. If not, i think she should sing “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous” , now THAT would be a surprise for me, see what she would do with the song. If not… i would like her to sing something that’s has been on #1. Maybe some Rihanna or Jessie J. That would be sweet.

    Philip – Would like to hear some…Aloe blacc from him. or Bon Iver.

    • Christina songs….see my post about Cee-Lo songs, etc.  May not be able to get permission.

    • I’m the same about Colton – I’d love to hear him sing The Script’s songs.

  15.  Skylar-If I die Young
    Phillip-If its love by Train
    Hollie-California King Bed/Who You are
    Jessica-Skyscraper/Best thing I never had
    Elise-You and I/Edge of Glory
    Joshua-The Only Exception
    Colton-The Truth by Kris Allen

    Follow me on Twitter. I tweet all about American Idol. Go now! 🙂

  16. Phillip – a Bruno Mars song or “I Won’t Give Up” or “Fuckin Perfect” 😀 Please, something popular please.

    Elise – Lady Gaga song.Hollie – “S&M”(Rihanna) or “Loser Like Me”(Glee) or “If This Was A Movie” (Taylor Swift)
    Colton – “Good Life” (One Republic) or “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction)
    Joshua – “Whataya Want From Me” (A. Lambert)
    Jessica – BEYONCE OR GAGA (or katy perry?)

  17. I forgot Skylar..
    She can amaze us with countrifying a rock song.. (My Chemical Romance’s “Sing”)

  18. This is skylars chance to outshine everyone by sing turn up your radio by reba is a
    josh could do very well and amost put a lock on the season with anything by daruis rucker

    • Luaren killed ‘Turn On The Radio’ last year and Skyler already sung a Reba song during top 42 round. She needs to sing country but not Reba or Miranda Lambert.

  19. I think Jessica should stay away from her songbook for this week and make a bold choice…and eventually surprise the viewers and make it her own. An Amy Winehouse song maybe(if there’s any song of her released in 2010)..idk. Just stay away from Beyonce.

  20. Jessica: ‘California King Bed’ or ‘Skyscraper’
    Hollie: ‘Jar of Hearts’ or ‘Fireworks’
    Elise: ‘You & I’ or ‘Edge of Glory’
    Skylar: ‘Need you Now’ or ‘Just a Kiss’
    Phil: ‘Grenade’ or ‘Forget You’
    Colton: ‘Breakeven’ or ‘The Only Exception’
    Joshua: ‘Turning Tables’ or ‘We Found Love’

  21. Jessica needs to sing something fast and fun – the girl is only 16, I want to see her do something that proves she can sell a record. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Pink, Demi Lovato (but NOT Skyscraper, it’s too predictable). She did a fast song last week and quite frankly it was her worst performance. It wasn’t bad it just wasn’t amazing like her ballads usually are. So I want to see if she can nail something new and modern and upbeat. And for the love of god DO NOT SING SOMEONE LIKE YOU. Covers of Adele are always let downs so just don’t go there.

    I want Colton to do something like Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T’s. 

    I think Skylar should do Jar of Hearts. It’s not country and it’s well known and I think she could absolutely nail it. Someone mentioned Poison and Wine and that could also be amazing.

    Hollie also needs to do something upbeat and fun and contemporary. 

    Philip needs to do something different. We know he’s a rocker, but some variety would be nice from him. Maybe some Bon Iver or Jack Johnson, something different that would still show off his unique voice.

    Elise should do Video Games by Lana Del Ray. It’s brand new, it’s a cool song, and I think it would suit her voice perfectly.

    Joshua – I don’t know. I’m bored with him. I’m getting de ja vu of Jacob from last season. Something that requires less belting and I want to see him having fun during a performance.

  22. ENOUGH OF JESSICA. she just tricked us with the whitney houston week. and the rest is a MESS. the fans just got BLINDED! and probably deaf. CMON can this girl sell albums? she is not the complete PACKAGE!. just another charice wannabe. beyonce mediocre. she will be packing soon. 

    SHE WONT WIN! period.

    • What a hater you are! Jess is one of the best contestants in this show. Her youtube hits prove it! 16 million hits and 8 million are hers! AND THE ALMOST 7 MILLION ONE WAS PULLED! TAKE THAT !!!!! JESSICA FOR THE WIN !!!!!!!!!

      • people are just jealous of her talent. I can’t understand why people here are so mean and hard for jessica. Common she is only 16 and she is far more talented that others here. Before you make some comments see yourself first.  

      • Seriously…stop with the word hater. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion does not make them a hater. Grow up.

    • ooopss……feeling insecurities by JESSICA  already at this early stage of the competiton?
      Don’t get nervous yet with this little girl,,,,,,,,,,,does your AI bet is nearly off stage in the coming week?

    •  I don’t think her fans are blind and deaf. Jessica is the best female singer in the competition right now. Randy, Steven, JLO, Jimmy and the rest of the mentors all believed how great her voice is and these opinions are coming from the expert in the music industry who have the ears for music.

      Hhmmm …. with regards to Charice i don’t want to tackle that here. She’s not part of this thread.

      Anyway, with regards you saying she won’t win … maybe because as i’ve said before with the history of AI winners … the formula of winning in this competition is cute/good looking boy + nice souding voice = AI winner. So, i think it’s either Philip or Colton who will win.

    • hahha, who are you to judge, even jimmy want to sign her on the spot. Ironic.  Why is it it is hard for us to appreciate the talents of others and it’s easy for us to critisize. Everyone there are very talented compare to us. They have all the guts and courage to perform on stage. everyone there is unique in there own ways. They are working hard for them to entertain us. How about us, have we checked ourselves.  duh! ! What a shame….!!!

    • I don’t want to be biased but I think Jessica is really good based on her performances.
      We can never tell who will win, but so far she’s doing good along with Joshua & Skylar.

    • Jessica is one of the best performer so far, so how could you say that? I think she has a Big CHANCE to win this SEASON!

  23. Good picks Branden……but I feel Hollie  should do a Katy Perry song.  If she does a ballad it will seal her fate this week.   She needs to do something   youthful.
    Phillip should do a Bruno Mars song.   Skylar should do a Lady Antebellum.  She proved last week she can sing but country is her thing.
    Colton…should sing We are Young…..fits his voice perfectly…..JMO

  24. It would be best if songs from the last two years were prohibited. They could focus instead on 2000 – 2009 hits.

    With this in mind, Colton should definitely sing “How to Save a Life” by The Fray. He can even get behind the piano. He would also do very well with “Hanging by a Moment” (Lifehouse).  
    Jessica would rock on a Christina Aguilera song. Wouldn’t matter which one, cause both those girls have got pipes. Maybe “Beautiful” would be a good choice.

    This might be a longshot, but I would like to hear Hollie take on “I’m Like a Bird,” by Nelly Furtado. It’s a great song, and it would give her the opportunity she needs to show some soul and personality. I wouldn’t choke at her singing “That’s the Way It Is” by Celine Dion, either. It’s my favourite Celine song, if ever I had one.

    And could you just imagine Elise on “I Try” by Macy Gray? It would be PERFECT for her voice. She could also do something by Amy Winehouse… “You Know I’m No Good,” perhaps. However, I can also see why many of you are saying she should do Pink. Elise is my favourite and I hope we get to see her sing Janis Joplin at least once on the show.

    Would it be wrong of me to say Phil should sing “Arms Wide Open” by Creed? He doesn’t have the best vocal range, and with this song, he wouldn’t really need it. The emotional key of the song could make up for a lack of vocal acrobatics.

    Joshua would be heavenly with Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River.” I would be interested to see how they would adapt the song for the show and his voice, but I think it could be awesome.

    Skylar should stay away from Carrie Underwood. But she would really do well on “Need You Now,” by Lady Antebellum.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show!

      • Thanks, jbeee.

        I find that rather disappointing [Insert pouty face here] seeing how there won’t be much to pull from. Then again, in all fairness, I have to admit to being biased. I don’t care for much of the popular music from the last 10 years or so. 

        Oh well, looking forward to the show anyway.

      • @Erin I don’t think you are alone in not liking much of the popular music of the last 10 years. A lot of it is synthesized crap or it’s rap. Every now and then someone like Adele comes along and we have hope. Alternative music isn’t bad…

  25. to anyone who knows the answer to my question please answer it.
    did jessica sanchez violates american idol rules by having a record deal with spin move records?

    • Here is what the rules say.

      If you are asked to audition for one (1) or more of the semi-final rounds of the competition (currently scheduled for November or December 2011), you MUST be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of Producer that you do not have any of the following agreements in effect (written or oral):  a contract for talent representation (for example, a talent agent or manager);  a current music recording contract;  a current agreement relating to the use of your name, voice and/or likeness;  an exclusive acting contract; or  any other contractual arrangement that would prohibit you from fully participating in the show and/or entering into any contracts required by Producer, including an exclusive management contract, recording contract and merchandising contract.

      • You explained that very nicely……Thank you for the info………I knew there were rules but now I know precisely what they are……Good Job!!!!!

      • @ Jessieluna I think as long as she didn’t have a contract in November, she is fine.

  26. Music form the teens!  Decision time, do the do something from their favorite artists or do the do something that fits their voice and style.  To me there are two artists to avoid because of their uniqueness…Adelle and Taylor Swift.

    Colton-Colton is really a wild card…how about “Halfway Gone” by Lifehouse

    Elise-I like Lady Gaga’s “You and I”.  I think it fits in the right range and Elise could have some fun with this.

    Hollie-I know it is a male vocal on the single, but I think Hollie could do well with “Hello World” by Lady Antebellum.

    Jessica-I think a great song for Jessica would be Christinna Perri’s “Jar of Hearts”.

    Joshua-Joshua has such an old school sound I don’t know where to go with him.  How about “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.

    Philip-Mike Posner’s “Cooler than Me” would be a great choice.

    Skylar-“The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert would be a good choice.  Not certain they could get the release though.  Country roots and the tender side she showed last week rolled into one.

    • I actually like Elise for Jar of Hearts more so than Jessica. It fits her voice better.  I love your choice for Colton just because I love that song.  I think Phillip should take some really “poppy” song and change like Kris Allen did with Heartless. I don’t know…

  27. A couple of additional comments outside my suggestions.

    Don’t know if Forget you will be available from Cee-Lo.  Seems like he might be on a competing show or something.  Save for my comment on Miranda Lambert’s song with her hubby on the same show.

    • It’s been done several time the last few seasons so I’m sure its available for this one. Skylar has already sung one Miranda Lambert song and ‘House That Built Me’ was done during Hollywood week so her songs shouldn’t be a problem. Hollie did a Christina Aguilara song on top 12 girls so she’s probably not off limits either.

  28. Jessica should follow Jimmy I’s advice: time to sing a big song – by somebody else this time  (i.e.  not originally by Whitney or Beyonce’). Keep going, Bebe Chez !!

  29. Colton – I would want him to experiment and Taylor Swifts Mean will fit him perfectly and make it his own version. Trains If It’s Love will be good for him too. But I guess he is good with We Are Young.

    Elise – its signed, sealed and yet to be delivered, You and I. I would like her to be different, I wish she could sing Kelly Clarksons Stronger.

    Phil – Paralyzer by Finger Eleven comes first but it was released before 2010 so forget it. It would be interesting to see him take Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) by Foster the People.

    Jessica – I saw her video covering Lil Waynes How To Love. I think we will see a different side of her if she does that. If Elise wouldn’t be doing Lady GaGa, Born This Way is a good song for her. No Beyonce, Adele and JHud for her. Superbass by Nicki Minaj or I guess she is safe with Christina’s Not Myself Tonight.

    Joshua – with all the screaming and shouting and the runs and the oversinging, its gonna be a potential disaster if he does Rihanna and CeeLo Green. Adeles Someone Like You would not only restrain him from overdoing a song. He can also sing Far East Movements Rocketeer and its gon be interesting.

    Skylar – I know in my gut she’s gonna pick a country song but after that performance of hers last week, Jar of Hearts is good for her.

  30. I am going to struggle this week — songs of the past 10-12 years are very hard to sing for solo artists….. many are OVER produced with Autotune or they are HipHop laced with rap mixed in…..very few quality tunes that fit with the AI format…

    I’m guessing we get at least one Adele — Something from Train/Matchbox 20 — Something from Miranda/Carrie/Taylor — Something from Bruno Mars — Something from Beyonce —

    I’d love to hear someone do – “After the Storm” – Mumford and Sons (perhaps Colton?)


  32. Jessica – Love on Top by Beyonce or Domino by Jessie J.
    Hollie – The Only Exception – Paramore
    Skylar – If I Die Young – The Band Perry
    Elise – You and I – Lady Gaga
    Joshua – Use Somebody – Kings of Leon or Better Than I Know Myself – Adam Lambert
    Colton – Breakeven – The Script or Animal – Neon Trees
    Phillip – Maybe John Mayer’s newest song? Not really sure what he could do.. maybe a little nickelback.. possibly?

  33. Phillip should sing “Can’t You See,” but the Marshall Tucker version instead of the Zac Brown one.

  34. Phillip – Rolling in the deep
    Colton – Wa are young
    Jessica – Bad Romance
    Skylar – The house that built me
    Joshua – Lazy Song
    Elise – Edge of glory
    Hollie – Battleified

    • Battlefield is a great choice but it was released in 09.
      Bad Romance would be sooo interesting to hear and such a risk!

  35. I think one of the guys need to sing something from the muse. The girls should stick with Lady Gaga , and some Katy Perry. Omg please girls do not sing another Adele song, we are all burnt out from hearing her.  

  36. This are me suggestions for this week theme:
    Jessica Sanchez – Spectrum by Florence + The Machine
    Joshua Ledet – Who You Are by Jessie J
    Skylar Laine – The Broken Ones by Dia Frampton
    Colton Dixon – Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
    Elise Testone – By The Sword by Slash & Andrew Stockdale
    Phillip Phillips – Fucking Perfect by Pink
    Hollie Cavanagh – The Only Exception by Paramore

  37. Colton- We Are Young or Somebody That I Used to Know- these songs need to be done by someone and I think he could do them best- I’m hoping he chooses We Are Young… If not, a cool male version of The Dog Days Are Over would be sick

    Josh- Grenade is a good choice for him but I think I prefer him doing It Will Rain by Bruno. I think it fits his vocal and stylistic wheelhouse better

    Phil- I agree that Forget You would be perfect but he’ll prob do some stupid indie rock song or a new song by a 90’s band.

    Hollie- I actually want Hollie to sing Grenade! This girl group Delilah on The Sing Off did a sick version of this song and Hollie’s voice is similar to the lead singer of that group. I think this will five her the emotional connection she’s been lacking all season. If she doesn’t do this song, she can take on Katy Perry’s Part of Me. It has a decent vocal and is brand new.

    Elise- I guess it’s pretty official that she’s doing You and I, which is fine but when I found out this theme, my initial thought was “oh I hope she does Somebody That I Used to Know!”

    Jessica- She was the hardest for me because she has such a big voice and very few artists right now can sing as well as her. Love on Top would be fun… Possibly Dark Horse, Kelly’s new single, a Xtina song from Burlesque, or maybe Adam Lamberts Whatayawantfromme. I always felt that song was made for a girl.

    Skylar- I think she should sing a counteyfide version of Kelly’s Stronger. A stark and emotional ballad could work as well… Just please no Lady Antabellum!!! Snorefest!

    I would like to see Skylar and Colton duet on Poison & Wine- that would be beautiful!


  38. I agree.They are all songs that everyone knows. Its going to be a fun week! I would love if Colton did We are Young. I wish someone would do The Killers

  39. how about the sixties or the seventies or anything they want always. it would be enteresting and entertaining , dont you thing

  40. I would like to see Colton Dixon sing “Whispers in the Dark” or “Hero” by Skillet. I think he could pull it off and sound Amazing. =|: )

  41. Jessica – Rolling In The Deep by Adele. She can sing it better than the original… look it up on Youtube… or Shine by Regine Velasquez

    • I strongly disagree with that. I have heard it. She doesn’t even get the lyrics right. Jessica says “You had my heart and soul in your hands” 

      The correct lyrics are “You had my heart inside of your hands”

      Plus I just don’t like the way she sings it.

    •  Unless you actually sound like Adele, do not do Rolling in the Deep on one of these shows.  It’s a really popular song and just because you can do it like her doesn’t make it as good or better.  Pick another Adele song as least.  Someone Like You would be a better choice.  I’m still upset that Eben did Set Fire to the Rain and then got eliminated.  I liked that song and that kid more than most of the boys this year

    • NO one can sing an Adele song better than Adele herself. No one comes even close.

    • Now I have heard it all. So, now Jessica is better than Adele? Have you completely lost your mind?

  42. Wait a minute? Phillip, “Forget You”. Plus that’s not the original title of that song…..He should sing it with the original lyrics. It would really fit well with all the controversy surrounding him….LOL

  43. Hey Carlojohn,

    What’s the matter, someone at school has been bullying you?
    So you have to take it out on the guys here, hah!

    What goes around comes around you know, stop it now.

    • Hey Carlojohn,

      At least I can tell you are smart, stupid but smart, get it?  LOL
      Why don’t you put it to good use instead, hah?  Have fun in school!!

  44. I think Jessica is very talented but not emotionally mature enough to genuinely connect with anyone who has experienced much in life.  Yet on the other hand Joshua “the other powerhouse” singer seems to manage it at nearly the same age.
    I’m not knocking Jessica but I think she looks like she’s a kid playing grownup (did you hear Gwen Stefani tell her to loosen up and drop the lounge singer moves).
    I’m not seeing her mature over this journey – is it nerves or arrogance – at her age I’d suggest it was just nerves.

    • Even two persons of the same age can have different levels of maturity. I guess it depends on the life experiences they have had so far and how they have responded to the influence of their environment as they were growing up.

    • i dont think so, i respect your opinion, but its jessica among the female can sing with emotions, and she connects to people, dont u see the reality about the judges? and about jimmy? they admire jessica for being mature at 16, every week they are saying that, dont u listen, or u just really bind or u just closing to reality about jessica? 

      • Let’s agree to disagree.  I think she is a great singer but not an entertaining performer.  She obviously entertains you and that is cool.  She seems a sweet kid and if she were to win I wouldn’t be unhappy but I’m not ‘feeling’ it despite hearing it.

  45. I could see Elise doing Jar of Hearts or You and I actually.  So you’d be right on the song but not the singer if it worked out that way.  Some of my favorite songs are Moves Like Jagger and Without You(Usher).  But I doubt anyone in this group could or would do either of them.  Only Colton MIGHT be able to do Moves Like Jagger.  Joshua doing Grenade or even Just the Way You Are might work out well

  46. SPOILER: Nigel on twitter hinted that there will be two Kelly Clarkson’s songs performed tomorrow night and a great duet with the Gotye song..

  47. 1. Jessica Sanchez – Give Your Heart a Break by “Demi Lovatto” [2012] 2. 2. Phillip Phillips – You Gonna Fly by “Keith Urban” [2010] 
    3. Elise Testone – You and I by “Lady Gaga” [2011] 
    4. Skylar Laine – When You Look at Me by “Miley Cyrus” [2010] 
    5. Colton Dixon – Closer to the Edge by “30 Seconds to Mars” [2010] 
    6. Joshua Ledet – I Can’t Make You Love Me by “Tank” [2010] 
    7. Hollie Cavanagh – The Story of Us by “Taylor Swift” [2011] 

    And then the spoiler—two will be singing Kelly’s…. :

  48. Skylar should sing something more country than The Band Perry like ‘A Little Bit Stronger’ or ‘ Suds In The Bucket’ by Sara Evans.

    The Band Perry would be a better fit for Hollie but ‘All Your Life’ might be a better choice than ‘When I Die Young’.

  49. Jessica – Love on top/Set Fire To the Rain
    Skylar – Good Girl. LOL
    Joshua – And I am Telling You. XDDDDD
    Hollie – Super Bass. LOLOLOLOL
    Colton – Jetlag!
    Elise – Marry The Night
    Philip – Good Feeling. Whahahaha

    • Yeah, you wish. Nice try.

      I actually work in a hospital like that and you know what? You really are qualified to stay in our mental facility. I’d be glad to do a charity work to help someone [like you… yes, like you] who just failed to figure out himself—or should I say herself? Get a life, please.  It’s not too late unless you’re old already. 🙂

      Any other related concerns @b068a35f5b3b69478a23ecf12894e94e:disqus ?

    • I’m so sorry Moderators for getting busy with this guy. I’m just being therapeutic.

      Anyway, as I was saying. One, You’re from India right? Better check out Indian Idol [If there is]. Two, I’m gonna need it if I’m sick but I’m not. And lastly, I know grammar is the least thing that I should check out in the comments. However, yours are sicker than any of us. 

      People are not gonna understand you here because of the way you treat people. I guess my patients will if you’ll talk to them. 🙂

    • I’m not the bad guy here, @b068a35f5b3b69478a23ecf12894e94e:disqus . As you can see, I took time reading your comments awhile ago.  Most of them, No ….. I guess all of them pointed out to Branden & the contestants and tagging them with pretty violent words. I don’t really know how you were raised nor I’m interested to know about you. 

      I won’t even care if I will be banned or not. I’m just trying to give you the point that this is a public site and that if you feel disagreeing, better give your opinion without “violently” tagging them.

    • Yeyyy! You win! Game over! Hahahaha… You’re really sick. This is not even a game. ROFL You really were not raised properly by your parents.

      Anyway, I won’t waste my mercury on you. Too much gayness can cause harm on you, Dude.

  50. Phillip “use some body” by kings of leon
    joshua ” hallelujah” 
    jessica ” broken-hearted girl” by beyonce
    skyler “break away” by kelly clarkson
    hollie “at last”
    colton “broken” seether
    elise “you lost me” by christina 

  51. I would love to hear Phillip sing a nice, slow ballad–just once–just to prove to the world that he can do it! I know he would do a wonderful job!

  52. I would love to hear Jessica sing “You Lost Me” by Christina Aguilera. Imagine just her in a spotlight and the piano… Chills!!! ☺

  53. Phillip should sing “I’m Sexy and I Know It’ by LMFAO I think he could put a nice guitar twist to that one and make the night of ballads more interesting

    Joshua should sing “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj because it would be awesome

    Jessica should sing “Give Your Heart a Break” by Demi Lovato, would be a nice song she could kill again like all songs she sings.

    Colton Dixon should sing, “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction, mainly so he can sing a song to the tween audience that is voting for him each week.  Tweens love bieber and one direction and one direction fits Colton a little more.

    Hollie should sing, “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson, would be a good fit for her or Jessica, fits Hollie a bit more and she needs a song she can connect to.

    Elise should sing, “Somebody that I used to know” by Gotyte, would be a good casual rock song that would fit her well.

    Skylar should sing, “Good Girl” by Carrie Underwood, its a new country song and has a lot of range.  Good for her

    • Oh my gosh you are so right, my song choices are terrible and your are amazing.  After reading your comments you sure do know your facts alright

  54. my choices:

    sanchez – love on top by beyonce /
    cavanagh – don’t you remember by adele /
    laine – mr know it all by kelly /
    testone – speechless by gaga /
    phillips – i won’t let you go by james morisson /
    dixon – fix you by coldplay /
    ledet – it will rain by mars /

    • you’re just one pathetic person trying to get everyone’s attention… congratulations! you got mine!

      randy said: “who has to have it”

      i believe you have to have it!

      one standing ovation for you

      (clap clap clap)

    • do you even know how to keep a thread?

      i pity you.. SAD you HAPPY me.. maybe you have no friends. or wait, did you notice you dropped something while you were sitting in front of your screen? guess what? your ego just fell.. now i know!

  55.  Ok I’ve been keeping away from this blog, but somehow made my way to it today. I will say for the record that I don’t hate Jessica. I’m just not that into her. It sounds more like an impersonation to me. If you take away the video from her “I will always love you performance” would you be able to say that it wasn’t Whitney singing it? So please that is my OPINION and you have the right to disagree with it if you want but please don’t call me stupid or a hater.

    You know what I am a “hater” of? I’m a hater of the word hater. I’m starting to give it the same standing that I give the n word or the word that rhymes with bag that begins with an f. For the record I don’t hate Jessica I think she has an amazing gift with her voice. The problem is for me is that it seems like she’s impersonating the original singers of the songs she does and not putting her own spin on it. So if I give an opinion of Jessica or any other contestant that you like that you don’t agree with then you can disagree with me without being insulting or down right mean and referring to that god awful word called “hater”. It’s called to be able to respectfully disagree.

  56. Come on Branden and Matthew, are you guys asleep or what? Are you guys paying attention to what is going on here? Please hit a few keys on your keyboard and take care of this problem! It’s getting really ridiculous!!

    • YOU. You ignorant little boy. What’s the matter, your mommy and daddy dont love you? You starved for attention cause you can’t get a girlfriend because your a pimple faced little dweeb?! Stay in school or you’ll end up flipping burgers, or in your case behind bars getting gang banged by a bunch of thugs, but you might like that tho. Go to bed little boy, and tell your parents you got mental issues now before it’s too late.

  57. Someone is really trying to get on our nerves. I’ve been so kind in answering   this guy but this one really needs to be booted out form this site. It’s starting to make a mess. :

    • you mean “BAN” not “BAND”

      you’re way more hilarious. never try to outsmart if you, yourself, aren’t smart.

    • Hahaha….
      I was kind to you, you’re worse, you’re more hilarious, I can buy my meds anytime so don’t worry :), I’m straight [In fact–I’m a family guy LOLs], and that’s Ban by the way. Not “Band”.

  58. I like Colton to sing It Will Rain by Bruno Mars and yes I totally agree no Adele songs please.

    • but adele will be good for hollie, maybe, have you seen some of her vids? hehe, but nonetheless, adele is really risky.

      • Yeah, Adele will be great…… and a bit risky. But I guess I’ve heard a lot of girls singing Adele already. If the boys will, I’d buy it.

  59. Carlojohn’s comments are not civil, not on topic, not adding to the conversation, not debated intelligently, and insult the author and other commentators on this site.
    I guess he will respond to this comment too since he must love the attention but I won’t hang around to look at it.
    Hopefully his comments will be removed soon, until then everyone just be patient and ignore him.

    • Hi Juliefromdownunder,

      He is just a kid, probably having a time of his life getting all the attention from adults.  I actually feel sorry for him.  Ignore him and he will go away, right Carlojohn, soon your mommie will be tucking you in for beddy bye, good night kid !

    • oh you’re from india…

      maybe you’re freaking out because you want these contestants to sing these:

      phillip – dil to pagal hai
      hollie – made in india
      jessica – oi shava
      joshua – har sawal ka jawab
      elise – pani da rang
      colton – rehle rehle na
      skylar – janta hoon janta hoon

      we will request that in idol. sit back and relax! 🙂

      relax with some tandoori chicken and paratha 

    • If he’s not a kid then he’s got no excuse to carry on as he does – if he’s an adult he has no life as well as no brain. 

      • You really are an annoying little dweeb.  You can’t speak english or you would know the difference between fans and enemies.  You have given us some entertainment granted but not in a clever way

    • From the way you’re acting it seems like you’re the APE!! or maybe a GORILLA on the loose from the MoronZOO!! 😛

  60. Jessica- Love on top by Beyonce or Part of Me by Katy Perry or Empire state of mind by Alicia Keys featuring Jay-z
    Phillip- I honestly have no idea really.
    Hollie- Skyscraper by Demi Lovato or Last Friday Night by Katy Perry
    Colton- Drive By by Train or Animal by Neon Trees or Sing by My Chemical Romance
    Skylar- Nothing Taylor Swift but Maybe Banjo by Rascal Flatts I don’t know why I can see her singing this. Or even taking a pop song (preferably a nice ballad) and taking it country
    Joshua- I have to agree with him doing something by Bruno Mars it just feels right.
    Elise- Adele. Anything. I really don’t care but Adele just fits this woman’s voice perfectly.

  61. hes playing his game with you guys so don’t mind him..insane ..carlojohn ur ruining this blog  because of your stupidity.

  62. I would to hear Jessica sing “You Lost Me” by Christina Aguilera. Imagine just her in a spotlight and a piano playing… Chills!!! ☺

  63. I see there is so much excitement in here right now.  Yahoo!!!   But you know,  Carlojohn pointed out something I agree on.    Banning someone from this site will not do any good.   He will just change his name and email address and he can always return with a bang. 

  64. I don’t think jar of hearts has enough range for Hollie. I think Joshua should sing it. Remember when he sang it in Hollywood week????? Amazing

  65. sooner or later AI11 will have the winner, so hurry up voters try to vote wisely as much as possible whom you bet.
    Here are some list for possible taking the finals.
    1. Jessica Sanchez
    2. Skylar Laine
    3. Joshua Ledet

  66. successfully reported as FLAGGED to the moderators. please do the same to get rid of this MESS.

  67. A lot of people are saying Jessica sounds the same every week. Maybe she does, maybe she does not. But, I swear there is no way of getting around the fact that Phillips sounds EXACTLY the same each and every week. Same tune, same contispated look in his face … The ONLY thing different is he changes the lyrics each song. Besides that, I think he is a very good performer.

    • Jessica does sound the same every week… so does Joshua.  Phillip is at least a talented musician.  His renditions to every song he has done have been awesome.  Not many people can pull off changing classic songs.  I mean he even changed Usher’s song, Nice and Slow, and sounded awesome.  He is more than just a voice.  I actually respect him as a person too. 

  68. [sic] Quit dreaming. You’re not gonna be rich here so stop wasting your time trying to prove something ‘cos honestly, you haven’t proven anything.
    Act your age. 

  69. hey guys i found out that carlojohn 
    is the leader of philip philips fan base

  70. so this is my suggestion 

    the admin told no adele music but if should
    this is for phillip phillips best for him he can use this for his own tone
    and his male version of it. rough edges, high pitches more loud growls will make it a winning choice

    this is perfect, he can showcase his voice here

    JESSICA-HALO ( Beyonce Knowles)
    here jessica i chose her another beyonce song “HALO”
    she should turn it to more ballad, she can do more vibratto here
    and some soft spots for cooling experience and makes a chilling voice
    she can connect here more

    , uhmm not sure but best for her to sing. its non pitchy and have almost high spots to take her some advantages

    ELISE-YOU AND I (Lady Gaga)
    rough spots, screeching and some high notes may nail this song
    and in the other side she looks like gaga

    i like his version when he sing it, i know that he could sing this song
    its a goth rocker style and it would be great if he chose this song

    this is the latest modern country music
    and this song fits for her
    she can add high notes in this and show case her voice


  71. This mess called Carlojohn is trying to make this site look ugly. Such a desperate attention-seeking psycho. Everyone just please IGNORE him. Just please IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE. Carlojohn is a stupid alien and should go back to Mars and rot there. This will be my first & last post about this mess.

  72.  Adele’s songs are good and should be sing in the competition. Lets face it
    Adele is the artist of the hour and should not be missed .But i will agree with your suggestion for Jessica to sing Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory!

  73. Oh I love this season. Really. All of their voices are very soothing. However I bet for a JESS-HOLL Finale.

    As for the song choices, I want:

    Jessica – ‘Who You Are’ by Jessie J. Her strong vibrato may outshine JJ’s rendition of this song.

    Elise – ‘You Lost Me’ by Christina Aguilera. The rasp in her voice plus her ability to play the piano under a sole spotlight will surely give the audiences goosies.

    Hollie – ‘Speechless’ by Lady Gaga. She would nail it to the topmost point. Oyeah. 

    Joshua – ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars. Just loosen the pitch to make sure the range will be reached by this Gospel singer.

    Philip – ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ by The Script. Nothing to say because I think he is always amazing at any given song genre.

    Colton – ‘Skyscraper’ by Demi Lovato. Like what David Cook did with Mariah’s ‘Always Be My Baby’, Colton would surely nail this also. And this cover will very marketable in iTunes.

    Skylar – ‘You Belong With Me’ by Taylor Swift. She must do it in an acapella first and in a reduced tempo before singing it in the original way.

    • Funny how some people who doesn’t even know how to use English language in correct grammar call someone an idiot. Oyeah.

  74. This is my opinion:

    Jessica – Love on Top by Beyonce (she did great on her cover :D)
    Philip – Fighter by Christina (cross finger ^^)
    Joshua – Listen by Beyonce (good choice to show his voice range ^^)
    Hollie – California King Bed by Rihanna
    Skylar – Mr. Know it all by Kelly Clarkson

  75. Joshua Ledet will sing “Angels Cry” by Mariah Carey and Neyo
    Colton Dixon will sing “Go” by Boys like girls
    Elise will sing “You and I” by Lady Gaga

    This is Official.

  76. 5 reasons why Jessica Wins:

    She’s a small girl, but her voice is anything but. Since the moment American Idol started giving Jessica Sanchez more screen time in Las Vegas, we’ve known that she’s one to watch. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if she brought home the crown Season 11. Here are five reasons why she’s poised to win:

    She’s a fantastic singer.
    As soon as Jessica brought down the house with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” she became an obvious frontrunner. The crowd, viewers, and judges alike were blown away by her powerful vocals and impressive range. As Steven Tyler put it, she “may be the one.”

    She’s got that swagger.
    An incredible voice won’t get you far without stage presence, but this San Diego girl is lucky enough to have both. Even at just 16 years old, Jessica seems confident and sure of herself when she’s performing. Whether she’s belting out a ballad or dancing around to something more upbeat, she keeps the audience’s attention.

    She’s charismatic.
    If her nearly 53,000 Twitter followers are any indication, viewers like Jessica. American Idol’s supposed to be a singing competition, but we all know that popularity matters. The winner needs to inspire people all over the country to vote obsessively, and so far, it looks like Jessica can do that.

    She’s experienced.
    At 11, Jessica garnered a lot of attention while she was a contestant on America’s Got Talent. Since she’s already gotten a taste of what it’s like to be on a high-stakes performance show, she’s better equipped to handle the pressure week after week. It’s no wonder she always manages to stay poised and focused.

    We’re overdue for a girl to win.
    It has been five years since the last lady — Season 6’s Jordin Sparks — won the title. Although it looked like we might have a female winner last season when two of the final three contestants were girls, it didn’t happen in the end. This year, we’re expecting voters to take a stronger stand for their favorite gals.

  77. hey! stop bullying everyone here! Im sure you are the real IDIOT and gay! A faggot that hides behind his bully-shitty image! Better make ur own blogsite and recruit IDIOT people similar to you! You are so ANNOYING! NONSENSE PERSON trying to ruin everybody’s good mood. Who do you think you are mister crap!?! Everything that you say reflects the true image of yours. BASTARD! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  78. I would love to hear Jessica sing anything that she covers on youtube.. All of them are great. I also agree that they should stop doing Adele ’cause I know Adele can only sing her songs. Just like last year, Haley does ‘Rolling in the deep’ which is of course from Adele.. Although she does it well, look where she ended, she end up in bottom 3.. 
    And of course Jessica has a chance of winning AI .. She is already experienced…
    #teamjayalltheway! 😉

    • No, she’s not experienced, however that’s not a bad thing. Whenever she’s finished a song she quickly looks for approval. Where as Elise knows when she nails it.

      • Well, performing at 11 yrs. old and finishing a semi-finalist in AGT .. I would call that an experience. And plus , she has done many gigs also.. Although that is only my opinion, I also respect yours. Of course Elise is my second Girl performer on this season, I feel like she could be the underdog  just Haley last year.. So yeah.. I wan’t one of them to be part of the finale 🙂

  79. Carlo John is trying so hard to get everybody’s attentions! pitiful bastard! Maybe her gf or bf dumped him.. LOL!

  80. Wow… Clap3. How much money do you make from messing up here? Go back to kindergarten and study values first. Believe me. You ain’t gonna have our respect.

    Better start prayin’ kid. Karma is so common in India. 

  81. Why even bother replying to CarloJohn? That user probably has many problems and just takes it all in here. Maybe he doesn’t have a good relationship with his family. He may be abused at home guys. How sad

    • carlojohn has an attitude problem and he doesn’t know it. he doesn’t know it because he’s doesn’t know the meaning of the word. which is why he is stupid. so guys just ignore him.

  82. like i always say..

    jessica- who you are(jessie j) … a guitar , or piano and violin…. just let her vocal shine..
    philip- stiil want him to sing BABY by justin bieber
    elise- born this way lady gaga (she needs to sing something popular..)
    joshua-skyscrapper/forget you
    skylar- mr. know it all
    hollie- you lost me ( Christina aguillera)/ the one that got away
    colton- only exception (paramore)

  83. CarloJohn called me an idiot when in the first place he doesn’t know how to use English language in the correct grammar. LOL

    Anyway, JESS-HOLL to the finale!

  84. Carlojohn, don’t hold strong opinions about things you don’t understand. 

  85. Lol, your english grammar is awful! LOL. I can sense you’re not american nor born from an english speaking country. So shut up, you’re ruining this site and making it look ugly! EVERYONE JUST IGNORE HIM. You stink like shit, you look like shit, and you talk like shit. Shit should be your new name! IDIOT.

  86. My Predictions for the top 7

    7th.) Hollie Cavanagh- As much as I like Hollie, I don’t feel like she’s feeling the song when she sings. And plus the judges are trashing her out.. They wanted Hollie out early.. (Don’t Hatin on me Holliepops.. I am a fan also.. I based this during last week and how people posted they wanted Hollie out)

    6th.) Elise Testone (Save!) – Just like Hollie.. The judges wanted her out.. But , I feel like they also wanted to save Elise and at least put her on the Top 5 – finale.

    5th.) Skylar Laine- Spunk and a confident girl.. She deserve the top 5 spot.. 

    4th.) Joshua Ledet- I love Joshua’s voice.. But I do agree some of the comments that he is soo screechy and screamy and I think it would affect the voting system if he continues to do that. He need to lessen the growl and screech.. I also have a feeling he will be the next Jacob Lusk

    3rd.) Jessica Sanchez- As much as I wanted Jessica to be part of the finale.. I don’t  think it will.. Because of teen votes.. I believe it would be P2 – Colton finale.

    Runner-up: Colton Dixon- I have nothing to say.. Just like what I said teen votes will bring Colton in the finale

    Winner: Philip Philips- Teen votes will bring Philip in the finale -.-

    But, if it goes to my way..  IT would be like this:

    1st.) Jessica Sanchez
    2nd.) Elise Testone
    3rd.) Joshua Ledet
    4th.) Philip Philips
    5th.) Colton Dixon
    6th.) Hollie Cavanagh
    7th.) Skylar Laine- I had enough of country when haley and james were not the Top 2.. Sorry Country fans.. :))

    That’s my opinion by the way 😉

    • I think, Phillip starts to get annoying for sometimes with his comments and even the way he performs, just my opinion. I think Colton could have those ‘teen’ votes people are saying that’s supposed to be for Phillip~ 
      Jessica and Colton could be in the finale~
      but if Joshua and Skylar continue to do great either one of them, could be part of the finale. #thoughts

  87. In terms of Vocals

    1- Jessica
    2- Skylar
    3- Phillip
    4- Joshua
    5- Elise
    6- Hollie
    7- Colton

    Star Quality:
    1- Jessica
    2- Colton
    3- Phillip
    4- Skylar
    5- Elise
    6- Joshua
    7- Hollie

    My Own Ranking:
    1- Jessica- Vocals are good. Fantastic. She has the star quality
    2- Skylar- Vocals are good. 
    3- Joshua- Vocals are good but screechy sometimes
    4- Elise- Good Vocals, interesting
    5- Colton- I’m irritated with his voice
    6- Phillip- Bored. Duh! Same thing, Same position, same and same.
    7- Hollie- Her vocals are good but she can’t control it.

  88. I think that the suggestions are quite alright for me because I feel that each and everyone of them can give justice to the song.. But as what Randy Jackson said it’s about how they sing and being the power vocals of the season. If the contestant showcase their talent in a way that us audience will  be left with an AWE then I think  that’s it… It will be a big factor for that person to win until the finals…

    As far as I can observe, within the whole season, 2 persons are the standouts for me… They are Jessica and Skylar… 

    I hope they win this whole thing… But who knows?! Let us 🙂

    • Agree. This is an “idol” competition and whoever the Americans will choose, let it be. I hope that person is deserving. 

  89. It’s just funny that many people are talking about Jessica even her haters~ 🙂
    Now, I could say she’s the most anticipated~ 🙂

  90. So excited to see them perform in few hrs. Still rooting for Jessica and Colton in the finale. Hope they’ll do great tonight! 

  91. Jessica – Superbass by Nicki Minaj maybe?

    But with this ^^^ sweet arrangement… 🙂

  92. All (AI11)  followers must vote wisely ok?,before it will be declared on May 22, 2012.Otherwise the winner will be in danger in the coming year because of fanbase popularity he or she can’t sell cd songs in global market.Select the real AI11 to be there on top position in the finals.
    List of 3 AI11 to be in finals
    1. Jessica Sanchez                       
    2. Skylar Laine
    3.Joshua Ledet
    Any of this 3 can sell their music all over the globe not only in the U.S. because of their quality voices.

  93. These are the list of most anticipated performers in a couple of hours.

    1.Jessica Sanchez  
    2. Skylar Laine
    3. Hollie Cavanagh 
    4.Joshua Ledet
    5.Elise Teston
    6. Colton Dixon
    7.Phillip Phillips(it was listed at the bottom because nothing to anticipate with this guy anymore not moving,stagnant,stand still only.)

  94. Some say it’ll be Jessica vs Phillip, while some say it’ll be Jessica vs Hollie.   Others vehemently disagree and say it should be Jessica vs Joshua, but others call that idea crazy because they believe it should be Jessica vs Elise.   Still, others scoff at all these preferences because they are sure it will be Jessica vs Skylar, while others say that’s a guffaw because in the end it will be Jessica vs Colton.   What do I SAY about this?   I’d say I don’t care as long as it is Jessica vs someone else.  

  95. Jessica Sanhez popularity is a factor to be in the finals,but  not a guarantee for her on top.Fanbase are still rooting for the 3 in the finals Jessica,Joshua,Skylar.If 2 of this will be eliminated I’m sure mostly of their votes will be tranfered to Jessica.This is just my personal analysis for all the teen fanbase of the 3 who understand voice qualities.

  96. Who you Are by Jessie J or Love on Top by Beyonce for Jessica Sanchez, my favorite idol this season! 🙂

  97. Now thinking back….i’d love elise to sing a melanie fiona song ! Like…. gone and never coming back or bang bang ! that would be awesome. Someone said Lana del rey, i agree, that would be cool to see aswell !

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