American Idol 2012: Top 7 Performs Tonight

American Idol 2012 Top 7 finalists

The Top 7 takes to the American Idol 2012 stage tonight as they cover hits from this decade (2010,2011 and 2012).

Should be an interesting show since we get to see what modern artists influence our American Idol contestants this season. Again it’s a broad topic, but that didn’t stop us from putting together our wish list of songs. Check out what we’d like to hear them sing and get in on the huge discussion ahead of tonight’s two-hour show.

Also, expect a full set of duets and/or group numbers to fill out the entire two hours.

Be sure to check back later for Matt’s live coverage of the performances and for my recap shortly after the East Coast airing. With fewer and fewer Idol finalists left the competition is getting tougher and big favorites are inevitably going to start being eliminated. Don’t forget to show up tonight and support your favorites on American Idol.

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    • Seems most are picking Jessica. Don’t think she will win. Beautiful voice and contract waiting already. BUT,  at her young age, that’s all she’s got going for her on stage.

      • Jdunn I dont care and nobody cares about your opinion ,you are so biased and negative .Jessica is the best among the the remanining idol and she should win the competition.It’s time to have a new idol , a real idol who could really sing. If you think Jessica wont win so be it,just keep it to your self because you are just hurting somebody’s feeling OK?again we dont care about your negative opinion.

      • I agree with you. @Romeo Guapito: hey everyone has their favorites ok?!?! There’s also called something of freedom of speech…

  1. before we all get stupid and start badmouthing each other for our favorite picks, let’s please all remember that music is SUBJECTIVE and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.  what is one person’s adam lambert is someone else’s william hung.  the whole idea is to have a good time and enjoy the music.  if you think a performance is terrible, tell the tv set, not the person who disagrees with you

    • Thank you for your kindness , we need more people like you! I love to agree to disagree on different views .

    • If my family told the TV set (which my dad does) the whole time, I wouldn’t be able to hear any of the performances. :0

      • tell dad to be cool or you’ll turn up the volume.  if the performance really sucks you might want to listen to dad rather than the singer!

      •  Hi Callum,

        Does dad sings, if he does get him a mic,  if he doesn’t tie him up and lock him in the garage.  Just kidding………………….. 😀
        Enjoy the show tonite !!

    • yes we are entitled to our own opinion but be civilize to express your self.We are no longer in stone age that you could throw whatever you want to throw.Be careful and everyone should consider we are rooting somebody and it could hurt someone’s feeling if you will badmouth somebody..GOLDEN RULE !

  2. I hope Hollie not screw up this time. She’s on thin ice and I hate seeing her on the chopping block.

  3. Is it just me,  or do all photos in this site show Jessica and Joshua being the ones who always get to sit on the chairs while the others stand beside or behind them?   A king and a queen surrounded by their subjects?   I’m sure there’s nothing to it,   but I can’t help wondering if it is a sign of things to come.  :)) 

      • wow I hope we get a Joshua and Jessica final! Not only they are both incredible singers, this proves people something about America. For many years neither an Asian nor a dark American became a finalist(please don’t think I’m being racist, I’m not and I think that race, color, language, looks etc. shouldn’t EVER be a matter) and this will show that yet America still considers voice and doesn’t only vote for their own ”race”, ”color” etc. This kind of final would make me incredibly happy and I wouldn’t mind any of them winning, whereas it is enough that a typical ”American” is winning the competition, where all of these guys are American. Phil or Colton might be the ”American” image in people’s minds but the term american doesn’t, SHOULDN’T have any kind of shape. Considering only the voice, 1-Jessica, 2-Joshua, 3-Colton 4-Phil, 5-Elise, 6-Skylar, 7- Hollie.
        Also, isn’t Phil becoming a one trick pony now? He only changes the rhythm and the words of songs and doing the EXACT same thing over and over again. First it was original, now predictable and BORING!  

      • @b14eb8b146617617220ebd7accb4e3a0:disqus : Idol winners aren’t determined by race. Go back before this string of young male winners and from Season 6 back it’s been a more diverse pool of winners than the actual population demographics of America.

        Keep focused on talent. That’s what matters for crowning Idol winners and it doesn’t need to prove anything about America.

    • If I remember right, they are not always the ones sitting down–i thnk only the last 2 pictures.   And mind you they were on the outside most of the time.  Hollie was always in the middle, also Skylark.  But anyway,  it only took my attention this time.  My top 5 are Jessica, Joshua, Skylar, Elise and Colton.

  4. excited for elise to close the show! bet its amazing thats why she’s performing last (crossing my fingers!).. 🙂

  5. Jessica!!! oh my jessica!!.. prepare for an incredible and amazing performance from jessica.

    • Her fans are’ve succeeded in getting me off of this site.   FIX IN..oh my jessica, seriously….that sounds scary.   Run for the hills Sanchez

      • ESSA… you maybe dont know how to sing . you are right Jessica always run to the hill so. look at her now she have a golden voice . so,,, me suggesting you to run to the hills too and you will be a good singer and can join in idol too. so runnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  6. I’m sorry to say that a lot of my enthusiasm has disappeared this year.  I truly don’t see a career singer in this group and haven’t voted yet.  I keep watching out of habit and maybe the hope that one of them will live up to their early promise.  At this point the former Idols on thursdays are the highlights.

    • You sure are stormy…sorry to hear that you are so hard to please.  Good luck and I hope that you will find what you’re looking for soon. 

      • That’s a joke, right?
        Kelly – Texas
        Ruben – Alabama
        Fantasia – N Carolina
        Carrie – Oklahoma
        Taylor – Alabama
        Jordin – Arizona
        David – Missouri- 
        Kris – Arkansas
        Lee – Illinois
        Scotty – N Carolina 
        Only one yankee in 10 years.

  7. Given a so so song last week … Jessica still delivered. Jessica was greater than Whitney’s ‘How Will I know’ and  I’m hoping she listened to Jimmy about choosing songs with more horsepower. 

    Good luck this week Jessica !!!

  8. I was net surfing like a crazt for song spoliers, but couldn’t find any, except for nigel’s leaks in his tweet! Damn! They are making sure the secret is tightly guarded! Feeling mixed emotions right now! Super excited and kinda nervous for jessica! Got up early just to wait for a show which will air a couple of hoirs more from now! Am i starting to develop jess-syndrome whose only cure is seeing her in the finale? lol…..SEEMS LIKE FOREVER, lol!!! Just wondering who will get the pimp spot. Read from somewhere that its gonna be elise! Does that mean she has the nest rehearsal performance? Geez! When will they put jess in the pimp spot? 🙂 i can just imagine her bringing the house down! GODLUCK JESSICA!

  9. Whoo! Go Jessica! Hollie! Skylar! Joshua!
    Hope Elise goes home this week, or the judges save Hollie 🙂

    • OMG…help  u r are all 16.  Justin Bieber..NO NO NO, I bet she wouldn’t even want to sing with him.

  10. I wanna start voting for jessica now!!! lol!!! Lets enjoy the show, but let us not forget its our VOTES that will get her through!! Love you jess!!!

    • Wonder if she sings awful you still want to vote for her in advance.   Shame on you….it’s always been predicted that these votes are rigged and comments like yours add fuel to the fire.

  11. I have to admit I kind of like the duets.  I did last week and I’m hoping they’ll be even better this week.

  12. Hope everyone does well.  But even more than that I hope Praise the Lord Colton goes home with his pretty dyed blonde hair do.  I’d rather William Hung be the next idol that this phony a** punk.  Everyone your thing!

  13. I think it is sad that the judges are making a sacrifical lamb of Hollie because they want Jessica to win.

    • I don’t know why you are blaming Jessica if the judges are just being truthful about Hollie’s performance.  But I do agree that the judges tend to say others are so good when they are not even that good.  You need to look at other performers who have not done really well and were presumed by the judges that they did really well–like Philip last week–he had a hard time reaching the high notes but the judges said he did great!!!   I don’t fault you for liking Hollie but don’t use Jessica as a scapegoat, please.

      • Actually I love Jessica. I just do not like the idea that the judges try to influence the votes by not giving proper jus
        tice to anothers preformance.

  14. jessica sanchez  saved by the judges and the judges did the right thing to saved jessica. shes the most talented in idol.   shes really good. and people must see that and yes vote for jessica. the young girl  is so talented. god bless you jessica

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