American Idol 2012 Eliminee DeAndre Brackensick Makes The TV Rounds

DeAndre Brackensick eliminated from American Idol 2012

American Idol 2012 eliminee DeAndre Brackensick has been making the TV rounds since he was voted out last week so now his fans can watch a little more.

On Friday DeAndre visited Jay Leno at The Tonight show where he performed a series of songs which were clipped down in the video segment below. You’ll be able to hear him perform “Master Blaster” and “Only the Good Die Young” along with Rickey Minor and his band.

Then on Monday morning DeAndre appeared on “Live! with Kelly” where he performed “I Like It.”




  1. I miss him!!!!!! He was the only reason why i watch this season……so there’s any reason to watch anymore 🙁

    •  Agreed. He was the only reason I followed AI this season. Guess I just gotta wait til next season to pick a new favorite!

  2. I miss deandre…when they said they wasn’t saving him I had tears in my eyes because he was my favorite male on the show….love u deandre…

    • No tears here but I really felt bad for the kid and still do. I can tell by some of the slip ups he makes when he’s talking, starts to say one thing then changes it that he has really started to doubt himself because of this outcome. I hope he gets his confidence back.  I think he got a raw deal. He was already at risk and then they made him go first. Then Jimmy made those ridiculous comments he made. I lost a lot of respect for Jimmy. Why have you go to kick a man while he’s down? Also the prediction the night before at the very end of his comments before the guy had even performed. And the performance was not as bad as Jimmy made it out to be. In fact his studio performance of “I Like It” is one of my favorite ones along with “Sometimes I Cry”. “Master Blaster” was also good and he actually had a bit of a Stevie Wonder tone to his voice. 

  3. he  was the reason why i watched the show i still cant believe he got eliminated.what does america want?

     this guy had it all anyway i wish him all the best

  4. I wish Deandre the best in the future.i do believe that the Judges were CORRECT NOT TO SAVE HIM . He got more air time because of the WILD CARD, America didn’t vote for him in the first place, so everyone should be happy for him, that the JUDGES voted with their wild card .

    • America might not have voted him in initially but once he was in he did out last 4 others, including 2 that did get voted in. So he did pretty well on the live shows.

  5. It looks like we might be losing the young teen votes now that DeAndre is eliminated…..
    I saw him on Live with Kelly….He was good. 

  6. I think I need to apologize to Deandre and his fans. Although I did not particularly enjoy his style of singing, I was not a mature adult when making some of the comments I made. Bad attempts at humor maybe, but Deandre didn’t deserve to be made fun of, as do none of the contestants. Looking back at it I do not think he deserved to go before Elise and Hollie who were not particularly good that night. I still probably won’t buy his cd, even tho I don’t buy anybody’s cd actually, but he still did not deserve some of the comments I made. I gained a lot of respect for him after reading the comments he made shortly after being eliminated. So.. My apologies Deandre and I hope you have a very successful career. Your a good kid and congratulations for making it to the top 8!

    • I hope everyone gained a lot respect for him. I saw his true nature when he interacted with Ryan during the wild card pick. Then he went on to deliver that awesome performance of Georgia On My Mind. I thin there were a lot of misconceptions about him because of the hair flipping but they were all wrong. He was 17! He liked his hair, is that such a sin?

    • i appreciate comments like this from non-fans of a particular idol contestant. it’s so nice that deandre was able to leave on a positive note… enough to make a positive impression even after AI.

      although i’m rooting for another, i believe deandre as a performer. i wish him the best! 🙂

  7. i felt that if based on performance alone, deandre still has a few weeks more left in AI. of all the contestants that have been eliminated so far, it was sad to see deandre let go. 

    i may not be his fan (and i’m rooting for another) but i wish him the best. gotta do his thing without the AI pressure in the show. goodluck deandre! 🙂

  8. Live! with Kelly performance wasn’t perfect. He cracked a little…LOL (Maybe a lot) Oh well. He never cracked on AI under pressure though. Matt did you finally decide to post this just cause he messed up? I was wondering if you were going to. That was funny. We all know what he can do…that little slip doesn’t hurt anything.

  9. I was never going to watch Idol again after last week’s elimination of Deandre. I have been a loyal fan since day one. I broke down and watched tonight but I definitely missed him there is no joy in the performances. Deandre brought a refreshing nostalgia into the mix. I wish the judges would quit trying to steer the vote this year is worse than ever.

  10. Deandre was entertaining and I enjoyed watching him. He had a very unique voice for a male. I liked him.

  11. Idol is just a reality TV singing show. What did all those great singers do in the past before Idol? Somehow they made it to the top, sold records, tapes, CDs, etc. And they did it without the help of judges who sit and play lords and lady of what is good. From now on, I will watch Idol for what it is–just entertainment (most weeks). I will even vote if someone inspires me to do so. But just because someone is voted off will not make me sulk in a corner for the rest of this season. For the contestants this show is important. For me, it is just TV.

  12. DeAndre belonged in the TOP 4-Taking ‘STYLE’, CHARISMA, VOCALS & Vocal Range) & performance skills  into account. Listening  to & watching  his naturalness onstage for ‘Georgia OnMyMind’, ‘Master Blaster’ and ‘I Like It’ makes you wonder how he ever got eliminated. His ‘hair’ adds to his teenage charm!!  No doubt, this teenager will” light up the stage”  on the AI Summer Tour

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