Joshua Ledet Hints At American Idol 2012 Finale Duet

American Idol 2012 Joshua Ledet

Last week after his American Idol 2012 elimination Joshua Ledet expressed hope that he’d get a chance to sing with his favorite performer: Fantasia Barrino. Wish granted. Or at least so it seems.

Yesterday Joshua took to Twitter to tease fans that they should be expecting something at this week’s American Idol 2012 finale:

Could Fantasia be Joshua’s “most amazing singer in history?” It certainly seems possible since he has specifically referenced her before and selected her as the one singer he’d hope to perform alongside.

Fantasia Barrino was the winner of American Idol season 3 back in 2004 and has gone on to sell almost 3 million albums in the US. It’s no wonder Joshua Ledet has been inspired by Fantasia and her success in the music industry.

Now if these two do get a chance to duet, then what song would you want to hear them perform on American Idol? Let’s hear your ideas.




    • I hope she don’t sing ‘I will always love you’, I hope ‘Everybody has a dream’ 🙂

    • Okay this article was about JOSHUA.  Not Jessica.  There’s no need to bring her into everything.

      • Wow thank you. Was just about to post the same thing. I think this poor girl is gonna end up with some stalkers, based on the infatuations some on this site seem to have with her. It’s impossible to have a topic or discussion NOT about Jessica, cause no matter what, someone’s gonna make A comment about her. I think it would actually be kind of funny to see Phillip beat her, just to see how many people have mental breakdowns and jump off bridges. Go Phillip !! Lol

      •  @btledoux1229, haha!  If, or when, Phillip wins, I’m not even coming on this site!  It’ll be all “It’s rigged” and “JESSICA IZZ DA BEZT!” or something.  I hope the psych wards are making some room for all the patients they’ll get who were trying to jump in front of trains and various moving vehicles.

      • So try USA914, the whole ‘America is racist’ will explode all over this site. Hell, it could even start World War 3! Lol

      • I don’t think the United States is too worried about the Philippines attacking us over America Idol. Scratch that..I don’t think the United States is worried about the Philippines attacking us. Period.

  1. anything by marvin and tammy. but it would be a hoot if they sang “i got you babe”!!

  2. No More Tears (enough is enough) Barbara striesand/donna summer
    Arrange it to fit their styles and it would be a great upbeat duet for them IMO

  3. I think he’s referring to Jessica:-) I love their duet, hope i’m right:-)

  4. “Unforgettable”  A blend of Nat King Cole and Dinah Washington versions.

  5. any kind of song as long as it is FANTASIA.. it will be great cant wait to see them in the finale…

  6. Any song~ It’s Josh and Fantasia, what could you ask for? HAHA. They’ll sure to do great! 🙂 #goosie

  7. Hey Matthew~ 🙂
    Jennifer Holliday just tweeted: 

    Then, this one is sure~ 🙂

    • Sounds more like a devil arrangement, don’t go blaming God for two sluts on stage screaming at once. So does Jessica have a bastard child yet like Jennifer. Poor Jennifer, her momma got all shot up. What happens when you live in the hood. Too bad if she had sold enough albums, she could have moved her momma out of the hood…what a failure story

      • God bless ur soul!!! u really have a bad foul mouth!! no positive words had came out of it but bashing & hating!! pity u!! u seem to had lived a sorrowful bitter life!!  ur a disgrace to America!!! 

      • remember what the devil inside linda blair’s character in the exorcist told the priest what his mother is doing in  hell? i wanna tell that to you george

  8. I also think that it will be fantasia. Fantasia and ‘Mantasia’ will be a good pair. I think they’ll be singing ‘i believe’. Just a thought. Hahaha

    • Can I just ask who from the top 10 are to sing a duet? Like is it from top 7? 🙂
      Just curious. 

  9. Less than 3,000,000 albums is a success???? LMPO

    Two screaming negros ought to rename it Amweican Gospel Idol Screamoff. Show us so turning against white people which is really stupid cause we got all the real money

    • I am Judith from England.  I have been watching the show…and was gutted to see Joshua voted off and not getting to the final.  He’s super doper talented and very humble and sweet kid too.   
      American Idol, you need to screen and ban racist comments like George’s, as this is very insulting to black people .  
      George you are very poor in spirit… If you make comments like this in England, you’ll be caught and bring to justice/go to jail.


  10. It would be really sweet for Fantasia to sing “smack my hoe down” to Super Gaaytasia! And smack that Ho

    • george!!! i wanna say out loud ur name so everybody know how bad u r by cursing fantasia….u r racist!!!…..take a nap..i think u r drunk

  11. Phillip Phillips ‏@PPhillipsAI11
    Heading to rehearsals with @JSanchezAI11 jammin out!!
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  12. i cant wait i wasnt gonna watch anymore but since fantasia gonna be on there i will cause i love her some much shes so talented she  is american idol cause one for her i dont think american idol would have been as successful as it is 

  13. As far as I’m concerned Joshua Ledet is the hands-down winner of American Idol 2012 despite his elimination. No one (including guest professionals) who has performed on the show has moved me like Joshua. His musical talent, soulfulness and ability to transform himself and the audience during a performance come from a very deep well of emotion that few artists are able to tap. Congrats, Joshua – you are awesome!!

    • Most of the people in every poll including celebrities support Jessica over Joshua. I can’t deny he’s GREAT, but you can’t say he’s the best or the winner, ’cause that isn’t true! Sorry.

      • People can say that they feel Josh should of even the winner all they want, cause it’s THEIR OPINION, and THAT’S the truth! Josh has more emotion and connection to the song and the lyrics in his pinky finger than Jessica has in her entire 16 year old body, and that’s the Truth ( sarcasm with the truth part, even tho it’s pretty much true). And as far as you wanting to spout celebrities backing Jess, there’s just as many that have supported Josh, but fanatics like you wouldn’t know cause all you see and care about is Jess, and disregards anyone that favors a contestant not named Jess. Some of you Jess fans (note I said SOME) get so offended by ANY statement that praises or acknowledges that another contestant is better, or more deserving than Jess, even tho it’s an OPINION, and it’s quite petty and pathetic actually.

        So, I agree with Vicki, Josh was the winner in my book. He displayed showmanship and an emotional connection to a song that was second to NONE. Give me a singer that can deliver big vocals while pouring out every bit of emotion and soul in every song, over one with big vocals that Just sings. I think Josh is better, regaurdless of any celebrities you want to name that thinks otherwise, and that is my OPINION, as well as many others, so it doesn’t make you right, and it doesn’t make us wrong, that’s why it’s called an OPINION, and in this country we are free to have one, as well as different tastes, and That is the FACT.

    • Yeah, he indeed is…………… for you. You can’t really say that he is what he should be. But, I gotta agree that he is great.

    • Every single top 10 finalist is a winner! It takes so much courage, hard work, and determination in addition to talent and that indefinable quality called stage presence to make it to the top ten. They are all amazing!
      Yes, it is only my opinion that Joshua ‘won’ this year.  That being said, who ‘won’ in season 5? I’d have to say Chris Daughtry, even though he was eliminated. But that is just my opinion, too.  Time will tell.  🙂

  14. according to Joshua’s personal facebook pg, he signed a record deal the next morning after his elimination! 

  15. Can’t stand Fantashia’s scremming! Josh was so much better.And her show showed, she is not a very good person either.Don’t want to hear her.

  16. if Joshua’s wish will be granted, I hope Hollie will also be given the chance to sing with her idol, Carrie Underwood. 🙂

  17. Fantasia is the obvious answer, but I got a hunch it could be Mariah Carey, if it’s not Fantasia of course. Don’t care to watch the finale, but will toon in to see Joshua sing one last time on Idol!

  18. I would like to hear Joshua and Fantasia sing the song that Fantasia sang on her winning finale.I think they would be awesome together.

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