American Idol 2012: What to Expect Top 7 Round 2 Week

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Skylar Laine. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Still reeling from the American Idol 2012 Top 7 save that kept Jessica Sanchez in the game? I think we all are. T

This week, the American Idol Top 7 once again takes the stage but this week, they’ll each be singing two songs each. So no more duets or trios. There’s no word on the theme for the week, but we’ll keep you posted when we find out.

And on Thursday, at least one person will be leaving based on America’s votes. In seasons past, two people would go home the week following the save to keep the show on schedule. But this season started with one extra person who actually got disqualified, so it may just be one person leaving the show this week.

Also Thursday, LMFAO will perform “Sorry For Party Rocking” and Season 8 winner Kris Allen will also take the stage with his new single “The Vision Of Love.”

Check back tomorrow for my song suggestions based on this week’s theme. Also, be sure to join us on Facebook & Twitter and we’ll keep you updated all season!




  1. Problem for those are still remaining and should

    Jessica –
    I think the reason for jessica in bottom 3 and risk to be eliminate is because her poor song choice ,Yeah she can sing any type song and made it her own but she cant choose the song can be remember deeper and steal america heart


    Joshua –
    he sound amazing but sometime i feel kind uncomfortable when i hear him sing…..sometime i feel he scream are more than sing…..when trio “Stronger” i dont think he nail it while one of the judge pround of him


    Elise –
    she is pretty good singer but she stand out too slow when everyone(America) already have their idol and this year is not a good year for her…..too many good and younger singer on this year,guess america like “Younger singer” Lol…


    Holie –

    poor girl have been hate by judge(steven),honestly that night holie sing ” perfect ” is better than last week,that way steven talk just look like holie doing a Terrible job..NO!..she didn’t ….for me she need a self believe and dont think too much and most important thing is DONT STYLE LIKE A GRANDMA,she will get some vote from guy…


    Skylar –

    she is a new dark horse by far and she is doing great,same choose a song unfamous but she got the power for getting stage heat, will win unless america still need one more country singer winner

    Colton –

    he is amazing any song he sing ,i can feel the “soul” of the song .he know how to choose the right song ….and he is good looking and great smile,girl like him a lot…..will win it


    Philip –

    Agree with the problem always feel the same when he sing,if he want to win it,should come out something difference this week….he is one of them can win it….


    I think the winner of this year will be between Colton and Philip because both of them never in bottom 3 and from the past of season AL(that season i watch) winner never in bottom*David Cook,Kris Allen,Lee Dewyze and scotty*

    For me Jessica and holie still need one more song to stand out very very stuning(if she want to 100% win) like America X Factor winner Malanie Amaro one song made her become winner…..”Listen” by beyonce been watch over 10 million on YouTube!!!! …….

  2. watch out for jessica!..she’ll eat the other contestants alive!..2 GREAT performance from her on wednesda night…She’ll prove America wrong..JSAN FTW!!!

  3. They’re all good. I will vote for the one who will perform best this week~ 
    Much-Anticipating JS and Hollie performance, hope they both do good~ 🙂

    • Hollie is cute & sweet but not as accomplished a singer as the others. Jessica is definitely the best singer – I just don’t know if the BEST will win. She should win she has a tremendous talent. Too often this is a popularity contest instead of a singing contest. As Randy said, ” Jessica is one of the very best singers in America”.

      •  Personally, I think Jessica deserved to be where she was.  She has the most POTENTIAL, but she isn’t doing everything she should.  She sings a little too nasally, screams too much, uses too much vibrato, and has NO volume changes whatsoever.  Everything sounds the same, and too loud.  If she worked on that, she’d be amazing.  The mentors have told her that many times, and she refuses to listen, therefore she doesn’t deserve to be there.

      •  @Iloveusa914: it seems you dont know what you are talking about. Randy Jackson said onstage that jessice sanchez is one of the best singers in America, ever! the 3 AI judges saved her. the judges are three well respected people in the business. do you know how to sing? are u a professional musician? if not, what the B.S. are you talking about? unless you are a racial bastard who wants a pure blooded American to win AI. it is obvious with ur “Iloveusa914” handle. enroll in a conservatory of music course before you making any musical or technical comment.

      • @cf8303abf65995c1684d5a5927935f7c:disqus , I do not hate Jessica one bit.  I dislike her voice.  She is a sweet girl and will be fabulous once she’s matured, but for right now she’s not quite there.  Bitter?  Please.  Not everybody likes the same person, and disliking her does not make me racist (which is the correct term, not racial, @7dc6268b6e110b445bf3102ebc56446c:disqus ) or bitter.   It simply means I don’t enjoy her tone, style, etc.  I am entitled to my opinion that she is not that good just like you are entitled to your opinion that she is good.

  4. What I think they should sing whatever the theme(s) may be:

    _2 songs that will show their voice spectrum__i.e an upbeat then a ballad/something dramatic
    especially for Hollie and Phillip.

    Pick songs that are popular. You’re a jazz/rock singer. Turn these songs to your genre. Try doing a performance on a piano and one without it.

    Can you play a guitar? At least make one of your songs acoustic this time. Just you and ONE instrument. Do another powerbelt song for the other. 

     Please give America a moment away from your “aaaahhh” (if you’re watching the show, you know what I mean).  Try giving a performance with a more clean, seamless sound (like Heejun’s).

    A ballad and an upbeat country is perfect. 🙂 Better yet, do a country version of a rock song! 🙂

    Try having a still ballad performance. Don’t move and just sing with lights dim. For the other, try doing another stunt similar to your “Decode”

    Can you play an instrument? Play one. Or at least give us an acoustic ballad/mellow music. Also, do some of your thing. Recall how you got all those standing ovations.

    Phillip:Damn! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR GUITAR EVEN IN ONE PERFORMANCE. Just sing to the mic. Take a not so growly high song so that you won’t be twsting your body due to your guitar’s absence. Or just twist your body if you can’t avoid it. DO AN UPBEAT. I really loved your two lines solo from “Raise Your Glass” last week. PLEASE CONSIDER.

    • surely they won’t make them sing 2 songs each from elton.  would be cool to have them as their mentor though.

  5. I really cant wait for their performances. Ive read somewhere that the theme for the top 7 redux is elton john. How true? If its confirmed, i hope jessica does “your song”. Ive seen heather headley’s interpretation in you tube. Amazing!! I know jessica can pull something like that. I just hope that the 2 songs are not limited to elton john’s. They could do a movie theme or a more current genre. Or a song that represents themselves or depicts their lives…. It will showcase each of the contestant’s vulnerability. I can think of a thousand more possibilities with this batch. Only goes to show how talented they are! Go top 7!!!! Ill be glued to my seat on wednesday! I swear i wont miss a thing!! Never been soooo excited! Im all hyped! 🙂

    • Someone reply on my comment. She/he said, Judges may probably choose 1 song and the other their own choice of song~ I just don’t if that’s confirmed already but I also hope it’s not all elton john or  not at all.~ :))

  6. has anyone heard phillip’s “give a little more” on itunes?  it is AWESOME!!  so much better than maroon’s version.  i love it!

    • I’ve downloaded everything he’s (P2) done and love them all.  I’m not a fan of Colton’s – but thought I might like to have full version of PIANO MAN – but now am sorry.  His AI version sounded better – or I just better-able to hear him on the downloaded.  I’m still not a fan at all.  And I’m also bothered by his kissy-faceness w/the judges (“hoping to get a Standing O”).  Phillip is a performing powerhouse and secure in his own self – but never cocky.  He’s just P = Perfect!!!

      • it’s unfortunate that AI cuts the  performances in half.  instead of loading the show with crap, they should let the contestants sing full versions of the song.  that way you really know what they can do.  i agree he is PERFECT!

      • He is far from perfect, but if you like listening the the same crap over and over and over, then maybe he’s perfect for you. He’s by far the ONE note singer of the competition, and that ONE note has become very BORING and PREDICTABLE!! Can I get a little growl and constipation with with my nightly tea, thanks Phillip.

      • I started out liking Phillip the best. But after a few weeks, I realized I was getting the exact same thing every week, with different lyrics. At first i thought Phillip change the origianl arrangement of a song to make it his own. Now, I think he changes the orriginal arrangement to fit the only style he is capable of performing.

  7. i would love to see Jessica sing i surrender and iam changing. this will help her win the title and be remembered.

  8. America got it right by voting off Jessica. She has no personality and her hobby is shopping. She has a voice but I would never pay to see her in Concert. I can go to karaoke fod free and see someone sing with more personality. Skylar has the whole package.

    • Jvcarrico. I don’t know if you are 80 yrs. old , you seem to have dementia. You go against what the experienced judges and mentors are saying about her . She is a tremendous talent. Remember this is a singing contest not the most likable. Oops! I forgot you are confused..

      • to Lyn:
        That is very rude , you seem to forget that it is not the judges that votes,  it is people like Jvcarrico and the rest of the american voters that will.

        Keep it up I will make sure that I send Jessica your post as one of the reason she did not make it.  People like you that I am ashamed of.
        Get out of this site please, we do not need you here.

    • correction : America did not vote for Jessica Sanchez  to leave the show. They just didnt give her enough of votes to stay on the show .
      Good thing the judges saved her, and it is the right thing to do. thank god the saved wasnt wasted!

    • what’s the problem is jessica’s hobby is shopping? AI is a singing and popularity competition and it has nothing to do with the hobbies of the contestants and please please please why are you saying that jessica has no personality when you don’t even know her personally

  9. I really liked the Duets but two songs each is good.    Looking forward to seeing LMFAO, hope  they don’t disapppoint like Wanted…….

  10. So I know that it is being highly debated on the interwebs over whether or not Idol will eliminate 2 this week, but the finale date is set in stone for May 22 & 23 so if you do simple math it’s clear that they will be only eliminating 1 on Thursday. The only way they could eliminate 2 would be if they decide to bring back Idol Gives Back and not do an elimination that week.

      • Obviously not…lots of people do it over and over again.  Matt isn’t checking.  In all caps, it’s like they’re screaming at you.

      • @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus  Haha, yeah. Why on earth aren’t they checking the instructions in this site? It’s just a scan in the eye. 

  11. Another Idol site reported the theme this week to be Now and Then where contestants are to pick a number one hit on the charts from recent years and an older soulful song.

  12. To reply to Ed:

    How rude you are to tell Lyn  to get out of the site…Who the hell you think you are…. Are you the God or King of the Jessica hater ????

    Listen, you need to get out of the site, we don’t need you here !@@@
    You can save your comments and throw them in your toilet.

    You King of the Jessica hater !!!!!   

    • At   AI_Fan_5015,

      You see people with short minds like you can only see right in front of your nose.  You can only see what I have written but closed your eyes on Lyn’s  very rude remarks to someone else.

      But that does’nt surprise me at all, since you are another one who have caused voters not to vote for jessica.

      And for your information, I like Jessica a lot, it is her fans like you that we don’t.  Think about it, by doing what you are doing you are only
      making it worst for jessica, keep up the good work, one of these days we will submit your posts to Jessica for her to see what  damage you actually accomplished.  Why don’t you look around the posts and see how much hate you actually generated against your fan.  It is not her
      we do not like, it is your insulting remarks to us that we do not like.

      I think I am starting to suspect that you guys are doing this purposely so Jessica will loose, I think that is what is happening here.

      Just saying………………………………

  13. It’s ridiculous to safe Jessica in the competation.
    Once the  American push her out of the competation you judges must have to accept. why you people have to protect her? It’s because you judges only wants to show the world that you guys are not racims. If Jessica is an blond American you people will not safe her as safe Jessica ? 

    • Hi!
      I 100% agree with you.
      and I don’t like the way how Jessica sing.
      She is a karaoke singer. sometimes she is not singing. she shout a lot.So how come to be an a American Idol , people who sing as a karaoke singer? OOh
      come on!!!

    • Hmmm, I understand you. However, there’s a “save” rule in the competition so I guess you have to understand that also. Don’t worry. If Jessica is still the lowest, you can lock your mouth from complaining because there’s no point that she’ll be saved.

      Anyway, I’m hoping she won’t get the lowest votes. 

    • did you know that it’s one of the show’s rules that judges have one and only ‘save’ they can use up until the top 5?

      and what do you mean by this? ” If Jessica is an blond American you people will not safe her as safe Jessica ?”

      Would you mind speaking in English? duh

  14. To reply to Ed:

    Are you being logical or not ???    Who was insulting who here ?   You were insulting someone named “Lyn” with nasty remarks earlier, which I was trying to point out what  you have done to her.    And you turned around and said the Jessica fans have been doing damage to her vote.  

    Where was your logic ????    Who was insulting who here ?????  What are you talking about ?     You are the one insulting others.    Did you not ? ?   Tell me on the face that you have not…………  Oh of course not, it was always other people faults, I think the problem is your ego…..     

    You were insulting others and turned around and said her fans will cost her votes….. Uh ??   

    Quoting from you  ” I like Jessica a lot”,   really ??????   Do you think I am 13 years old to believe that ???    Stop those lies.    Give me a break. 

    Good preaching….but lack of logic…….. untruthful……….  forgot to reason………..  Logic 101 class is available in  this summer.


  15. I Seriously believe you should see a doctor cause you are delusional.
    I do not want to have anymore conversation with you at all.  You don’t even know what you are saying anymore, I  suggest we stop now.

    • Hi AI_Fan_5015,

      The above message is for you.  Stop it now, I think you are just looking for anyone you could argue with tonite, find somebody else, bye………

  16. In reply to Lkteresa :

    What do you mean by “competation” , “racims”,  “an blond American”  ????

    Please help me here.  Where is your dictionary ?  You need to look up your dictionary first before you open your mouth to criticize others………


  17. To reply to Ed:

    I don’t know what I am saying or you don’t know what you are saying ? 

    I will keep my mouth shut if nobody insulting other people, that’s fair.



  19. Good grief! Why is everyone that doesn’t think Jessica is the greatest singer in the world labeled a ‘hater’? Hate is a strong word, and it’s hard to ‘hate’ someone you don’t even know. We are all entitled to our opinions, and if someone says Jessica sounds like a lounge singer, it’s their OPINION, it’s not hate!! Maybe label someone a ‘disliker’ or something, but ‘hater’ is just getting ridiculous. I think the most people doing the ‘hating’ per say, are the Jessica fans, and I think some of you are actually to blame for a lot of people being turned off by Jessica. People who disagree with Jess fans are getting called racist, biggots, iggnorant and haters, which is really sad and pathetic actually. So this is an OPINION, not hate.


  21. Not looking forward to two songs each this early…the songs will probably be even more chopped up than normal to fit 14 performances into 2 hours.  I’d much rather everyone do the full song like the studio versions…it could dramatically change things.  I’d like the higher impact that would bring to the performances. 

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