American Idol 2012: What to Expect Top 7 Week

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Joshua Ledet. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

It’s Top 7 Week on American Idol 2012 and the contestants are taking on songs from this decade, according to American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe.

“This week’s #AmericanIdol theme is ‘This Decade.’ In other words 2010/2011/2012,” he Tweeted.

This should be a good week for the contestants. They can pick songs they know and love and show us who they’re influenced by currently. It should definitely give us an indication as to what kind of artists they want to be.

Nigel also revealed that AKON will take the mentor seat next to Jimmy Iovine this week.

On Thursday, one more singer with the least amount of votes will fight for the judges’ save. Will they use it? They have one more week to use it after this week, as it expires Top 5 week.

Check back tomorrow for my song suggestions based on this week’s theme. Also, be sure to join us on Facebook & Twitter and we’ll keep you updated all season!




  1. The judges will definitely going to use the save card on whoever will be eliminated this week.

  2. This should be a good week. one sing Rihanna or Keisha. Blech. Jessica should sing the Friday song! LOL!  What song do you think Joshua will take and turn into a gospel song? Colton should have a good week…

  3. i hope everyone stays away from adele.  no matter how good you are, this is just one voice you cannot compete with

  4. Hollie- Fireworks by Katy Perry
    Jessica- Who You Are by Jessie J.
    Colton- God Gave me You by Blake Shelton
    Elise- You and I by Lady Gaga
    Phillip- Grenade by Bruno Mars
    Skylar- Who Says by Selena Gomez
    Joshua- Without You by Usher

    Like it?

    • There is no way Skylar sings Selena Gomez. Please…Selena Gomez? LOL ! Why is Colton suddenly going country?

      •  simple as i am wanting those two to get out of their comfort zones. Besides it would be amazing i think if they sing those songs.

      •  She will surely kill that song. As i am watching Jessie J’s video, im starting to freak out coz I already imagined how will Jessica impress us. Whew! How I really wish I can contact her mind. Hahahaha. Kidding. Anyway, I guess she will do a Rihanna. California King Bed may be.

      • @Sid..why would she sing Rihanna? Rihanna can’t sing to save her life. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to take on any of her crappy songs.

      • @Pally45 Any ”crappy” song can be converted into a good rendition. Especially with the works of Jessica Sanchez. Nothing is impossible.

    • Philip will die singing Grenade. He doesnt have much range. Do u notice how he bends down the high notes when he sings by growling it away? It’s not that he’s a bad singer. It’s just the way he is. My 2 cents.

      •  I guess he can give it a nice try. He can give the song a different flavor of his own.

    •  I guess Elise and Hollie will be in the bottom again this week, on who’s the other one? We’ll find out. And maybe the save will be used. Well, the question is to whom the save will be used? For me, Skylar or Joshua.

      MY TOP 5

      1. Jessica Sanchez
      2. Colton Dixon
      3. Joshua Ledet
      4. Phillip Phillips
      5. Skylar Laine

    • Skylar needs to country not get away from it. As I stated last week, she’s only sung one actual country song so far on the live shows; ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ by Miranda Lambert. I don’t see Colton ever singing country.

      •  Skylar needs to get out of her country zone for her to win. And i dont think another country artist will win this season.

      •  And for Colton, im just confused on what’s his real genre? I dont see him as a rocker. Though he sounds good. I dunno. Maybe a pop star in the making.

      • She hasn’t been in the country zone yet as I already stated and it hasn’t been working for her. She needs the country vote to stay in this thing and the only way to do that is to sing country when the theme allows like Lauren and Scotty did last year. With Scotty and Lauren’s early success not to mention Carrie’s, I’m not sure producers would be that unhappy with another country winner. The country voting block was big enough last year for an all country final so it might not matter the producers want if she garners their vote but, to do that, she has to sing country.

  5. They have to use the save (before it expires) — they lost a week with Jermaine leaving the same week as a vote off — so we are one show short as we speak — so they will have to make that up – the save is the only way to do that.

    I’m guessing we get a surprise this week losing Elise or Joshua — and they get the save.

      • …..Elise and Joshua are two of the most talented ones there.  Hollie sucks.  Jessica screams too much.  Skylar has too much twang…Elise and Joshua are perfect.

      • @Iloveusa914, Elise is actually my favorite girl left in the competition. I’m just wouldn’t be a suprise if she got voted off. She has been in the bottom a few times already. Joshua? Eh..he can sing  but it all turns into Sunday service. I wouldn’t call ANY of them perfect.

    • But remember that the save will eliminate 2 contestants the following week. So it’s basically the same.

  6. You may get some Rob Thomas, Train (Hey Soul Sister), Coldplay,

    I also would love to see Phillip sing “Red Solo Cup” — 😉

  7. My song suggestions:

    Jessica – Skyscraper (Demi Lovato)
    Hollie – Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri)
    Skylar – Need you Now (Lady Antebellum)
    Elise – You & I (Lady Gaga)
    Phil – Grenade (Bruno Mars)
    Colton – The Only Exception (Paramore)
    Joshua – Turning Tables (Adele)

      • Are repeat performances allowed on Idol? Is it okay to sing the same song more than once in the season?

      • @hehe Sure it’s allowed, but in the past it’s been the same person reprising an earlier performance i.e. Adam with Mad World.  But I don’t remember two different singers doing the same song in the same season.

    • I don’t think Jessica should sing skyscraper since she already had video of it with J.Rice. It would not be a suprise. 🙂 

    • No Joshua going to sing one of the top hits of R&B , whitch one? Well we will hear it tonite!!!

  8. Jessica please don’t sing any Beyonce’s songs. It would be very predictable! Try something else. I know you will deliver as always 🙂

      • @iurqal…so I make a funny and sarcastic comment about someone saying Go Jessica and I’m rude but the people that rip on Phillip for being the same every week or Skylar being too twangy or Elise having a bad attitude are not. So…everything is fine unless someone says a word against your precious Jessica?  Why are the two posts calling me a female dog deleted and not my post? Because Brandon agreed with me. It was uncalled for.

      • @pally45: No, they are rude too, and she is NOT my precious Jessica. There have been plenty of negative comments about Jessica here and you wont find me responding to every such comment.  But I have read several of your comments today and you were rude to some of those who posted comments here.  What I am trying to tell you is that it is NOT about Jessica.  It is you failing to respect an opinion that is contrary to your own.  This is the last time I will respond to you, no matter what else you choose to write.

  9. Jessica – who you r – jessie  or skyscrapers by demi
    Phil – rollin in the deep by adele 
    colton – grenade or it will rain by bruno mars
    skylar – california king bed by rihanna
    hollie – jar of heart or a thousand miles
    joshua – time for miracle by adam lambert
    elise –  thinking of you by katy pery

  10. Elise will surely be back on top. I heard from her camp she’s gonna be back on the piano then belt it out on stage singing YOU AND I by GaGa. They also informed us that the arrangement’s terrific and she will be closing the show.

    • It would ber her third time in the pimp spot with other contestants still haven’t been there yet. It wouldn’t be fair if that happened.

      • Fairness has nothing to do with it. They save the pimp spot for what they think will be the best performance of the week.

    • it would be funny to watch. Last year Big Mouth Randy told Haley that You and I is not a great song, this week he’d most likely contradict himself as always and said how it was a good choice to sing such a great and well-known song

  11. Hmmm… I wonder who’ll get the pimp spot this week. From my observation, AI contestants who sing on the pimp spot are almost always guaranteed safe from elimination (unless they sing really, really, really bad).

    Anyway, the theme is pretty nice. I truly hope that the performance night is interesting this week (no snoozefest please). Also, it would be nice to limit the standing O’s this week unless the performance of the contestant is really, really, really good.

  12. From now on out it’s going to be tough. Probably this is where the predictability is the teeny’s popularity vote–not really based on true talent. So, even though I don’t agree, I would think that Elise and Joshua and maybe Hollie will be the next ones to go. 

    I always ask myself, “Would I buy and listen to a full CD of this person?” If the answer is no, then I move on until I find one I would listen to:
    1) Elise–because she has a unique voice and style that is immediately identifiable and fun, i.e, she does not sound like every other mainstream pop singer on radio.
    2) Joshua–he’s got tons of soul. He’d spice it up with some funk grooves as well as tasteful ballads to keep it interesting.
    3) After that, I can’t say that I would go out of my way to buy any of the others (maybe Hollie and maybe Jessica, even though Jessica sounds like every other pop diva out there, i.e., good singer technically but nothing unique in her vocal tone that sets her apart from all the rest of those female vocalists already on the radio now. She’d get lost in the mix. Actually, I find Hollie’s voice more satisfying to listen to. But she has to grow into more confidence and just believe that she can own the stage. That will come with more experience and maturity. Still a bit young that way.

    • I would definitely by a cd by Phillip and by Elise…and probably Colton. I like country also so maybe Skylar.  I don’t know if I could listen to a whole cd though. Jessica. never. I hate that diva crap. Joshua..probably not. I’m not into gospel. Hollie? She’s another diva. I like rock..blues..alternative.

  13. My Song Suggestions:

    Jessica- In this Song by Charice
    Colton- Here comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts
    Phillip- I won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz
    Skylar- Mr. Know It All by Kelly Clarkson
    Hollie- You lost me by Christina Aguilera
    Joshua- If I had you by Adam Lambert
    Elise- Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

    • Joshua would do himself no favor by even attempting any song associated with Adam.  He might do alright with something by Kris Allen.

      • @5c3c0c778904cc72033953141a5b897e:disqus  I love Joshua’s voice, but at this point his performance skills are no match for Adam’s showmanship, and unfavorable comparisons would result.  Joshua would be better off staying away from songs that are only associated with Adam and that have never been covered by anyone else.

  14. My Song Suggestions:
    Jessica Sanchez – Run the world by BeyonceColton Dixon – The Truth by kris allenPhillip Phillips – Set fire to the Rain by Adele Skylar Laine- Stronger by Kelly ClarksonHollie Cavanagh- 
    Note to God by Charice Joshua Ledet- Before it explodes by Bruno MarsElise Testone- Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

  15. My Song Suggestions:
    Jessica Sanchez – Run the world by BeyonceColton Dixon – The Truth by kris allen
    Phillip Phillips – Set fire to the Rain by Adele 
    Skylar Laine- Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
    Hollie Cavanagh- Note to God by Charice 
    Joshua Ledet- Before it explodes by Bruno Mars
    Elise Testone- Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

    • You can’t be serious. Elise singing Taylor Swift? LMAO…that is so ridiculous…

      • Elise has a very good voice that I think fits for this type of song. I think she should get out of her comfort zone and try something new.

  16. I’ve read these comments and I really don’t get it.  Why would y ou want them to get out of  their comfort zone?  They should sing songs that they are comfortable singing and make that song their own.  It seems that when they leave their comfort zones, they get bad reviews. 
    I am happy that they will be singing more up to date music.

  17. Jessica and Joshua great vocals but  performances are old fashion. Hollie is dressed as a 30/40 year old and Comatose Colton zzzzzzz He makes me nod off, unoriginal and boring.

    • Colton, unoriginal?  You sure you are not mixing him up with Phillip who sounds the exact same every week no matter what he signs or Jessica who does ballad after ballad or fails at up beat songs???

      Seriously, Colton for the win!

      • Well, Colton did admit that during the Top 8 performance night that he ripped off the “Time After Time” musical arrangement from another band.

        Not sure if that counts as unoriginal, though. He said he placed his own spin to the song.

      • Why? Have you heard and saw the other contestants sang upbeat songs? The others sang some fast songs but literally standing on one place singing.

      • Jessica failed upbeat songs…she didn’t do too well on the first one but she definitely nailed it last week..know the facts.  

  18. Jessica can sing most of the songs of the Decade. I’ve seen them on Youtube. But everyone will strive hard to do great. Very interesting week. I hope Jessica will continue to shine!

    Go Jessica! I’m confident that you will do great this week!

    • would love to see her do another beyonce song.. love on top.. does that count for this decade?

      • It does, 2011. However, I want her to do songs aside from Beyonce’s. I guess most of us knows she can do that one. I guess she can make far with Demi’s…. I just know.

      • She can even do a Bruno Mars.  She’s been accused repeatedly of sounding too much like the original, so it probably wont happen if she renders a man’s song.

      • We already know she can sing that song really good so hopefully she’ll sing another song that will make her really stand out.

  19. Why are the montors Akon, Will I I’m and Diddy who  all don’t sing and use autotune and computorized music what the hell do they know about SINGING

    • A combination of Idol producers wanting to draw viewers who normally don’t watch Idol, and these mentors wanting to open themselves to a broader fan base.

  20. what if elise breaks out of her comfort zone and sing pink’s raise your glass. :p

  21. so, I can’t see it in anyone of the contestants, but I really want to see somebody sing a One Direction song. I mean, it just makes me laugh about  the awkwardness it would bring, maybe. IDK. 🙂

    I wish Jessica wouldn’t sing a Beyonce song this week, it would be too predictable. Maybe a Demi Lovato song would be nice. It will fit her voice well. 🙂

      • Seriously. She did a wonderful cover of Skyscraper on YouTube. And I am not a teenager.

      • @ iurqal…Skyscraper is kiddie music sung by a Disney channel reject.  But I went and listened like you said.   Still a crappy song. 

  22. I’d Rather Be Blind,this kind of song is the best for Jessica Sanchez to sing this coming week.R & B version that she did in her youtube space.

  23. As of this time the best 3 idol players are Jessica,Joshua,Skylar only,perhaps if Hollie will not be eliminated this coming week she will be included on my list FTW.

  24. Jessica Sanchez FTW………….Miss little brown girl I mean it you will be the winner followed by Joshua Ledet for 2nd.

  25. I really wish Elise would pick “one of these days” by Foo Fighters. the best band in the world.

  26. my new guess:

    Elise- Born this way (lady gaga)
    Phillip-Baby (justin bieber) still wanting him to do a cover  of this song. haha
    Joshua-Forget You (Cee lo green)
    Hollie- You lost me (Christina aguillera)
    Colton- The only exception (paramore)
    Skylar- rolling in the deep (Adele.. a NO! NO!)
    Jessica sanchez- Who you are (Jessie J)

  27. i wish jessica sings who you are by jessie J… its the perfect song for her…

    • I think Jar of Hearts has better melody, and would better showcase various facets of her voice.

      • LMAO…really? Are you so pretentious than you’re going to say you listen to various facets of her voice? Honestly, none of us are music critics here. We just like what we like.  

      • Pally45: I am not pretending to be a music critic here. I hear what I hear, and like you, I like what I like, and I do not force it on others the way some people do.  I couldn’t care less who you like, it makes no difference to me, but I don’t care for people who do not know what respect means. 

  28. Nobody can beat the little brown girl this time,Jessica Sanchez means business to succeed in life,follows orders and not ignoring some comments from the judges and mentors.She is exploring all kinds of genres in music.

  29. I’m having this feeling that Jessica Sanchez may be in the bottom two this week. I know that we haven’t seen the performance yet but, you know, you just feel it.

  30. Jessica Sanchez is so pretty girl and She’s just amazing singer:D. Go Jessica you totally rock my world and I know you would win this thing. We love you so much & You are my #1 fan;) 

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