American Idol 2012 Rankings: Top 8 Week In Review

American Idol 2012 Top 8

We’ve got your American Idol 2012 rankings for the Top 8 week. There were more ups then downs this time around in your poll results, but once again the pimp-spot played a big role in pulling up one singer while letting another course correct.

No surprise here in the poll for Jessica Sanchez to be leading with 39% as she’s done each week, but as the field of finalists narrows down we’ll have to wait and see how her votes in our poll sync with the votes in Idol’s more limited sphere. Coming up behind Jessica was the Top 8’s pimp-spot performer, Skylar Laine, who finally got her chance at the coveted position of going last. Just like Elise last week, Skylar found her first double-digit ranking in our polls, 15% this past week, when performing during the pimp-spot. Joining Jessica and Skylar in the top bracket is Joshua Ledet. He climbed back up from the middle of the pack this past week with his American Idol performance of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” and earned 12%. While I expect Skylar to drop back to her former position next week, as most pimp-spot’ers do, it seems like Joshua is on a steady climb this season.

Phillip Phillips leads the middle pack with 11% of the vote and has consistently remained in this range. Only once this season has Phillip not pulled in double digits in our poll and even that week was a 9% share. Phillips’ strength may be found in his consistency despite Jimmy Iovine’s warnings, but can it win him the top spot in American Idol 2012? Colton Dixon is up one point this week with 9% of the vote after dropping from his pimp-spot ranking of 17% just two weeks ago. Like Joshua, Colton seems to be finding his groove and holding a respectable position in the ranks.

There was a big vote gap when moving on to the bottom ranks. Despite a promising start, Hollie Cavanagh has struggled to find her audience and place in this competition outside the bottom block in our weekly polls. Her one venture in to the double digits in our poll came from, you guessed it, her pimp-spot performance of “The Power of Love” back during the Top 11/12 week. This time around Hollie drew only 4% of the vote which put her on par with Elise Testone. Elise followed the typical post-pimp-spot trajectory and fell back to Earth with just 4% of the vote after the previous week’s 19%. Any Idol Hopeful in need of a save should be lucky to land in that final spot for the magic it works. DeAndre Brackensick could have used that boost last week but instead went in the very first position, often a kiss of death to endangered contestants. DeAndre earned just 3% of the vote in last week’s poll but I was ready for him to stay after surviving the bottom tier repeatedly both on this site and in the show. A pimp-spot performance would have likely kept him going at least another week instead of facing his second elimination of the season.

With just seven finalists left this season on American Idol 2012 we’re nearly to the finish line. We’ll get the most modern round of songs yet this week with “This Decade” selections. Can’t wait to see how it turns out and who gets that pimp-spot performance.

American Idol 2012 Top 8 Week Poll Rankings:

  1. Jessica Sanchez – 39% – up 3 points from last week
  2. Skylar Laine – 15% – up 12 points from last week
  3. Joshua Ledet – 12% – up 6 points from last week
  4. Phillip Phillips – 11% – down 2 points from last week
  5. Colton Dixon – 9% – up 1 point from last week
  6. Hollie Cavanagh – 4% – no change from last week
  7. Elise Testone – 4% – down 15 points from last week
  8. DeAndre Brackensick – 3% – no change from last week – eliminated

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American Idol 2012 Top 8 rankings




  1. Jessica will always be leading by far margin in this poll and even all the other poll result because majority of the viewers and fans know that she is the most consistent, the most amazing, the most powerful, the most versatile, the most anticipated and the most deserving to win American Idol season 11……………..others have all gone boring now as the competition goes on because only Jessica CAN sing all songs at all genres. 

    • Now is the time for Jessica to sing “Listen” by Beyonce and if not, I believed she reserves the song for a higher round.

      • I would love to hear her sing that song “Listen” but the theme is 2010, 2011 and 2012 and this sond was form 2006/2007.  This song would be amazing for her tos ing.  Maybe she will sing Love on Top.  Last time she sang it when she was 14/15 yrs old.

      • I like that song LISTEN by Beyonce’but for the hardest song for her to hit is THE VOICE WITH IN by Christina Aguillera & And I’m Telling you I’m Not Going.

      • She is boring — we never listen to her studio songs —

        I am tired of her — but some of that may be due to her fans…..

      • Here we have the second and third negetive comments today. And guess what? It is by fans who are disrespecting Jessia. I have no idea why Jessica’s fans are getting a rap for being disrepectfull. When I keep seeing just the opposite.




      • Yeah…she’s boring.   She’s consistently excellent,  so consistent to the point that she is so predictable.   Next week I predict that she will slay her song again.   Where’s the excitement in that?  Yes,  you’re right.  Jessica’s so boring.

      • ooops!!!boring toy you Jessica???wow you’re so naive when it comes to music is it not?I think you are being very nervous there everybody in watching the AI are happy with this kid how she interpret all the songs except you only?Or maybe this girl is a treat for your idol not to be included in the coming weeks to come.

      • It’s more accurate to say that YOU find her boring,.  But others don’t, and that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.  It’s a matter of taste/preference, and everyone’s right to make which must be respected.

      • Perfection, sometime is boring but so soothing and relaxing, When you listen to JSan’s voice it’s like a trance, it takes you to a place where serenity is. It’s like listening to a water fall and birds singing…sooo peaceful!

    • Jessica definitely does very well in our polls, but doesn’t lead in all polls. I noticed at MJs she consistently comes in 2nd or 3rd which is still very good, but also an indicator that our poll is just one sample group out of many different ones out there.

      I’ll be very interested to see how things turn out as we get down to just a few singers. Should be exciting considering there are a lot of talented Hopefuls in this group.

      • Well Matt it appears your site has an infestation….it’s running off fans of the others…..not sure what you can do about it.

        I find that it’s nearly impossible to discuss anyone but BBChez….and it’s the same 5 posts over and over…..

        When 2/3 of the fans like someone else but 7/8 of the posts are about Jessica… might be time to call Orkin.

        Have you noticed how the numbers of replies have dropped in most posts?

      • To Bahloow2000,

        You’re saying that the drop in replies is attributable to the “infestation” of Jessica fans.   That’s a very irresponsible and utterly wrong opinion.   I think the real reason why there have been few replies recently is that many people were celebrating the Holy Week.  

      • Irresponsible?  lol — your use of that word tells me that you take all of this way too seriously.  Wrong?  Maybe — I’ll take that one….but I might not be wrong.  Good thing we are all entitled to our opinions.

        You’d think that with people off on Spring Break and Easter Break there’d be MORE people with time to post…..not less time……so, not sure if that excuse flies…..

        But thanks for sharing your opinion with me…..I do appreciate it.

      • No.  I’m not taking it too seriously.  I’m not the one blaming the drop in replies in this site to the “infestation” of some people.  IT IS YOU.    Are you a Catholic?   If you are,  you should understand what I was talking about.  During Lenten Season,  you do things other than go to this site.   If you’re not a Catholic,  you won’t understand what I’m talking about.   If you’re a Catholic and you don’t understand,  I can’t do anything about you.   

    • Going to make a prediction… she won’t win. She definitely should, undeniably she should win. However, always leading the boards is dangerous, especially come top 4. If one person were to have a breakout performance and Jessica had one “not so hot” night, she could easily find herself going home. I’m guessing we end up with another male winner (Phillip or Colton) since Jessica is the only realistic girl winner left to claim the title. Remember, just a prediction/opinion. 

    • Actually — a lot of it is due to stacking the vote — which is common for unscientific polls.  

      She may be good — but I’m not sure she can beat Philip or Colton 1 on 1 — due to the voting system…..her best chance to win is VS Hollie, Skylar or Elise….and that’s not going to happen.

    • You say that about Jessica, Sam, and I say the same goes for Josh. He doesn’t get near the credit he deserves on this site, but he’s been there step for step with Jessica, and has even outshined her several times. The judges and Jimmie have given him nothing but praise, and said how much he has grown throughout the process, yet the people on this site give him no credit. If your only into pop or country, then you probably don’t appreciate Music as a whole and as an art form. There’s many different genres when it comes to music, but if you only narrow it down to the genre that appeals to you, then you automatically discredit any other type of genre as not being as good. True music lovers appreciate all types of genres. Josh may not be the typical ‘pop’ star, but he has more pure musical ability than anyone. You can say he screams all you want, but that’s rubbish, it’s a style of a genre of music, which is soul/gospel/ r&b, and you don’t have to be a lover of any of those types of genres to appreciate what Josh brings to this competition. I appreciate music in ALL it’s form and recognize that Joshua is extremely talented no matter what the genre. If your ONLY a pop or country fan than you cannot truly understand just how good this guy is, but if your a music, in general fan, than I think you can. He and Jessica deserve to be in the finals thus far, as they are the two BEST singers in the competition.

      • Oh I would love that……seeing Jessica and Joshua in the finals because it would be an easy for Jessica because Joshua has no star quality for me, exaggerates his performance and he looks and performs so gay that appears so distracting………sorry

      • If you broadened your mind to the different styles and genres of music out there, you would know that his ‘style’ is a reflection of his southern gospel and baptist upbringing. Maybe if you watched gospel artists perform, you would see how they use their entire body to project their music, as does Josh. So maybe try enlightening yourself as to why somebody performs the way they do, instead of resorting to making fun of or name calling, cause it’s not very intellectual.

        And FYI, over confidence can be very dangerous, as it often backfires.. Just a thought for all the over confident Jess fans.

      • Yes my friend, we are over confident because Jessica is over talented and TRUE over confident is dangerous – dangerous to other contestants!

  2. Time for Jess to step up her game, she’s great and all, but peaked too soon, Joshua and Skylar and Colton look poised to overtake her. I hope Jessica brings the fire this week, and you know what? I think she will!

    • Jessica ate Joshua during their duets. Just watch the video. Skylar???mmm not consistent country girl. IM pretty sure that there are country singers in the US better than her. Colton? i dont know if what kind of genre he would like to show people. Yeah you are right Jessica is reall great! Jessica FTW! Do not underestimate the voting block of the southerns…

      • You are wrong there pal! You can worship and praise Jessica all you want, but Josh outshined her in that duet without question. If anything Jess seemed a bit intimidated trying to go after the big notes that Josh belted out. Jimmie and the judges see that Josh is just as good as, and probably better than Jessica. That was a great duet by both their parts, but saying that Jess ate Josh up on that is a joke. But anybody that shines against Jessica has to be put in their place on this site, wright? I’m not bashing Jessica, I think she deserves to be in the finals, but Josh does as well cause he Proved he’s just as talented as her. It is ok for Jessica fans to give credit to other contestants when they shine you know, instead of putting them down to make her look better.

  3. My song
    choice for them:


    1. Skylar
    Laine- When I Look At You (Miley Cyrus)2010


    Jessica Sanchez- F*^***’ Perfect (Pink)2011


    3. Joshua
    Ledet- Rolling In the Deep (Adele)2011


    4. Elise
    Testone- You And I (Lady Gaga)2011


    5. Colton
    Dixon- We Are Young (Fun.)2011


    6. Phillip
    Phillips- Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye feat. Kimbra)2011


    7. Hollie
    Cavanagh- Fireworks (Katy Perry)2010

    • Jessica could also do “Before it explode” by Charice

      Skylar will be great in “If I die young” by The Band Perry

  4. Jessica and Phillips are two consistent performers. Former, showing variety and power; latter, offers uniqueness and monotony.

    American Idol is all about variety but they promote originality (be who you are) too… Which is which?

    Maybe darkhorse Joshua can ruffle some  feathers?

    The way I see it Jessica is up top with or without polls. She’s bold and the most polarizing contestant, most see her great side.

  5. I won’t be so confident in this poll though I always love to see our girl always on the top spot. This site is just one example of those sites making a survey of who does a good performance each week. With 10 to 12 thousand people voting [most are not mainly living in the USA], I couldn’t be confident about that. 

    The thing Jessica needs is the continued support and votes coming from the Americans. You, guys, can help her to win it! 🙂

    Go Jessica!

  6. Being a good singer is a given by the top 13… What separates the stars from the crowd is the performance.  The two best performers by far are Colton & Skylar.  Good singers or not, the rest have fallen pretty stale with me when it comes to their performances.  Last season, I was a James & Haley supporter for that reason.  I appreciate an entertainer.  And this is American Idol, not American Singer.

    • While I do not agree with your top choices. I do agree with you saying that there is a difference between a great singer and a great performer. Jessica and Joshua without a doubt, have the best vocals. That said, I am seldom ever moved by their performance, emmotionaly.

  7. JESSICA SANCHEZ will have one of the best performances Wednesday ! Jimmy will see to that and sooooo will Jessica ! I still have faith she can WIN !!!!!!! She is the only girl that has not been in the bottom !!!!! Jessica fans we have to vote the whole 2 hours ! She is soooo deserving of the TITLE !!!!

    • First negetive feedback of the day. And guess what, it is NOT from  a Jessica fan. I keep hearing people write that jessica’s fans are obnoxious. But, all I see is her fans reminding everyone to vote.

      • Btledoux1229, I look through this whole thread and a few others. All I could see was Jessica’s fans incouraging others to vote for her. On the whole, I am seeing a LOT less in the way of disrespectfull fans this season. I’m not sure if that is because Matt and Brandon are montering the bored better or not. Last year it was embarressing for me as a country music fan to see how disrespectfull my fellow country music fans were toward Haley Rhienhart and the lanague they opening used against her. Glad to see things have cleaned up a LOT this season.

      • @96eee719adfc8164fce6b15a272c7609:disqus : I do a LOT of comment deleting and blacklisting these days. The new commenting system makes it a lot easier to moderate. This season has featured some of the most awful comments/commentators so if the comments sound better this time around then that means I’m catching most of the nastiness before it sits too long. And yes, a majority of the nastiest comments are from the supporters of one singer. It’s disappointing that a crude few feel the need to broadcast their immaturity.

      • I was called a bitch yesterday by TWO Jessica fans. It’s with the messages about the songs they should sing.

    • you are boring definitely…jessica is amazing and she could kick all the other contestants right away,,,,,,,,,,,go jessica well vote for you all the time!!!

  8. This week is one of the most exciting songbook in American Idol 2012and so I want to personally share what I want them to sing. I was not up to any Adele or Beyonce songs this week since I’ve heard a lot of them already. 

    My songbook for the remaining idols:

    1. Jessica Sanchez – Give Your Heart a Break by “Demi Lovatto” [2012] Okay, I’ve always wanted her to sing this song after I heard this last week! 🙂 This is but a Bingo! choice and I can hear her sing this one! She can make this classy as what her style should be.

    2. Phillip Phillips – You Gonna Fly by “Keith Urban” [2010]. I am kinda hoping he’s gonna experiment something. Anyway, if he doesn’t, I want to hear this song. 🙂

    3. Elise Testone – You and I by “Lady Gaga” [2011]. I personally think she should sing Edge of Glory. But needless to say that EPV already did this [and with justice!], she can go with that song instead. But if she sings the other one—great! She’ll nail it for sure.

    4. Skylar Laine – When You Look at Me by “Miley Cyrus” [2010].  This song is in the decade and it suits her voice. Perfect! 😉

    5. Colton Dixon – Closer to the Edge by “30 Seconds to Mars” [2010] Okay, so since Colton is so into inspirational songs. I can see him singing this one.

    6. Joshua Ledet – I Can’t Make You Love Me by “Tank” [2010]. Enough with the belting Josh. We know you can really do it. Can I hear your soft voice?

    7. Hollie Cavanagh – The Story of Us by “Taylor Swift” [2011]. You need to rock on this week and this song, I think, suits you.

    Group Performance: 

    1. The Girls – Can’t be Tamed by Miley Cyrus [2010]. Since we are talking about “This Decade”, we can’t really deny that the girls are slowly dominating. I wish to see that domination this season. 🙂

    2. The Boys – If I Had You by “Adam Lambert [2010]. I just love Lambert’s song so I wanna hear this one this week. 🙂

    This is just but a suggestion guys that you might want to consider reading… 🙂

  9. Yes I think it’s gonna be another good week for some of the contestants. Hard to predict the song choices though. A lot of great songs to pick from. I got half right last week and I don’t want to spoil my record. I just hope they all bring it this week. I don’t want to be able to predict the winner. I want to be surprised. Think I will be voting for Skylar this week. If she doesn’t do a good job I just wont vote. How’s that?

  10. Elise is a break from the mold. Play guitar, piano, and she is a singer/songwriter. How many female rockers do we have in the music industry? The rest have all been done too many times over. A true and unique talent is Elise Testone!the younger generation is the majority of voters and unfortunately are only voting for the younger generation. Elise is awesome!!! What don’t ppl see???

    • Well we already had one Pia Toscano moment last week when Deandre was eliminated to everyone’s surprise. Even Matt was shocked as he stated above. ;-D

      I think we have another one of those coming up though. But the judges have held on to the coveted save just in case. So I expect the unexpected this year. And the unexpected is that a contestant who is actually quite talented will win “The Voice” this year. (Gotcha Again)

      I have no clue who will win American Idol but I think with all the competition out there in the form of other contests such as this that they want to have their winner actually go on to do great things. It would be a shame if the other show’s contestants achieved higher levels of success than AI. That would really cause everyone to finally realize what a joke it really is and would bring about the end of the series. It’s teetering on the edge right now and that would push it on over. 

      So IMO they are really trying hard to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I think they are totally using Jessica Sanchez and praising her so much to try and get all the others to up their game in the hopes that a real star will emerge out of this. 

      If nobody else over takes her then Jessica Sanchez will win and then she will go out into the world and do the best impression of Beyonce that she possibly can and sell a few songs and make the Idol production team look like geniuses. And then if someone else does step it up and over take her it will have the same effect. Soooooo, at this point it’s anybodies’ ball game. May the best individual win is all I have to say.

      Hey Matt, where are the spoilers this week on song choice. I have only seen one and that is the one about Elise’s performance. Do we have a list yet?

    • I agree!!! None of the girls have a voice like hers! Elise did have an off week this past week, but she hopefully will bounce back! I just LOVE her voice, so so different and unique! Would LOVE to see her win! She’s great in my opinion! I think Jessica has a great voice but I’m not crazy about her looks.  She just doesn’t draw my interest like Elise does.  Skylar is pretty swell too in my book!  I like Phillip for the guys!! Rock on Elise!

  11. American Idol 2012 Top 8 Week Poll Rankings:
    Jessica Sanchez – 39% – up 3 points from last weekSkylar Laine – 15% – up 12 points from last weekJoshua Ledet – 12% – up 6 points from last weekPhillip Phillips – 11% – down 2 points from last weekColton Dixon – 9% – up 1 point from last weekHollie Cavanagh – 4% – no change from last weekElise Testone – 4% – down 15 points from last weekDeAndre Brackensick – 3% – no change from last week – eliminated

    • Hey, @756261951e63469977d879d53426c0fb:disqus . Do you follow Jessica on twitter? If so, can I ask a favor? Can you ask her if she can sing 
      Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovatto on AI? I don’t really use twitter. Thanks! 🙂

      • Anyway Joe it’s been a while already not following her on twitter but I hope she will consider your request.
        Many of her followers perhaps they will remind her that song also.

  12. Practical voters may go on Jessica Sanchez for sure…..the only one never been in a bottom 3.

  13. Off topic, sorry. But I just caught up on some of my shows, and the Voice compared to AI, Sucks! Wow, they are horrible. Any of the top 7 would win that show easily! Watch that show and you will realize just how talented ALL of the contestants on AI are. Wow, awful

    • Wow! I have to agree with your observation in that matter but the problem is comparing them is much agreedable,the reasons is this,those contestants on THE VOICE are mostly matured singers  that are targeting not to be famous anymore I think.

    • I know right!!! I was watching an episode of the voice and it’s nothin compared to idol!!! Anyone of the contestants now could go and win the voice no problem!

  14. I agree that The Voice cannot be compared with the Idol.   I think those people being selected to sing  could not even pass the Top 24 for the  Idol show.   It is a joke, it is all about the stages, the clothes, the fashion, or whatever……. except the Voice.  They cannot sing well.  They were supposed to select people based on the Voice, not how sexy the ladies dressed…….. yet they praised them and they said “yes” based on how sexy those ladies look….. are you kidding ?  Very disappointed.    

    This made me appreciate the Top 13 that we had on Idol.. Bravo !! 

  15. Jessica Sanchez for the win 39%  1st    poll 
    Skylar Laine for 2nd                15%  2nd  poll rating
    Joshua Ledet for 3rd               12%  3rd  poll rating
    Hurry up Hollie for 4th I like this girl also.

  16. Jessica is by far still the best in this season AI. Others may think that she is a bit boring because she nails her every performance and it has become monotonous that she is good all the time. Is that a crime? Others have their up and down moments and when they go up, other would be jumping up and down for joy. Jessica just sings naturally. For her it’s next to breathing..

  17. Wise voters are betting  for Jessica Sanchez till the end.
    1. Most qualified
    2.Most versatile
    3.Most anticipated
    4. Most talented

      • Oh please. She does NOT connect with people. She’s 16 years old for God’s sake. She needs to live a little more before you can say she’s doing all this connecting.

      • @pally45
        Gheeez…. Just as I expected. So what if she’s 16???? She has already connected with the people at that age. Can you just get rid of yourself and connect to your favorite idol? 

        Of course! You can connect with a singer if you’re feeling him/her. That’s why there’s a phrase called “Individual Preferences”.

        Thank you for your not so violent reaction and have a great time!

      • @joelando There was nothing violent about my reaction.  Just exasperation with a lot of the posts on here.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus , I wonder how desperate you are to really convince me she’s not gonna connect with a lot of people. Anyway, I’m not gonna waste my time on you. Since weeks ago, you’ve been so pessimistic about her so I don’t mind. That’s my opinion, that’s your opinion. End of story. 

        And by the way, I said NOT so violent reaction so still, you sounded annoyed with that comment. Just sayin’.

      • Pally45 is already 4 feet below the ground.. a little bit more assness and will be arriving to Hell sooner as we expected … LOL!!

      • @Bobaloca your post makes absolutely no sense so if you were trying to insult me, you failed. Miserably.

  18. Yes….  Jessica is able to connect with her fans with eye contacts, smile, passion, etc etc ………  To connect with people has nothing to do with your age.    A two-month old baby can connect with his mom or dad with his smile or attention.   The baby does not need to grow to 25 to connect with his mom or people around him.  On the other hand, a 65 year old person may not connect with other people by sitting in his chair.   It has nothing to do with AGE  !!!    Just a thought.        

    • Actually…a truly good artist is supposed to be able to connect with people just through their voice.  Eye contact..eye schmontact. It’s all in the voice and whether or not you believe the artist.

  19. Are we watching the same Jessica Sanchez  on Fox 5 network  or maybe watching  a different channel ?    It is Okay too not to feel the connection with the singer, we all do have different feelings and opinions on all these contestants.    Just support the ones that you connect with.   It is  okay …………

  20. what makes me interested watching AI II is JESSICA SANCHEZ. Even the replays its not boring watching her always…

    • I feel the same way. Infact, I have download most of her performances and the duet. She’s great~ I hope she’ll win~ 🙂
      Nevertheless, they are all good~ 🙂 I think best top 7 ever on AI.

  21. Jessica Sanchez the most awaited contestant this week………………..?FTW
    only the girl that can perform all kinds of genre in AI stage most applauded  by audience,mentors and judges.Talk of the town anywhere.

  22. I think Jessica is good but Hollie’s voice is just amazing! I hate how Jimmy is always comparing them!!! I would love a Hollie vs Joshua finale with Hollie winning.

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