Phillip Phillips and His Dad Speak Out on Family’s Shop Burglary

Earlier this week, we reported that the pawn shop owned by American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips’family was burglarized. Since then, the Idol champ has been able to express his reaction to his father.

“He shook his head and said, ‘Dang, Daddy I hate to hear that. …Well, that’s how some people in the world are,'” Phillip’s father Donnie said.

Phillip’s dad says when the catch the person that took more than $4,000 in goods and broke through the back hall, he hopes they get what’s coming to them. The man, who Ryan Seacrest during the season jokingly mentioned carries a gun, said things would have turned out a bit differently had he been in the store at the time of the crime.

“There ain’t no telling what would have happened if I had been up here,” said  Donnie Phillips. “[But] If they catch them, I hope I can get a check every month. I don’t care if it’s a dollar a month so it will remind that person or those persons to see what they’ve done and see what road they’re going down.”





  1. Sounds like Daddy Phillips means biness!!! 

    Still can’t believe that nobody saw or heard anything on such a busy street and 24hr businesses all around.

    You never know, this may have had nothing to do with Phillip’s being on American Idol. It may have just been a random robbery. The thieves might not have even known whose pawn shop they were breaking into.

    Does anyone know if the shop has ever been broken into prior to this and/or what kind of neighborhoods are in the surrounding area? Pawn shops are usually located near low income areas where their business is most likely to come from.

    So if one has something in hock and it gets stolen in a robbery, does the shop owner have to then purchase that item from that individual minus the amount of the loan or is there some clause in the paper work that releases them from responsibility? I’m sure that the law requires them to have insurance. No?

    • I would imagine they would have to have insurance. The closest I’ve been to a pawn shop is watching Pawn Stars or Hard Core Pawn on TV. The one is in Vegas and the other one is in the 8 mile area of Detroit.

    • I doubt it was random. I’m sure it was targetted but not necessarily because P2 was on AI, but because they knew the owners were absent and in California taking care of their son after his operation.

    • I hear you Taymaro. Didn’t you see the pattern–the Kidney stones, the operation but no operation then the operation, now the Pawnshop burglary. Is this the Philippines or Burma or Mongolia where burglars can just easily get away with it? There’s no way to believe that this was not a set up to gain sympathy or steal the headline news. What a pathetic attempt, and Phil’s fans like Gaylordklein and Branden are caught in sympathy for the family, hook line & sinker… 

  2. what a beautiful father/son picture…this should be out for all to see this father’s day weekend.

    • I’m sure GaylordBJklein is envious of such relationship. BJklein needs a father image  badly, that’s why he wanna be close to Phil so Phil can share his father to BJklein.

  3. News flash

    Phillip’s stuffed turkey, aka “Gobbles” has been recovered from his
    captors early this morning. Unknown to the kidnappers, Gobbles did have a
    tracking device on his person and was rescued by police after zeroing
    on the tracking device signal. Gobbles was kidnapped during the break in
    of the pawn shop owned by the Phillips family. Soon after they had
    received a ransom note demanding 1 million dollars and all of Phillip’s
    kidney stones as well as a demand for Phillip to renounce his AI win.

    Police recovered Gobbles at the international headquarters of Pinoy
    Stalkers. Apparently Gobbles was slightly injured with broken eardrums
    from the Pinoys listening to the national anthem at extreme volumes over
    and over again. When reached from comment, Gobbles said he was relieved
    to be rescued from such annoying terrorists and is requesting extensive
    therapy to over come the mistreatment at the hands of the Pinoy who
    tortured him by sitting on his face and farting the national anthem

  4. Please support Phillip by buying his music on ITunes.  Please also call your local radio station to
    request HOME.

    • Please donate your kidney to the Kidney Foundation of GayLordKalvinKlein. GaylordKlein, Phil’s sakking manager, will blow them away in the Philippine Deep.

    •  I can’t download any of Phillip’s music, it’s a music business conspiracy.

    • When you’re handsome, you’re handsome. No matter what clothes, no matter how much beard or beard-less, it doesn’t matter. It’s nature’s gift. Phil looks good any time, anywhere. 

  5. Branden’s second article on Lauren in the month of June,
    so far, is out just now. Branden has had written one on Colton and Skylar as
    well, one on Scotty, one on Hollie, 3 on Jessica, and 5 about Philip. If you’re
    curious about the “score” of these and other articles these past two
    weeks, based on the number of comments these articles have elicited from the
    readers, see below:


    1. Jessica sings at NBA Finals: 313 (June 13th article)
    2. Jessica sings at Pacquiao-Bradley: 309 (June 6th)
    3. Jessica Talks to Rollingstone: 182 (June 4)

    4. AI Finalists Give Audition Advice: 169 (June 14)
    5. American Idol Turns 10: 119 (June 11)

    6. Philip out of Hospital: 104 (June 12)
    7. Philip Undergoes Surgery: 95 (June 7)

    8. American Idol: 10 years on the charts: 41 (June 12)
    9. Auditions 2013 Kickoff: 40 (June 5)
    10. Philip won’t miss Idol tour: 37 (June 5)

    11. Phillips’ Pawnshop Burglarized: 35 (June 13)
    12. Hollie on her 2012 AI experience: 28 (June 7)
    13. Philip and his dad speaks out on burglary: 17 (June 15)
    14. Colton and Skylar to present at CMT: 13 (June 4)
    15. Scotty graduates High School: 13 (June 8)


    Between Jess and Phil: Jess for 3 articles garnered 804
    comments; Phil for 5 got 288. One thing for sure, Jess’ fans write more than
    Phil’s. I guess those teenagers are busy at the beach or elsewhere so they
    can’t read, much less write comments. Perchance it’s true: those teenagers
    catapulted Phil to the top, not the majority of the voting AI populace but with
    the best capacity to text or call to vote a lot of times. Hence the need for an
    AI Revamp, an article written June 1st which garnered a comments-score of 359.


    • Could it not be that people have more to do than wait for the next article??  Sometimes there is nothing to say….and if it is the case that Jessica fans are more supportive…why has that not translated to music sales??  Because last I checked it was about music sales..right?  Or did the terms change and now it is how many comments are posted about an article…if that is the case…than yes Jessica wins hands down! lol!  But, I bet money Jessica & any other contestant wishes some of those posts would translate to music sales…just saying. And if it doesn’t translate to sales than you have to wonder about the people who post the most and are supposedly Jessica fans….do they just like the attention that posting brings them….I think that has a lot to do with it…..because clearly if the posts are a reflection of popularity and support than Jessica should be cleaning up….but that has not been the case so far.  Don’t get me wrong….I am not bagging on Jessica…she is  clearly talented….just questioning your logic.

      • Seems the P2 fans are preoccupied with listening to the P2 songs they downoaded, while the Jessica fans …

        Anyway all will be glad to hear the burglers have been caught.

      • i thought that jessica’s fans were pre-ordering cd’s from walmart. she’s got bigger sales there than philip. money-wise, i think jess is reaping a lot too from singing the anthem. and from itunes in spite of the alleged glitch. so, music sales for u is based on what criterion? whatever it’s based on, usually, a report or a professional evaluation comes out after a quarter or so, or even after a year. i’m sure jess’ musical sales will soar if u include the ones bought from the philippines, mexico, middle east and elsewhere… 

      • Mmcrell, Christopher is talking about apples, and here you are talking about oranges. Why can’t you just accept in a nice civil way that Jessica has more apples received than Phil, and then present in a more business-like way the number of oranges Phil has received in comparison to Jessica?

      • BikyBoky

        Jess is scheduled to sing the national apple and oranges fruit anthem at the international apple and oranges Olympics held in Fruitopia next week. She’s getting 2 bushels of apples for pay.

        Phillip rejected all these gigs that Jess has been doing because he only accepts payment in gold records currency where Jess will do anthing for a bushel of apples or oranges. (they come in handy when stuffing her grown-up girl dresses that her exploiters(her parents) force her to wear.)

      • Lol, you’re so funny LordKlein, now you’re even worse as you’re not only talking about apples and oranges but also sour grapes. Take it easy, my Lord, if you are as learned as Chrisopher G., you can also share here a sensible opinion and not just joke about it. Anyway man, you don’t have to, just a request; I’m seriously following the more serious threads but of course I can appreciate a joke too, especially the sweet ones 🙂

    • A very interesting observation Christopher G, I hope you’d make a research regarding what Mmcrell says about sales. The fans of Phil seem to be harping on that all along, that Phil has reaped more money than Jessica. But these things need not be talked about in the air since you can actually verify figures. So, I will wait for the result of your take on the financial and related aspects of the contest between Jessica and Phil. Thanks.

      • Bik Bok, I’m not a businessman but I’ll try to inquire from people who can answer your query. I’ll also search on the Internet about this later tonight.  In the meantime, I can tell you that, now Phil’s “Home” is in #73 whereas last May 24th it was in # 1. Other songs like Carrie Underwood’s went down to #36 but it was never on the very top to start with. The consistent top-seeder, as it were, are the songs by Bieber, Carlye (Call me maybe), Florida (Wild something). 

        From these data, I can only infer that Phil’s song’s being # 1 was short lived. Why was it short-lived? I can hypothesize that the “buying” of that song was somehow superficial. Again, this is only a layman’s business analysis: it could be that AI did the buying itself to make sure that the runner up would not outsell the winner. This kind of MO (modus operandi) is practiced normally in schools and other establishments. I knew of a classmate who graduated # 1 in class and after graduation the school board decided to buy all copies of the books that that classmate published. But the marketability of that book was short lived. 

        But I could be wrong, for which I will be happy because even if I don’t like the way Phil sings I do wish for his success. More about this later… 

  6. Guesty, let go girl. What do Jessica fans do while p2 fans are preoccupied with listening to his music? You don’t need to reply if you don’t like to. I’m just wondering why people write like that. Reminds me of my mother-in-law. lol

    • Oops sorry, thought it seemed obvious. They come onto forums and talk about the reasons why her downloads sales are so low.

      • I don’t think so. You should review the comments and make some actuarial overview of them before making such a gratuitous, if not fallacious, comment.

      • A hateful sarcasm from a lonely woman who gets excited at the sound of a handsome man’s ranting and squeaking mimic of great singers and musicians.

      • Illina: actually not a big P2 fan though I must admit I preferred him to Jessica simply because I preferred the type of music he sang. Overall though I preferred Joshua and Elize, but I do accept that my favourites lost. Why, well the same reason Jessica lost, they had less support and got less votes, and the last time I checked that is the format of the show. I actually think Jessica has a great voice so no hate towards her. Doubt I will buy her music unless her album is very different from the type of music she sang in this competition. In actual fact I probably won’t buy the music of any of these artists that were in the competition. Haven’t bought a single song from the 11 years to date even though I have several thousand cd’s collected over the years. P2 might have potential but only if he is a great songwriter. No one has a clue regarding that, but the odds are against him.

        Benio I have read post after post of people whining about the low digital downloads for Jessica. I’ve heard a U.S. conspiracy, AI conspiracy, I Tunes conspiracy, Billboard chart conspiracy, racism, a glitch in the system, he’s handsome etc. It’s quite humorous in fact listening to the excuses. Most of the music I like over the years has never been the most popular. In fact I have little regard for pop music so I can’t understand the constant whining over who sold more albums especially when up until now the answer is very clear. Whether you like it or not (and you have made it very very clear you do not) P2 has sold many times more songs to date. Anyway just thought I’d explain my views and why I am slightly cynical, won’t resort to personal insults though as I don’t actually know any of you.

      • This is an exaggeration. Most of the comments are not about the low download sales. There are also comments to this effect that Phil’s fans cannot buy Phil’s CD’s from Wal Mart. In this regard, the two sides are even.  And then there were also excuses, even coming from Branden, why Philip couldn’t sing the National Anthem and so on and so forth. It is alright if you side with Phil and not with Jessica. It’s a free country. Just be fair in your judgment and learn to count and sift through the threads of those 800+ comments in Jessica’s 3 articles.

        And I did not mean to insult you. I was only kidding about the mother-in-law stuff, sorry. How I wished I has a mother in law, lol.

      • Benio : those comments regarding Walmart are from our Lord from across the pond. Wouldn’t take his majesty’s comments too seriously as he is just winding the Jessica supporters up. In regards to the National Anthem is there some history regarding this singing of the anthem? I am baffled why anyone gives a hoot about someone singing some National Anthem. I didn’t care in my teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and sure don’t care now I’m in my 50’s. 

         If Phil is a great songwriter he will have a huge career. If not he will disappear very quickly. With Jessica, she needs someone at this stage in her career at least, to write music for her. If she gets the right songs her career has no limits. Joshua I think has an excellent and possibly the greatest chance for success at least within a genre. As far as the others it’s a long shot, and the world will go on with or without them. People are taking the loss too personally. AI success is not an indicator of success in the future, it only gives 10-12 contestants a better chance to be heard. It’s a great leg up and now it’s up to them. I’m sure they all understand that, I only wish more of the fans did.

        The only thing I know is that the contest is over. Now they are all off on their careers and good luck to them all including DeAndre who I thought was dreadful.

        I did not take offense so no apology is necessary.

  7. Bik Bok, this is my initial finding to your query. More to come.

    First point, Itunes is a music download retailer like Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, or Jango. Itunes gets 70% of the download/digital music market.  This is the one referred to by Phil’s fans when they say Phil is soaring in Itunes and, understandably, they think it is big deal. Now, this 70% Itunes’ share of the market is part of the bigger share in the US music industry since not all songs are sold digitally (by downloading). The whole digital/download market, of which Itunes gets 70%, constitutes 30% of the whole music industry sales. Now if Itunes had gotten 100% of the download music industry, then one could say that its share in the whole US music market is 30%. But since that is not the case and Itunes only holds 70% of the pie, then that makes Itunes to only hold about 25% of the whole US music market. The other 75% are shared mostly by the retailer giant Wal Mart and other outlets such as Best Buy and Target.

    Second Point, when Phil’s fans say that Phil is “soaring” in Itunes, this is what they are talking about–the 25% or 1/4 of the whole US music market–but, apparently they are not aware of it and they just brag as if Itunes were The End All and Be All of the music market. Branden had an article on this last May 31st and even he did not quite elaborate on the scope of Itunes’ impact on or share in the market as a whole. 

    Third Point, the Jessica fan base, on the other hand, understandably because she is reeling badly in Itunes by implication (see Branden’s article, May 31, 2012), points to Wal Mart as an outlet to boot in terms of Jessica’s advantage over Phil in sales. In fact pre-order sales of Jessica’s AI album at Walmart is way, way ahead of Phil’s. These fans also cite Jango, which shares with Amazon or Napster the remaining 30% of the digital industry of which 11% is taken by Amazon. In other words, where Jessica has apparently lost to Phil in the 25% share of the music pie, she could still pull it from the 75% of the pie. Honestly, I am not certain if Phil’s fans are aware of this “music pie” when they just brag outrightly that yes, Jessica’s fans only talk and not buy her songs. Apparently not, since they always allude to Itunes as the Goddess of the Music sales, which I think betrays a lack of thorough thinking and understanding of the US music market, not to mention the World music market.

    Fourth Point, how big is the US music market relative to the world? It comprises 35%, the biggest one, followed by Japan 18 %, Britain, Germany, France, and a host of other countries that made it to the Top 20, including Mexico at top 12. Now, when some Filipinos coming from the upper echelon of the Philippine society would claim that Jessica could be No. 1 in World sales, they are alluding to the Japan market since a lot of Filipino artists and musicians make it big in Japan and to Mexico as Jessica can also sing in Spanish. Needless to say, the JS fans are certain Phil’s album/s will be a flop in Japan, Mexico and other parts of Asia and Spanish-speaking countries.

    Lastly, in summary, in this aspect of music sales as to who’s successful as of now, one can only say that Philip is the one in Itunes thus far, and Jessica could be it in Walmart and other outlets that are not into digital downloading. But we have to bear in mind that Itunes has acknowledged through emails that there was a possible glitch in Jessica’s album sales and that Wal Mart has not yet even started selling Jessica’s CD’s in stores. The sales “battle” is far from over and it’s too early to say who’s gonna bring home the biggest bacon. But hey, one can always make a spin out of the data one knows in favor of Jessica or Philip, but for now, that is what it is–a SPIN which one can certainly agree upon or disagree against.

    This is all for now, Good night.

    • walmart was into the digital market too but it closed shop two years ago as it couldn’t cope with the more viable competitors itunes and amazon. in terms of downloading music, i suspect that jessica’s fans found other ways of getting her music for free. now they are pre-ordering the album to complete their collection and to share the content with those who can’t buy them through the internet or walmart.

      it’s not hard to see in the future phil’s selling individual songs in itunes rather than making his own album. i don’t believe he’s the album type as he’s “a song” type, one song at a time.

      true, the japan market is crucial to jessica’s dominance in the world music market. filipino singers and musicians abound in japan and so do others in the music & entertainment industry. the mexican market will also contribute to her success. 

      phil’s fans are u.s. based, of course. and these fans say because it is “american” idol. but if americans would only go back to their history, they would realize that the american dream started because people all over the world looked to america for guidance and for financial stability. to be an american idol who is also known to the whole world as an idol is something in consonance to what the country stands for–to spread far and wide, to help and let people know that democracy is the way for humans to live civilly and to live in the pursuit of happiness and human freedom. pres herbert hoover, the president who signed into law the sbb to be the anthem, once said, “down through a century and a half this american concept of human freedom has enriched the whole world.” 

      • Yeah, Filipino singers are well known in Japan. Bruno Mars, half-Filipino half Burricua (Puerto Rican) is very popular there as well as Regine Velasquez, Charice, Lea Salonga, and many more. 

      • Now, when you say they are getting her music for free…are you talking pirating? Isn’t that illegal?

      • Bik’s funny, when I look up Bruno Mars, it says he’s an AMERICAN singer/songwriter…

    • Thank you, Christopher G. Now the issues on Itunes and Wal Mart that I have read posted here are clearer to me what these are all about. I really thought that Itunes was the only channel of digital music. Now I know it’s only 70 percent of the 30 percent of the whole music sales in the US. I will wait for more inputs from you. Thanks.

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