American Idol 2013 Auditions Officially Kickoff Today

We’re barely over American Idol 2012 and American Idol 2013 auditions get under way this week.

The first round of American Idol Season 12 auditions are in Los Angeles and registration starts today and tomorrow with actual auditions on Thursday, June 7.

Person interested in audition in Los Angeles this week at Dodger Stadium should check out this update message from Idol producers:

All participants should go to the Sunset Gate A located off Elysian Park Avenue and Stadium Way. The GPS/Google Maps address is 1000 Elysian Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. 90090. Once on site, traffic security will direct guests to the appropriate parking lot.

Parking will be in Lots 1, 2, and F.  Parking attendants will direct contestants.

Cost for parking on all days will be FREE.

The front of the line for Registration will be at Lot N.

We’ve got all your American Idol 2013 audition rules, FAQs, documents and a complete audition schedule available for you.

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    • The judges never go to the original cattle calls.  They have talent scouts for that.

      • Seriously? The scouts allow in the wannabies for a laugh and their 15 minutes of fame then?

      • @Nataline. I would have thought many of the good voices are left behind and never get through to the audition simply because their story is not marketable. First you need the freaks who just want their 1.5 minutes. They give the show lots of colour, gives the impression that they judges have to weed through all levels of talent scouring for the gems. Then you need the real competitors, but their backgrounds must be checked first. Do they have a marketable story? For instance have they had a near death experience, come from a poor background, an immigrant escaping to America, can they be kicked off the show for some past offense, work in a sandwich shop, pawn shop, incredibably hot looking etc etc. If there is no story then in many cases I would assume they don’t get called into to see the televised judging section in case god forbid they actually get chosen. This is reality TV.

    • The judges never go to the original cattle calls.  They have talent scouts for that.

    • The judges are not at the cattle calls. You have to go through several auditions before you are put on stage in front of the real judges. They tell you to wear the same clothes every day so they can edit it together to make it look like it all happened on the same day and to make it appear that the judges actually see all the prospective auditions when they really only see about 100 people over the course of the whole process.

      • Wow I thought it would be like 100 at each stop, but I think that is dumb! ..but hey maybe the other ppl can find better talent than the judges lol

      • I was referring to each stop. Of course they see more than 100 throughout the season.

      • just a quick question. has anyone on this page of comments actually ever gone or is all this info guess work and hear say just wondering because Id like to go and want to know the deal from someone who has tried before i go for it or waste my time, you know?

      • I know some people who recently went to the cattle call at Greensboro Colosseum for the X Factor auditions. The judges were not there. Anyone who made it past the preliminary auditions (Which lasted 15 seconds each) were told to return for a second audition on a different day. They were told to wash their clothes and wear the same ones back each audition. There were at least 3 audition stages before you actually go in front of the TV judges. Some people never go in front of the TV judges and their auditions are edited to make it appear as though they did or they just never show the audition at all and the first time you see them is in the second or third rounds of the competition.

        My friends didn’t make it past the first round but it’s not because of a lack of talent. I don’t know what criteria they use when casting these shows. There are a bunch of factors that play into it.

        The X Factor and American Idol call these “auditions” but The Voice actually goes ahead and calls it “casting” which is more accurate IMO.

  1. here we go again!!  let’s hope the new season is filled with lots of unique talent and less nasty people.  i also hope the goosies, dawgs, and beautifuls are left in the parking lot

  2. Here we go, Ladies the Gentlemen.

    The search for the next WGWG 6! Who will it be this time?

  3. One of the areas Mr. Fuller is closely looking at, Mr. Graboff said, is the voting process. As many critics have noted, the show has produced five similar winners in a row. “They’re being called W.G.W.G.’s — white guys with guitars,” Mr. Graboff said. These outcomes have been interpreted as a result of so many young girls voting for the cutest male performer.

    • i think it’s the very fast speed by which these “fans” can send their votes. i hope graboff & co should really consider and approve the framework of 1 vote per person rule. 

  4. Hopefully a friend of mine will try out in the Chicago Audition July 12.   She can sing.   Supposedly everyone’s friend can sing, I get that.  She truly can though.  I’m not saying she’s a lock to win (or even top 24) but she should certainly make it to Hollywood if it’s only based on voice.  

    Her challenge might be she’s got no sob story to tell.  She’s a sweet girl.  Bounces back real well from boyfriends dumping her & other disappointments.  Always has a great disposition.  She works as a waitress & is usually the top tip getter at the place.  She’s not a knockout or anything, she’s just a really sweet girl.  People like her bubbly personality. 

    My thinking here is whoever judges her (pre judging, not the 3 we see on tv) will like her enough & hopefully she won’t need a sob story to get through.  Sorta like Hollie.

    The other thing she has against her is her age.  She’s an old lady of 25.  By recent AI standards, that’s ancient.  Still, I have high hopes for her. 

    I hope like hades they change the voting system.  If she gets thru I’d like her to have an honest chance.  If they don’t change the voting system I’ll flat out admit I’m going to get an app where I can vote 20,000 times. Yea, I know that’s a crock, but if the other contestants have that kind of support I’m gonna at least try & help my friend. 

    • You do not need a sob story. Carrie Underwood didn’t have one. Phillip doesn’t have one.  Kelly Clarkson didn’t have one.  Some of the others, I do not know if they did or not.  Sure, some of those people get through but there are plenty of people that don’t. Don’t blame it on the sob story thing if your friend doesn’t get through.

      • okay guys. my flight comes in to LA at 5:30pm and im booking it to dodgers stadium to register. does anyone know when they stop registration?

      • Didn’t Carrie Underwood have a third nipple that she had surgically removed? I think Simon suggested she should have had it reattached in the palm of her hand for ease of access when she needed to be caressed. LMAO!!

        Does that qualify as a sob story?

      • i think ai should keep the accompaniment to a piano, violin, or harp so that the karaoke ambience may be avoided. if contestants can sing a-capella or with a minimal accompaniment, then that would really be interesting so the voice of the contestant will be highlighted. 

      • Carlos5118, that makes no sense. When you sing Karaoke, it’s basically just you. think Elise could have sang Whole Lotta Love with just a freaking harp? LMAO! What kind of music do you listen to?

      • Have to admit Carlos, I think Pally has you there especially regarding the harp as I assume you weren’t referring to a harmonica. I think it better since this is AI only instruments more indigenous to the US are used. Tough to dump the guitar but possibly you could replace them with banjos and ukeleles. Also don’t forget the whisky jugs. Now wouldn’t that make a fun show. All contestants singing the same songs behind a black screen so you can’t identify the contestants and accompanied by a jug band which for esthetic purposes is visable to the audience.

  5. Watch out girls for a white cute guys with guitar you already know what that means…there is no way girls have a chance to win this is all about this teeny girls voting!!!!

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