Phillip Phillips Reportedly Won’t Miss Any of Idol Tour

Phillip Phillips

Despite being plagued with chronic kidney stones during the entire run of American Idol 2012, Phillip Phillips has decided to take a raincheck on the surgery his doctor had ordered following the finale so he can make it to the American Idol Live! tour this summer.

TMZ and MTV are both reporting that news and say that the Idol champ will be on stage in Detroit on July 6 when the American Idol summer tour kicks off. The reports add that Phillip has been receiving alternative treatment instead of going ahead with the surgery. Doctors have apparently cleared him to be a part of the 45-day summer tour.

“He will still be attending all the tour dates and is really looking forward to the launch on July 6,” a rep for Phillip said.

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    • I’m sure Am Idol is behind his postponing the surgery.  They are afraid he wouldn’t be recovered enough for the tour and they couldn’t take that chance. 

      •  Someone is perpetrating a farce here. I think that is clear by now. Is it the show, Phil himself, his parents and influential supporters. Who is it? I don’t know where it’s coming from but one thing is for sure; they are having a hard time closing the act for some reason. Can’t they get any major health organization to go along with them and fabricate a hospital bill and arrange a stay that will appear genuine? They have to know some people are starting to become suspicious that either #1 it is  just your typical kidney stones and not as serious as they played it up to be or #2 a complete fabrication. 

        I’m sorry but that is my take. If it is real then I wish him the best and I think it is stupid to keep putting it off. Unfortunately there is no cure for stupidity. 

      •  have a friend with the same problem as his.chronic kidney stones and when he stared feeling pains he said it wouln’t go away even if he took tons of medicines…..he couln’t stand up any longer because he felt a lot of pain from specially from his back…i’m not saying that pp is not ssick at all.i hope that his doctors are making right decision for him………..

      • FB. The point is none of us really know what  is going on exactly, and to be honest the exact details are none of our business. The powers at AI have released a few vague press releases regarding P2 since he is a recent winner, has a tour coming up, and has not done the usual press tour, but it is up to P2 to give any specific details. This is acceptable to 99.5% of the public as most simply don’t care, and others will put the trust in the doctors and respect the privacy of person in concern. There is always a small group though that will start making up conspiracy theories, or for some reason unbenownst to others feels the kidneys of P2 are somehow of their concern. Quite baffling to me but I guess that is the age we live in.

      • Hi Taymaro,

        I agree , this a bit of a puzzle to me to.  Although kidney stones are very painful and it certainly demands attention.  Delaying removing this stones is very foolish because it can act up at anytime day or night including and during a performance.  Tours are especially harder because of the very tight schedule they will have, always on the run.

        I really do not understand why they are delaying a treatment for Philip since the treatments ( 3 very effective treatments ) do not take too much time , even for extremely large stones.

        1) Shockwave Lithotripsy – do not require general anesthetic to break down large stones into smaller, passable pieces. (ouch) same day service.

        2) Ureteroscopy – a urinary scope is passed thru the you know what and break up these pesky stones ( ouch, ouch, ouch) it is a day op and the patient is usually sent home the same day.

        3) Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy – now that’s a mouthful, LOL
        For a more serious and larger stones so instead of inserting the scope in the you know what , they will cut a small incision in the Kidney to break up and remove the pesky stones, general anesthetic is required plus a 2 day stay, that is it.

        Sorry for the lecture in urology, but let me tell you what our friend
        Bobby Dylan said in one of his famous songs  ” How does it feel ?  Like a
        “GROWING” stone………………….heh heh

      • Yeah Ed, It’s not some newly discovered disease. I have had two different procedures to remove kidney stones in the past and I have also passed a couple. So I know about kidney stones and you can never tell when or where it’s going to happen. The scan can tell you how many are there and how big they are but you never know when they are going to start down the pipes. 

        As for this being none of our business to speculate upon. They are the ones who decided to make this public. They knew people were gonna talk about it. They also understood that everyone would be calling him a trooper and holding him in a higher regard with the fact that he prevailed in the face of all the pain. If there is a chance that they made it out to be more severe than it is or if it is not true then we were lied to and that indeed make it our business. I know he probably gained some votes over this issue and that is also our business.

      • Hi Taymaro,

        I feel the same way.  It seems to me they are stretching this a little too far.  I am not yet sure why, but then again thru the eyes of adoring fans
        who will have to fork out a few bucks to see them (nothing wrong with that) he will look like a knight in shinning armour sacrificing his health
        (uhmmm, unbearable pain in the you know what) ) for the sake of his beloved fans.

        Other than that reason I can’t think of another more important reason  than passing these so called stones.  He should store em in a bottle
        in case they do have to do surgery for souvenir purposes and hang it
        as a necklace to showcase his tremendous perseverance and boldness
        to venture into the world with such a painful predicament, ha ha ha.

        I’m bad today……………………………………………….

      • Taymaro: I agree that AI made it public, but then we are talking about a reality TV show. I think it is important to keep in mind when concidering this matter. You might be a big fan of the show but at the end of the day, even if it is done better than most of the competitors, this is reality TV and thus in the same category as the Jersey whatever, and the Jenner kids, Fear Factor and the Bachelor etc  etc. However it is P2 kidneys so I would suspect there are legal limits on how much they can reveal. It seems that P2 has for the most post wanted to keep this fairly private. He didn’t milk it during the competition like most reality TV contestants would have, and he has only given brief answers when questioned in interviews. I think he would prefer it to remain a private matter. You do seem a bit obsessed though with his kidneys. Wouldn’t be surprised if you are now eating steak and kidney pie for supper while waiting for the kidney stone necklace to hit ebay. 🙂

      • Hi Guesty,

        When oh when are you going to lighten up? C’mon loosen up, enjoy the posts instead of being such a hardass all the time. 

        Ebay?? You have to wake up very early in the morning to beat anyone of those crazy fans and other nutcases that would kill for that necklace.

        What’s wrong with steaks and kidney pies?? And oh by the way it is lunch time here in North America.

      • Sorry Ed.

        A kidney stone walks into a bar.The bartender says, “What’ll you have?”The kidney stone says, “No thanks, I’m just passing through.”
        Now back to reality.

        Shakespeare walks into a bar and asks the barman for a beer. ‘I can’t serve
        you,’ says the barman. ‘You’re bard!’

        Although your wish would be.

        Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender asks, ‘Can I get you a drink?’
        Descartes replies, ‘I think not’…and disappears.

      • Hi Guesty

        Thank you 🙂  that’s better!  we can be friends here, I find it much better that watching TV.  I am starting to get to know most of you here thru some of the things we say.  It is interesting how after a while you can tell how a person will react to a statement or a joke, but then again how dificult it is to communicate without hearing them vocaly.

        Case in point, I recently text my dear wife an important note but I was in rush so my very smart cell phone did not understood the not so smart owner of it and decide to correct what I am saying. and so the message I sent her was not what I wanted to say but too late once you press send.  I took several more texts to rectify my inability to punch in to those very tiny squares in my cell to relay what I was saying in the first place. LOL

  1. Nobody’s business but Phillips and his family.  I would never pretend to know how anyone is feeling or what their health situation is…until you walk in someone’s shoes keep your opinions and conspiracy theories to yourself.  I just wish him well and hope he is getting good medical care and advice.

  2. Ed and Taymaro, much as I still am displeased by the outcome of Season 11’s competition, nonetheless, it behooves me to say that, one with Phil and his family, I am very pleased that Phil need not go through the tedious process of a kidney operation, and I hope that he’d not have to go through it at all regardless of the reportedly puzzling circumstances surrounding his kidney problems during the competition. I look forward to seeing these young guys and gals when they come to the East Coast or to the Midwest for their concert tour.  It would have been truly disheartening for Phil and his fans and family if the concert went through bereft of the Season’s Idol.
    And Ed, for sure your urological expertise is beyond reproach and I certainly would hope that your lecture was not directed at me or those who are chronologically enriched and yet would still like to join the young in their “crazy Idolatry.”

  3. Sorry, but what is your source about what you said, Brandon?
    I found nothing on the TMZ or MTV about that!
    The last report from TMZ is from 29th of May. There were said, that PP has to postpone the surgery because of a sinus infection and the surgery now should take place early the next week . But there was nothing  said about alternative treatments!

  4. I hope P2 will get well soon so that he can perform at his best on the Idol tour.

    [In an unrelated story, I’ve been hearing news that Jessica Sanchez will be singing the US national anthem at the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. Anybody a fan of boxing here? Anyway, a lot of my Filipino friends were expecting Jessica to sing the PH national anthem instead.]

    • I actually love boxing. My Dad got me into it way back in the days of Sugar Ray Leonard!

    • I’m a big Pacman fan!!   He is is the best thing that happened in the P.I. since Dr. Jose Rizal. Looking forward to the fight and hearing
      Jessica sing.

        In that case may I suggest that both US and Philippine
      National Anthems  should be sang.  This will also bring about good
      relationship to both countries that has been allies for many, many years.

      • Ed, the brightest student Harvard ever have had was a Filipino by the name of Horacio de la Costa. He got his PhD in History from Harvard in the late 1950’s; he died in late 1970’s. He was a Jesuit priest and became the first Filipino Superior of the Jesuits in the Phils (before him were American and European superiors) in the late 1960’s before he was sent to Rome to assist the Jesuit General, who is considered up to the present as the Black Pope.  Rev. de la Costa would have been the first Asian Pope had he lived longer than 65 yrs of age.  
        Another Filipino before Pacquiao became famous was a female Broadway singer/actress by the name of Leah Salonga, then there was Arnel Pineda who took the place of Steve Perry in the Journey Band.  So, between Pacman and Rizal there have been many Filipinos that have excelled in the field of music, literature, and the academe.
        For many Americans, they know the Philippines as a third world poor country, but the truth is, as in any third world country, some 30 % of the population of the Philippines are wealthier than the 80% of Middle class America. Americans like myself were surprised, almost to the point of culture shock, to see the wealth and infra-structure that that country has had. It has a lot of concrete and long and beautiful bridges that can match the Golden Gate of San Francisco.  They have a skyline by the sea that looks like downtown Chicago by the Lake Shore. The Americans have built public schools in there and their roads and expressways are so much better and more complex than many expressways in the US. 

      • Hi Christopher Greene,

        Your knowledge of the Philippines is very impressive.  Indeed the Phillippines is always been a puzzle to me.  One side is extravagant wealth possessed by the elite and on the other side is poverty on the rise.  One side of Manila are magnificent structures and shopping gallerias that can rival any shopping mall anywhere in North America,
        but close to it are still the many shacks built along the railroad tracks
        and empty lots surrounding the many areas of Metro Manila.

        But still the Philippines is a beautiful country with many many cultures
        blended perfectly in an  array of Islands that will take your breath away. Miles of unspoiled beaches too many to count and lush rainforest that is home to many exotic birds and animals.

        I used that comparisson not to ignore the many accomplishements the Filipino people thru the generations had achieved.  It is just that Dr. Rizal is a brilliant but stubborn man who decided that fighting for what he believes is more important than his life or his career. So I admire his courage and his sacrifice.  Mr Pacquiao has shown some of that same
        characteristics that Dr. Rizal posses.  Several,  very obvious charecteristics of most filipinos that I have met are their gift of hospitality, their love for food and get togethers and their love for music.

        Just saying…………………………………..

      • Christopher Greene,
        Philippines are doing well and is why all American aid should stop going there. Should charge them a big fee for rescueing them from the Spanish and then the Japanese. They show so little respect or thanks to the US for giving them freedom.

  5. don’t these kids have to be medically cleared before they go gallivanting off on tour??  if p2 WAS cleared then maybe his problem is not that severe.  but if he’s putting this tour ahead of his health, then that’s just plain DUMB.  if the body doesn’t work right, how the hell can you sing??  i hope he and all the rest of these kids know where their priorities sh0uld be.

    • I totally agree with you but I doubt if AI would let him tour without clearance.   They have too much invested in him to let anything happen to him.
      In case this site ends one of these days………have a nice summer.
      P.S. Sorry about those Rangers, always next season!!!!!

      • have a wonderful summer yourself.  at least hells’ kitchen is back!!  now we get some top quality judging.  and as long as jersey loses i’m okay.  we’ll do it next season!!  and “trespassing” is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m glad to hear this, The doc must be breaking up the stones, and if the stones  aren’t causing a blockage he’ll be ok. Even if you have a stone it doesn’t hurt all the time, only when it moves or comes out. But I will say this the pain is worse then labor. When you have a kidney stone attack it can last for hours until they drug you or you pass out but when you wake up the pain is gone.

  7. YAY! Good for him. I’m sure I’ll be reading all sorts of paranoid conspiracy stories but I’m happy for him.

    • hey pally45 i thought you have already read them in jessicas’s blog site? just being nosy here, lol

      • Oh, I had read conspiracy theories about Itunes but I hadn’t heard the new ones about Phillip’s kidney stones!

  8. I just hope he has his doctor’s blessings.  Kidney stones are very painful and a 45 day tour is very grinding……..but this kid seems to be a real trouper!!!!

  9. what a handsome and cool guy you are philip phillips! how i wished you’d try something new and sing without that guitar. oh,with that face and all, if only you could sing like josh or colton or de andre. if only, but, well, anyhow, all’s well that ends well. the die has been cast and we must all move on and i hope your kidney problem fades away soon but don’t worry you have 2 kidneys; humans can live with only one kidney.

    • Humans can also live without you.  And given a choice, we would.  Just sayin’.

      • very true trent, nobody’s indispensable on this planet, especially humans so cantankerous and carcinogenic-tongued as you. just sayin’.

  10. Where are the followers of P2 here?Are they real or the votes was rigged only,he won the american  idol and yet they are not following him on this sites to comments,I’m becoming to suspects that the votes was not true and correct.

    • Number 1..the show is over. Number 2, a lot of us have jobs and can’t be on here 24/7. Number 3, it was not rigged. Number 4, STOP whining!

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