American Idol 2013 Auditions

American Idol 2013 auditions

Are you the next American Idol? Here’s your chance to prove it to the nation. Fox has released the first set of American Idol 2013 audition events spread out across the country. As more dates and locations are added we’ll update this list.

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Along with the list of Season 12 auditions you’ll need to review all the documents, rules, release forms, FAQs, etc. The documents are provided below. Be sure you are fully aware of everything before you show and get turned away because you forgot something or didn’t read the rules thoroughly.

American Idol 2013 Auditions – locations & dates:

  • Los Angeles, California – Dodgers Stadium (Map)
    Register: June 5-6, 2012 – Auditions: June 7, 2012
  • San Antonio, Texas – Alamodome (Map)
    Register: June 12-13, 2012 – Auditions: June 14, 2012
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – Time Warner Cable Arena (Map)
    Register: June 17-18, 2012 – Auditions June 19, 2012
  • Newark, New Jersey – Prudential Center (Map)
    Register: June 21-22, 2012 – Auditions: June 23, 2012
  • Chicago, Illinois – United Center (Map)
    Register: July 10-11, 2012 – Auditions: July 12, 2012
  • New Orleans,Louisiana – New Orleans Arena (Map)
    Register: July 15-16, 2012 – Auditions: July 17, 2012
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Chesapeake Energy Arena (Map)
    Register: July 18-19, 2012 – Auditions: July 20, 2012

American Idol 2013 Audition documents:

Be sure to read all of these documents from start to finish and know what you need to do. Any questions you may have will be answered within those documents.




  1. Make sure u r a cute guy that can play a guitar vocals not important cause u can be next idol

  2. let’s hope they get it right next season.  new judges, new voting format, and real talent.  it would also help if they up the age limit.

    •  I disagree with the age limit…I would prefer it is actually lower…24 maximum age…I think the show loses some of its freshness with the older contestants…I tend to root for the ones on the age edge but I dont see them as truely America’s potential idol

      • Adam was 26 or 27.  If your wish came true, we wouldn’t know him and that would be sad!

  3. I don’t see any WGWG’s in that picture. That must be the no goes in that corral. LOL

      •  Hi Matthew,

        Why don’t they just pick them up on the streets.   We can teach them
        how to do standing ovations , say Yo , Goosies and Beautiful properly
        and the show will save tons of dough in the process. Most of them can perform and sing as good as anyone out there.  LOL

      • Judges are:
        Elton John
        Bon Jovi

        Qualification for contestants!

        1.Must be cute white hair, hunks.
        2. Can play guitar is a plus.
        3.Unique voice like David Cook.Kris Allen,Scoty Mccreecry,lee dewyze, philip philips.
        4. Can sing but cute smile is a big big chance of winning..
        5. The more standing ovation get the more chances of winning!
        6. Can shout and scream.
        7. As long as your cute then your popular for the whole Season your be the next idol…lol

  4. Qualifications:

    1. White guys; cute is a Plus!
    2. Plays GUITAR;
    3. Good looks
    4. Unique like David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze, Scotty McCreecry and Phillip Phillips.
    5. Teens sensational Material
    6. Can sing BUT this is not the priority becuase A.I. is now a popularity/personality contest.

    — If you have all these qualifications, then you will be the Next American Idol season 12.

  5. My family and friends are not going to watch next season. Whats the point. Don’t want to watch an entire season just to see another WGWAG win again. Same ole thing.  Boring! You might want to consider changing the voting. DWTS only lets you have 5 votes each per phone and internet. Also the Judges shouldn’t show they have favorites buy giving standing ovation to every thing they sing. It isn’t fair to the other contestants. They made it clear who they wanted to win.

    • I don’t know about that, they gave Hollie a standing ovation and I think it was quite clear they were not fans.

      • But they didn’t give her or anyone else one everytime they sang! Some like Colton never got one.

    • I dont think they wil only allow 5 votes each phone because they want to earn more. But does that matter? They will still choose who they like to win so ur votes is nothing. Fans are fighting, argueing who they like & which is better but AI has the last decision. Do you believe that Adam was really just a runner up to Kris??  Do Ai show the result? NO, they only announce who won!! Are you sure about that??? I dont trust them anymore….

  6. NOT interested in watching the next seasons of AI. we all know that a cute guy with guitar will win again and again. it will just be a waste of time. AI sucks!

    • So glad to hear that you will not be butting in to our next seasoning !!!! To this I say “THANK GOD” — We don’t want your kind watching anyway – Its a GREAT Show and always has been – I guess you are just to crazy to know it . People with your opinion and potty mouth comments will NOT BE MISSED…. Bye-Bye Now ….Shoo fly , you are not welcome anyway! WAY TO GO PHILLIP !!!! You are the only contestant to never even be in the bottom 3 let alone been voted off by AMERICA …. America LOVES You Phillip[ and we are so honored to have you as our FINALE CHOICE !!!! Waiting on the PP2 Album……

      • @joyAGPeach, What are you so mad about? Phillip won! And he should have won! I like Phillip very much. It’s going to take a bit of time for Phillip to get his CD ready. He is going to have kidney surgery in a short time. Kidney stones. But he will be well enough to go on the tour. I sure hope so!

      • @e26ffe5b93e20597af3d05dac494f2ca:disqus I am an AMERICAN girl, over 17 and was so impressed with P2’s talent. He is a true artist that stayed true to himself. I was a Hollie fan and P2 was my second choice. It is what it is,why do you think most of Phillips fans are teeny boppers?  I have several teen cousins and they did not like P2 or Jessica, they liked Colton. Quite frankly, they rarely even watch the show much, they find it kind of boring.  I think most of P2’s fans are older (certainly more mature) because they appreciate the true artist that he is.  I am 20, not a teeny bopper.  Phillip is humble,unique, cute, (certainly not drop dead gorgeous) and bottom line apparently has more fans. 

  7. To all the hates commenting on this site about WGWG always winning – Colton was white and could play MANY instruments – Adam L. and Clay A. also were white and could play too. I am so glad you and your opinion BS will not be watching OUR American Idol season 12 show. I am so looking forward to NOT having to scroll past you whining bitchy comments – PLEASE go ahead and STOP leaving your petty race card threats here NOW ! And to all the Foreign People Ass wipes = VOTING was blocked from your country for ONE REASON and that reason is “THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL” for AMERICA to be voted on by —-AMERICANS ! GET IT? Have your own little competition and keep your sour puss opinions out of ours – You can believe you will NEVER see us (The Americans) on your web site caring about who you vote for !!! PHILLIP PHILLIPS WON so now to you I say GO AWAY you are not important here on this site !!! Its for us AMERICANS !!! hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha and HA !!!!!!!!!! 

      •  Good one Taymaro and to all friends,

        If I am a betting all my money in my wallet (it’s empty he he)
        joyAgaPeach is the same jerk that Matthew and Branden has been
        deleting from this post from day one , he just keeps changing names
        on a daily basis.

        Am I right Matthew??

        Ignore this guy.

    • ok, dont sell the music of your idols to our country, how’s that? and dont worry, we r not buying it either. that’s why all your idols are. . . where are they now????

      • Well Scotty’s  (last year’s WGWG) first album  went double platinum and he won Best New Entertainer at the Country Music Awards.  All this and he is attending college also, sounds pretty successful to me.  He was only 17 when he won.

    • you have an attitude problem…..If AI is for americans only, tell the producers not to air it in another country….In that way, we will not be able to comment here. And besides, I do not think you have the right to tell us not to comment here, this is not your website.

      You sound so bitter. Remember, AI is making money because they are selling their program around the world. Don’t worry, next year, AI will have 5M viewers in America only….

    • @d480fb8479faf2c9874ca8fc8edf8811:disqus My suggestion since it is American Idol and you do not like the way the producers do things, just do not watch it.  Sounds simple to me. 

  8. I am not understanding the vote issue.  If they limit votes to 100 each then you can only vote 100 times.  I might only want to vote 5 times,  that is my choice.  I believe voting is unlimited right now, therefore if someone votes 1000 times and I choose to vote only 20 times, again that is my choice.  So, if we all have unlimited votes (which means we can all vote the same amount if we choose) why would we want to restrict the amt. 

    • For some people it’s not choice. Some people only have time to vote a few times and not 10’s or 100’s. That is not fair to give those who have nothing and those who choose to do nothing an advantage over someone who, say, has to go to work or who has to go to bed early so they can get the kids off to school or what ever they have going on in their life that limits the amount of time they have to devote to their favorite contestant.

      If you have no life and no responsibilities you should have more of a say in who wins the competition IMO.

      • I am a full time student Taymaro, so through the entire season I was studying but caught the show when I could.  I did not have time to power vote.  I was upset when Hollie was voted off but did not come on here and blame Jessica’s  fans, P2’s fan or Joshua’s fans.  They voted and I didn’t, fair, life isn’t fair.  Such is life.  My goodness, this is a TV reality show, not my life.  Hollie did not win, Joshua did not win, Jessica did not win…P2 WON.  There are many more reality shows out there  people canwatch, my suggestion would  be if people do not like the way AI runs the show, then watch a different one. 

  9. To those of you saying that you aren’t going to be watching next season because of the white guy with guitar thing, I say well don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you. I believe Phillip EARNED his win by his artistic talent and not because he’s white and plays the guitar. Who knows if Jessica did a different song for her coronation single then she might have won as I think it all boiled down to who had the better coronation single and Jessica picked a so-so song for her coronation single as where Phillip picked the just right one for him.

    Now onto my suggestions for next season.
    1. Get new judges, or at least replace Randy and JLo. Steven can stay as he doesn’t ramble on and on but keeps his comments short(and he can be the “nice” judge because I think I would prefer two hard to please judges taking over for Randy and JLo).

    2. Raise the age limit on both ends. I mininmum age should be 18 and you should at least have a high school education.  I am tired of  teenagers being shoved down my throat and them talking about how hard they worked all of their life, when they have no clue about hard work. Or having to hear a teenager singing a song that is not age relavant for them. Then Travis Orlando who dropped out of school and placing his hopes on a singing competition. Sorry teenagers should be focusing on their education and teenage things and not trying for singing competitions that many of them aren’t mature enough to handle.

    3. Let the audition episodes last for only two weeks, and give us more Hollywood/Vegas episodes. Every year the auditions seem to drag on and on. I say it’s time to shorten them.

    4. Reduce the results shows to a half hour. I know that won’t happen. The guest performances and the Ford videos don’t bother me as much as the god awful group numbers and all the filler crap.

    5. No styling sessions! I don’t care what the contestants are wearing on stage, I only care about what song they are going to perform.

    6. Limit the number of votes a person can cast per device. If the Voice and DWTS can do that then why can’t Idol? Oh yeah that’s right they love saying that they got 70 million votes.

    Well that’s all I can think of at the moment.

    • I agree Phillip should have won, Jessica may have more fans around the world but this is american Idol and Phillip had the most american fans and the perfect way to do votes would be using Itunes they would make extra money and it would be the perfect way to see who would buy there stuff. would also make the voting more public so we would know that votes counted.

      • That won’t work.  People from any country can purchase from I-Tunes.  That would not keep it American Idol.

  10. Im cute, hunk, had a cute smile, can sing (scream no), cute but im not white kinda brown but not too dark……do u think guys i the chance to be the next AI? I need opinion guys……

    • Jay. Why wouldn’t you be able to get on with a big smile? And you can sing? So what would be any problem in trying out? Your color has no difference as far as I am concerned. God made us all and color should not be a problem of any kind

    • do you know how to play a guitar or piano? if yes then by all means, join AI! you have a good chance of winning. and when you’re there, dont forget to look at the camera and give your cutest smile. 😉

  11. Told you so! Brit already threw a fit! And walked out because Simon ” Her Boss ” said some girl that was singing sounded like she was dead !!!!!   I hate to say I told you. That is dumb!!! But that Britney Spears is a loose canon!!!

  12. Let’s talk judges…

    Would love to see  Justin Timberlake,  on the panel of judges…need some young blood on the panel


    • Who are they going to kick off?  I hope Steven Tyler comes back. But he probably won’t. He was a judge 2 years now. Steven gets bored very easily. With him I think it will be if it’s enough money. and for American Idol they are not going to want to pay him what he thinks he is worse. the poor darling either got bored easily. Or was tired. he looked at times like he wasn’t even paying attention. Love you Steven Tyler. Take care of your health. We are not getting any younger!

  13. philip is the american idol , jessica is our world idol.  js is better than p2.  she’s great.  
    AI even though you’re not talented you can also win just be beautiful and handsome, more on beauty contest, right?

  14. you’re correct jeffrcr3, be cute and bring your guitar, talent is not important, you can still win.  

    • Are you saying Jessica is ugly? I think that’s a bit rude. Anyway time to put the dummy back in your mouth and ask mommy to put your toys back in the pram.

      • I don’t think she meant that. AI winners are mostly cute guys with guitars, and boring songs. 

        The teens are the ones voting for these guys, who has lesser knowledge about music, and they are far more  faster in texting. 

  15. philip’s carrier single home is soooooooo borrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnng. its so obvious there’s a sabotage happened that night.  How come that song made philip win?  fool AI.   See your tv ratings?    its because you’re not doing what is right.  HOME is not good enough song.  more aaaahhhhhhs, hahahaha

    • Hey, look on the bright side. Phillip’s “Home” song is a great cure for the insomniacs!

  16. The ratings dropped from last year and so is the winning price for the AI winner and runner-up.  That is so lame.  That is the reason why its dropping.  X Factor is bigger money price than AI.  If I am as good as P2 and Jessica, I will wait and audition for XFACTOR instead.   They all worked harrd and didnt get much price out of it.

    I won’t doubt AI will drop even more on ratings….   

    Judges make 20 million a piece and winner gets only $200k.   Wow pls explain this.  Idols are the ones working hard, and I guess AI think well they can be exposed to producers to make records anyway….. Yeah right.  

    Xfactor will have more ratings and will switch.  I bethca.. Count me as one of those…

    Sorry AI….I wish you luck next year and all the contestant…..

    • I think because Simon is one of the mentors or I should say THE MENTOR on XFactor thecontestants are heldto a higher  standard and  certainly givenmuch better  advice.  Simon just tells it like it is.

  17.  HaHa…America got it right and the show got it right!!

    iTunes – Top Singles Chart
    P2-#1 single – Home
    P2-10 Songs, 6 in top 100, his lowest #151
    Joshua-1 song, #177
    JS-1 Song, #194

    iTunes – Top Albums Chart
    P2-Journey -#2, soon to be #1
    JS-Journey -#8, maybe she can ride P2’s coat tails and move up to #7


    Where is all the support for the great and wonderful Jess now???

    P2 is topping them all:
    Blake Shelton
    Maroon 5
    Who won the voice? He’s not on the charts


    Phillip is KING OF SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    TIME TO GET IN LINE JESS FANS….step up and get your nice warm crow to eat!!!!

      • He SHOULD be on top of all these…..because he was the winner or else he is another kris allen.

      • open itunes to the world… you will see who will top them all. obviously pp’s album will be in the top since he is american idol, its a shame if jsan will
        beat her up in itunes. but do sell her album in other countries, lets see who will win.

      • @22bbdfbdaa9ca5fcd5f5fd5b41b82c6d:disqus Isn’t iTunes open to everyone….They do not care who downloads their music as long as they make money.

      • nope its not, to buy it in other country you have to buy the itune card and create another account for US, too much hassle. i’d rather wait for the CD in the music store.

    • Poor Adam Lambert, not on sales charts at all

      The x factor people…where are they now??

      Melanie Amaro is cleaning bedpans at some hospital.

      • trespassing Is Number One! This is just for calvin Decline!

        Wow, what a week. Thanks to YOU guys, Adam’s new album
        Trespassing is number ONE on
        the Billboard Top 200 this week!

        This is huge, and it couldn’t have been
        done without each and every one of you, so give yourselves a round of applause.
        Better yet, check into Adam on Getglue to unlock a
        special “Number 1” sticker to celebrate.

        Thank you and congratulations
        everyone, this is only the beginning.Matt ; you might want to take this off. ADAM IS NOT A NOTHING NOR WILL HE EVER BE. CALVINDECLINE!!!

      • @ab4f75a5875324636e43c87efb2ba878:disqus  Billboard means nothing, 90% of music is sold by iTunes or registered agents of…iTune charts tell the true sales of music!

    •  here in our country we cannot just download from itunes.we need to buy a card,create another account,and we don’t  like it.too much work.alot of people here are just waiting jessica’s first cd to come out. by the way ,in behalf of jessica’s fans club here in our place,we would all like to congratulate your idol pp for winning the american idol…good luck phillip and may GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  18. to all WGWG or WGWP, this is your chance to be the next american idol!! to make sure you’ll win, sing country songs or bring a parade in the stage, ill bet you’ll win!!

  19. PP… gonna be another kris allen,,,,easily forgotten,,,,jessica sanchez is gonna be around for the next 40 yrs…you won’t be able to witnessed it……..

    • Uh NO she won’t. she will last as long as a snow ball in hell. She need lots of supervision in how to compose her self around big crowds!! Agree with Calvin! America got it right and the show got it right too. Go Phillip! Get well soon and hit the studio for a groovy CD !

  20. Qualifications:

    1. White guys; cute is a Plus!
    2. Plays GUITAR;
    3. Good looks
    4. Unique like David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze, Scotty McCreecry and Phillip Phillips.
    5. Teens sensational Material
    6. Can sing BUT this is not the priority becuase A.I. is now a popularity/personality contest.

    — If you have all these qualifications, then you will be the Next American Idol season 12.

    • Some people are such poor sports!  Just can’t take it that poor Jessica had NO PERSONALITY!!! Can she sing? Yes. Can she perform or make a crowd want to watch her and listen to her??? Noooooooo!!!! PP is cute, funny and very entertaining. even with kidney stones killing him with pain.  He has a unique voice. and with the right material ~ Like the Bob Seger song Jimmy Iovine picked out for him he’s NOT going to go right away!!!

  21. Congratulations to Phillip Phillips for winning American Idol 2012. We wish you success in your singing career.

    From the Jessica Sanchez fans in Northern California USA

  22. Best wishes to Phillip Phillips American Idol of 2012.
    We are truly happy for you.

    From the Jessica Sanchez fans
    Virginia, USA

  23. To 2012 American Idol Phillip Phillips: 
    We are praying for your quick recovery and we wish you all the best in the future. See you in the Summer Tour.

    From: Jessica, Skylar & Joshua fans    New York, USA

  24. Jessica Sanchez was invited to perform tonight  at the National Memorial Day Concert  at the capital in Washington D.C.    She sang the National Anthem and she wore a beautiful blue dress.   Check with your PBS channel for replay.    Pia Toscano  was also  invited to sing at the Memorial concert last year that was being replayed.  

  25. lm planning to audition in los angeles this coming may,,,,the problem is l dont know how to play the guitar,,,l might not make it….

    • Maybe you can try to play xylophone just for a change! Who knows AI will appreciate your talent!!!lol

  26. I didn’t even make it past the first line of producers in Jacob Javits Center many moons ago.

  27. who’s the wgwg playing when jessica sang MY ALL.He’s so handsome and goodlooking.maybe he should try out….he might win…..

  28. I am 18 and tiny im cute and i can sing im not a guy and i cant play anything i can only sing what are my chances any advice? 

  29. i really wish they would come to huntsville al and hear this girl name renee humphrey sing i put a million on it that she win

  30. Awww missed the sign ups in nj will they have more in pa or near us this year ?

  31. I took my daughter to the Chicago auditions. We were there fourteen hours before actually auditioning. I wasn’t really prepared for that but it was a great experience. Plus she’s 15. This was the first year she was able to audition

  32. hi my name is precious lee and I am 18 It has been my dream to be a famous singer how can I be on American idol show..

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