American Idol 2013: Charlie Askew Performs ‘Rocket Man’ During Las Vegas Rounds


Last night 10 of the American Idol 2013 guys battled for five spots in the Top 20 and Charlie Askew was among them.

Charlie’s version of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” got some mixed reactions among fans. But the judges were all pretty certain they wanted him in their Top 20. Charlie seems like a great guy who is talented, but I’m not sure his performance last night was exactly Top 20 worthy. But a lot of people do, and so there you go.

I will say, though, that comparing this kid to the great Freddie Mercury  is preposterous. There are absolutely NO similarities. Freddie had a HUGE range and commanded the stage almost like no other. Charlie was shaky and just OK at the vocals. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think? Let’s take another look at and listen to Charlie’s version of “Rocket Man.”

Do you think Charlie Askew has what it takes to be the next American Idol?




  1. This is horribly awkward and yet he won b’coz clowns are sitting as judges and making erratic decision’s choosing the wrong contestants as winners. What a mockery !

  2. The fact that this many awful singing men can make it to the top 10 is horribly sad.i cant believe that they are saying Charlie is in the least bit good…he sucks.Randy is right…performance is winning,not the ability to sing.The women are taking the competition by storm this year.Did they pick a bunch of crappy men so a woman wins this year?The woman are fantastic in their own right,they didnt have to water down the male competition to have a female star.Im so mad at these judges…especially Niki.She is acting like a damn hormonal teenager….she loves all these cute men and they can suck at singing and make it through anyway. .Obviously they are not getting signed to her company, and she is risking none of her money , or she would be sending them home quick.American Idol is becoming a great big joke.There will be no problem with the cutting of half of the competition this year… 1st.I really dont think they should have done this sudden death thing….it has cheapened the whole show. sad sad sad.

  3. johny keyser should have beed kept, not Charlie! he may be sweet, but it’s not that kind of contest, or at least I thought it wasn’t :/

  4. About the judges. Randy has lost his ability to pick a winner, the rest should be fired. I myself won’t buy their music anymore.

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