American Idol 2013: Johnny Keyser Eliminated With ‘I Won’t Give Up’ (VIDEO)

American Idol 2013 - Johnny Keyser

In what appeared to be a production controlled move to eliminate a threat to a girl finally winning this season the American Idol 2013 judges sent Johnny Keyser packing last night after his performance of “I Won’t Give Up.”

This was the second time Johnny had moved deep in to the American Idol season but just like last year he was sent home earlier than many expected. I’d be surprised to see him come back for another try next year after two difficult results, but persistence pays off so maybe he will.

While Johnny’s performance last night wasn’t his best it sure seemed better than some other vocals sent through, but of course that’s just my opinion and the judges obviously felt differently.

Watch Keyser’s final appearance on American Idol 2013 and decide for yourself. Was his elimination the right choice?




  1. is really hard to predict who is gonna go to the top 10 or 12…too early for that,,,,they will all get better as they select the top 20…thats where america will vote,,,,,but l have my favorites

  2. There was clearly again something fishy with Johnny’s elimination. If you truly have a tie among the judges on one of the contestants, then you must have a back-up in case Jimmy were to eliminate that candidate. Who was the back-up? Presumably, it was Johnny — but, not made obvious to the pubic or Jimmy. Jimmy should have judged between two, rather than setting him up (with or without his collusion) to inadvertently eliminate Johnny, by his positive vote for “the one with the tie.” Any reasonable process would have brought it down to the final vote, so all cards would have been obviously on the table. Who ever heard of voting on the one with a tie in the middle of the process. A thousand boos for the audacity and of highly presumptuous producers.

  3. Unfortunately my family is leaving with Johnny. After watching the other voice shows this year it makes it really obvious how unfair American Idol is now. Had America been involved in the processes of picking the top 5 girls and guys, i seriously doubt it would have had the same outcome. Solong Idol, Johnny you need to head to X-Factor or The Voice. America wants to see you succeed..don’t give up now.

  4. Can not believe they let him go…. AGAIN. He is the only one of the guys with star quality. Maybe they’ll do what they did last year and bring someone back and it will be him. He deserves it..

  5. Confused and disappointed over Johnny’s elimination. Such a talented singer should not have had to suffer through two american idol eliminations. Johnny come to Australia and we will love you and embrace your talent. Don’t give up your career is waiting !

  6. I am really upset they let Johnny go, he deserved to stay over the guy they kept that Niki said she wanted to have his babies. The guy is 18 years old. I didnt like to watch because of Niki and now i wont watch because they sent Johnny home.. I cant even remember the guys name they kept so that should tell you how much of a impact he left. Johnny is a great singer, alot better than several of the ones they kept. I WILL NOT FINISH WATCHING THIS YEARS IDOL. Thanks judges for making the show not worth watching, especially Niki.

  7. What were the judges thinking?!?! Johnny deserved to stay. He has a lot more talent than some of the others that were chosen. I won’t be watching anymore.

  8. Randy was kind of cold to him when he tried out for the show this year, and I believe he’s part of the reason Johnny didn’t stay. Johnny deserved to stay. The show isn’t about talent this year,Those women judges were not right, don’t drool over a contestant or go on about how good they look,. Johnny was sent home 1. Because he can sing 2. Because of his looks and 3.I think Randy holds a grudge. I believe something from last year which he should have gotton over. He’s and older man who should have gave everyone a fair chance. It’s just not right!

  9. I was so excited to see him back on this year and then they cut him!! I am almost done with American Idol! He was one of the most talented and marketable singers! I am hoping they realize their misjudgment and bring him back for America to judge.

  10. I knew something was up from the start. They showed his audition and then nothing until he messed up the words in the group round, then nothing again until he was cut. This is all about casting and they want a girl to win this year and Johnny could very well have messed that up. Too contrived for me…..

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