‘American Idol’ 2013 Contestant Amber Holcomb Sings ‘I Believe In You And Me’

Amber Holcomb - American Idol 2013

Could Amber Holcomb be ready to move on to the Top 20 for ‘American Idol’ this season? Her bold move of covering a Whitney Houston song last night during the Top 10 Girls live show paid off with praise from the judges. Her effortless performance of such a difficult song was an impressive achievement and just might be the key to her survival on Thursday night.

Amber followed Angela Miller’s knockout performance but still managed to outdo her in the view of the American Idol 2013 judges. Could these two singers be headed for a showdown in May? It’s possible, but Amber will need to pick things up with the audience as she is floating near the danger zone in our poll for who was the best girl this week.

What did you think of Amber Holcomb and her performance of “I Believe In You and Me”?



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