Angela Miller Performs ‘Never Gone’ On American Idol 2013

Angela Miller on American Idol 2013

It doesn’t matter if FOX calls her Angie Miller or Angela Miller, fans love this American Idol 2013 contestant and she’s sure to go far if not all the way to the winner’s circle.

Last night on Idol we saw Angela perform one of Colton Dixon’s songs, but you weren’t surprised by that if you had been reading our pre-show coverage where we shared that spoiler. The judges were overwhelmed by Angela’s return to the piano and praised her for yet another incredible performance.

Taking a look at our “who was the best?” performance poll for last night’s American Idol 2013 show, it’s no surprise to see Angela Miller on top of the pile. A comfortable lead with 29% of our unofficial poll votes tells me she’s a definite Top 10 singer for next week.

Watch Angela’s performance of “Never Gone” and then share your thoughts on this impressive American Idol 2013 contestant.




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