American Idol 2013: Cortez Shaw Proves He Is ‘Titanium’ (VIDEO)

Cortez Shaw on American Idol 2013

I’m a big fan of “Titanium” and Cortez Shaw is definitely a great singer, but put those two together and it flops for me. Luckily for Cortez the American Idol 2013 judges felt differently and it earned him a spot in the season’s Top 20.

Keith Urban praised Cortez for taking this song and making it ballad where he had “no where to hide.” Nicki Minaj couldn’t stop praising his good looks instead, but seemed to also enjoy his performance.

Watch Cortez in his Las Vegas “Sudden Death” performance and see if you think he has what it takes to move beyond the next stage and in to the Top 10 for Season 12. The competition is tough, but we think he just might have what it takes.