American Idol 2013: Nick Boddington Performs ‘Say Something Now’


Last night during American Idol 2013’s final “Sudden Death” round in Las Vegas, we learned our Season 12 Top 20. Among them were smooth crooner Nick Boddington.

And although not all the judges were totally in love with Nick’s version of James Morrison’s “Say Something Now,” Nick’s true talent and star appeal outshined any sort of poor song choice. I actually liked everything about. But then again I don’t tend to agree with the judges. Ever.

I think Nick has a shot at getting pretty far in the contest. He won’t win, of course, but we’ll be seeing him a bit longer, I predict.

Below we’ve got his performance from last night. Let’s take another look and listen to his version of “Say Something Now.”

What do you think of Nick Boddington and his performance last night? Does he have what it takes to become the next American Idol?




  1. I dont think w/ the current “vibe” of american idol he does have a chance of winning. But, Nick is by far the most talented and most versatile singer in the competition and he could absolutely win in a world where the voice is the most important aspect of the competition. I will be sad if he does get eliminated any time soon because I’m so looking forward to hearing more from him. Regardless of whether or not he goes far in AI, (and the competition doesnt mean a damn thing in the bigger picture), I am sure a talented producer will be waiting for him just outside the door.

  2. You are absolutely right. Nick will always be my american idol since he has this special voice which is very pleasing to the ear. Nick will definitely in the top 3 and i know that a producer will get him bec america needs a beautiful and warmth voice like him. We love you nick and i am from the philippines. Can’t wait to see you perform next week and i know you are going through the next round. Just pick the right song for you . Go nick…

    • I agree with you about the need to hear a warm and easy voice like his. I dont recall any previous contestants that could really sing almost any song well. It just makes you feel good doesnt it? I just hope that the voters use their heads when they vote and that he gets the best advice available regarding his song choices.

  3. I just love nick’s beautiful voice jett. Nick sang say something now beautifully and truthfully. Keith Urban is right when he said that he has this voice which can make you listen. I just hope that America will vote wisely. I’m already with joshua ledette and curtis finch style of singing. It’s about time to have nick’s beautiful, warm and sweet voice like him. Gudluck nick and kindly pick the right song for you. God bless …

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