American Idol 2013 Finale: A Great Winner, A Horrible Finale (Op-Ed)


From the horrible lip-syncing to Randy Jackson’s departure montage to mediocre guests, the American Idol 2013 finale was the worst I’ve ever seen.

The saving grace was the last 45 seconds or so when Candice Glover became the first female winner since Season 6’s Jordin Sparks. There were so many bad moments from the finale, the only way to really get into it is by creating a list. So that’s what I’m going to do.

The Top 5 Worst Moments from the American Idol 2013 Finale

1. Mariah’s lip-syncing. ALL of the lip-syncing was bad, but Mariah’s was the worst. It was actually embarrassing. The recording had absolutely no imperfections. I’m talking not even the sound of her catching her breath. Her lip movements were off. And she was over doing her hand and head motions to pretend she was really singing. The worst part was when she put her hand over her ear to “hit” those high squeals at the end. And to make it worse, it was PRE-TAPED. It wasn’t live. Awful. Awful. Awful.

2. The #IdolSabotage montage. First of all, nearly ALL of those guys have gone to interviews and on Twitter to claim American Idol producers manipulated the season so they’d all go home one by one. And I believe them. But to agree to that little montage makes them look ridiculous. I would have refused. And the fact that Idol even went there is ridiculous in itself. Everyone knows producers did manipulate the season to get what they wanted. Well mostly what they wanted because they didn’t get the Amber/Angie finale they wanted, but they did get a female winner. So that’s close enough, I guess.

3. The Randy Jackson goodbye montage. First of all, let me say that I’m not a Randy fan. I think he should have been out the door before Paula Abdul. But the man has spent 12 long seasons on that show and his farewell montage was a big joke. What a slap.

4. Psy performing. Stop trying to make Psy happen. Seriously. That song sounded just like “Gangham Style” only it was somehow even more annoying. Couldn’t they have afforded someone else? Pink? Celine Dion? Someone they’ve covered this season? Weak.

5. Nicki Minaj not performing. Everyone else performed, so why not Nicki? I’m not complaining, exactly, but maybe she could have replaced Psy.

Of course there were some decent moments, so instead of being a complete downer, here are those…

The Top 5 Best Moments from the American Idol 2013 Finale 

1. Candice Glover wins American Idol 2013. That speaks for itself. I was rooting for Candice for a big part of the season, so I think her win is a pretty good thing. A Kree win would have been good too, though. There could be no wrong outcomes with any of the Top 3. It was a weird season, but the ending was pretty sweet.

2. Jennifer Hudson and Candice duet. Your new American Idol had a nice moment tonight with former Idol contestant and Oscar Winner JHud. Their performance of “Inseparable” was a nice break from all the bad performances and even worse lip-syncing.

3. Angie Miller Performs With Jessie J. You could tell there wasn’t a lot of rehearsal time for this one, but it was still  a fun moment. Apparently Jessie J’s surprise decision to come to the finale got Angie’s performance of “You Set Me Free” cut from the show. So Jessie invited Angie to come to the UK and record a performance of the single with her.

4. Aretha Franklin. OK, it was a little weird that she was being piped in from New York, but it was no worse than Mariah’s pre-recorded suck-fest. So to have the queen of soul at the Idol finale was very nice. And she can still sing.

5. Angie Miller and Adam Lambert duet. The lack of Idol winners perfuming was apparent, but we had a nice showing of past contestants who didn’t win. Luckily for us they were Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert. Angie’s duet with Adam with “Titanium” was pretty solid.

What your favorite moments from the season finale?




  1. Congratz Candice! Oh, and one big thing that no one has pointed out yet is that Candice is the first previous season reject to both make it to the top 2 and win. Every winner and every runner up of every season before this one only had to try out for Idol once. Candice tried out 3 times.

    • Actually, I think that has been pointed out on the show so many times I am tired of hearing it. It is a shame you missed it.

    • Sorry – yes, she was a 2 time reject who won but, it was obvious once the guys had gone who they wanted to win and, while I like Candice, she was not the best overall. But she won and we will see where she ends up in 12-18 months.

      • What you are really saying is the judges in the past overlooked a great talent. Oh and she was the best overall, I had her picked out last season when she sang with DeAndre and Jessica all three of them are great.

    • No one has pointed it out because it isn’t the case. Jordin Sparks was eliminated during the early rounds of the 6th season and went on to win in the 7th season.

  2. I had the same top two moments. I love Kree as well and felt for her, but think that Candice is special. Her duet with Jennifer Hudson just added to her list of show stoppers. It was another performance that brought tears to my eyes. And not just all the big notes. Her tone in the opening and when the two of them quiet it down in the end and harmonize – beautiful!

    I hear you with your critique of the sabotage montage, but I actually found it pretty funny and found the guys ability to laugh at themselves endearing. I mean, Janelle changing the notes on Lazro’s music was pretty funny and showed a lighter side of Lazro that was sorely missing before his departure.

    All in all, I enjoyed the show as I did the season.

  3. Dear American Idol, Here’s some advice from a loyal viewer.

    1. Dump Mariah (also get your money back for that debacle on the finale—I refuse to call it a performance)

    2. Bring Keith Urban back. I didn’t think he would be that great of a judge, but he did do well.

    3. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BRING jUSTIN BEIBER AND/OR SELENA GOMEZ….. if you do bring those 2, please bring Nene Leekes from Atlanta Housewives so someone can babysit.

    4. Consider this…get some judges with a sense of humor

    5. Finally and most important…. when the judges are looking for talent..look for talented performer… This season was like watching the voice portion of a beauty pagent….. boring! I miss the Adam Lambert / James Durbin performances and the Skylar Lane energy….
    o yeah.. and a little drama from the contestants instead of the judges never hurts! 🙂

  4. People who were ACTUALLY at the taping of Mariah’s segment say that Mariah sang live. It was the editing that was weird. Hope you verify facts before you criticize.

    • Def looked suss. Her performance in Melbourne was shocking, amazing voice but she sung 7 songs and fluffed around for ages

  5. Mariah didnt lipped for God’s sake !!! all of you kept on saying that! Could you please listen to the FUCKING UNDUBBED VERSION !!!!! STUPID BLOGGER !

  6. Mariah’s performance was pre-taped LIVE before a LIVE audience. What you heard is still her Live voice and her performance. No auto tune!

    • Regardless if she was taped live, a singer of her caliber has no business doing that crap on a live show. Everyone else sang live, why couldn’t she?

      • Since Mariah had problems getting up during the season as a judge – due to tight dresses – maybe the production team thought she would not be able to get up to sing.

  7. Ok well regardless of Mariah’s did or did not lip sink all other singers didn’t show the same problem!! I like Mariah but if she’s going to perform a singer of her caliber and let’s say she didn’t mouth it than why embarrass her like that ?? It’s a big stink right now because everyone else is wondering the same thing !!

  8. The reason the guys were eliminated: their performances did not stand up to the girls, it’s that simple

  9. i thought the best number of the night was the very first song with Janelle! It was very entertaining and Janelle can move!

  10. Take the hatred out of your heart, it wasn’t that bad, except for Mariah’s performance lol

  11. I have to agree with the writer. This was THE WORST finale show for Idol that I’ve seen. I was cringing watching Mariah lip synch so terribly. Ther eis so much not to like about last night’s performance, including the duet with Candice and Jennifer. I didn;t know who was going to outscream who. The best moment was Angie and Adam. Other than that the show sucked.

  12. I hope next season the Idol #13 producers take some of the suggestions that has been offered.if they don’t then there will not be Idol #14……

  13. It was nice to watch finalists sing without having to be judged afterward. Candice and Jennifer”s duet was amazing. Congratulations, Candice. You deserve to win. Your voice sounded more relaxed even though there was still the pressure of not knowing who won this year’s Idol. I thought most of the show was entertaining and some moments were funny. Really laughed (out loud) at the imitation of Nicki’s butt. Laughed at some of the “sabotage” moments. Saw a sense of humor in the top ten that I wish we had seen more of during the whole season. Even though others don’t agree, I thought this was one of the better season finales. I’m thinking there were not so many past contestants because they appeared on different results shows throughout the season. I wish everyone involved in American Idol Net (writers and those who comment) good luck, health, and happiness until we meet again here (hopefully) next season.

    • giselle, I agree with you about the finale, I really enjoyed it. Nothing is perfect but seeing Adam and Angie sing made this finale for me. America also FINALLY got it right. Candice was an unbelieveable performer this season and definitely deserved to win. The “sabotage” was so funny.. Jennifer Hudson and Candice performance was amazing. To me, the show was very enjoyable and the ending was most memorable. Giselle, have an awesome summer and I’m sure I’ll see you back on the blog next season. Lets hope we have some really good judges, we might see a lot of the old (not literally old)bloggers back. LOL!!!!! Be safe!!!!

      • PhyllisG, Thanks. As soon as Adam appeared I thought of you and hoped you were enjoying seeing him as much as I was. You be safe as well.

    • I also enjoyed the show for the most part. Sure Nicki’s lack of performance and Mariah’s almost lack of performance might be seen as a shortfall, but personally I didn’t want to see Nicki perform, and I had no expectations of Maria. Not too sure about the Psy bit. The skits were cute, and the duets for the most part were good and some very good. The show moved along quickly and didn’t take itself too seriously. Much preferred it to last years finale. Still have nightmares over that JS Fanta duet. For me thumbs up.

      • Assuming the production team did NOT ask Nicki to perform – yet all other judges did. Maybe she was asked and refused, but to be safe I must say this. If she was not asked – this was downright nasty – and the producer evidently doesn’t have a heart for mankind.

  14. DId anyone else think that Aretha gave away the ending when she called Candice a winner and then quickly corrected herself, but then confirmed again by saying she knew the results?!?!

  15. I’ve got to say that American Idol finale was spectacular,specially the Candice and Jennifer song and Angie,Adam and Jessie part.I’ve got to give it to the producer of the show.Still Angie matched onto by note Adam and Jessie ,thing that Candice didn’t with Jennifer.Another reason why Angie was the winner and The Voice still a bettershow.

    • Angie’s duets were good but she couldn’t even attempt a duet like Inseperable. She isnt even in the same league. Candice had the bigger moment tonight and had more of them over the course of the season. America got it right.

    • Strange that all of you that call yourselves AI fans – believe that The Voice is a better show – but only after your contestant did not win American Idol.

  16. I enjoyed the finale..taking into consideration that the guest talents on the show are for the most part whats hep today. The skits were funny. What was evident is all five of the girl finalists have great potential. and with the right management, I’m thinking, we’ll likely see a lot more of each of them in the future.

  17. I’ve got to say that last night American Idol finale was one of the kind.Take my hat of for the producers,Candice withJennifer Hudson was an spectacular show to remember for ages,but Angie really broke the mold.Her apereance with Adam Lambert and Jessie J really hit the cord matching both note by note,Mariah was just great and over all all there girls where awesome.Still.The Voice is a much better choise.

  18. Congratulations Candice. You worked so hard to get this title. Above your outstanding talent I admire the humble and sincere individual who shines through deep from your soul. Don’t let the Fame cloud the real Candice that ,the one who America has learned to love!

  19. I liked the final much better this year. The talent they had was great, it was also good to see Jlo again, maybe they’l;l bring her back as a judge, I liked her a lot better then the ladies this year.

  20. all I got to say is wrong winner and sick finale maybe now she can take her family out of poverty with the money and maybe it will last a year or sooner the way they look it was about money now they got it I don’t believe she was a winner at all amber was better then her


    And to you Robin Stewart , asking Mariah to be dumped is not being a loyal viewer! Because if you took time researching, SHE IS THE ONLY JUDGE WHO CAN ACTUALLY SING! And this is a singing competition right? SO PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS BEFORE WRITING!

  22. Am I right that the very first performance on the finale by the top 10 was also pre-recorded and they were lip-syncing?

  23. I think the finale was cut quite a bit by the time it reached us here in the UK, last night. Sabotaged section? I don’t think we got to see that. The programme was less than 2 hours. Candice is a worthy winner, and a much better singer than the screaming Jennifer H! As for Mariah lip-syncing – has anyone thought the sound tape wasn’t quite running at the correct speed? It did look odd but Mariah’s timing seemed genuine. Wasn’t keen on it though, and she should’ve performed live. I don’t like Jessie J, she’s everywhere at the moment, and I don’t know where she sprang from. She seems to be taking over from Adele.
    Lovely Keith Urban! He’s great at what he does, almost makes me want to go country! I really, really hope that we get to see him as a judge again next year. And here’s hoping those top 5 girls all get to do well, they certainly deserve it!

  24. I’m so happy Candice won. I felt like I won it with her. No one deserved it more than her. Candice is amazing and phenomenal. I hope for a good career ahead of her

    • Candice showed persistence in trying out for three year. Note; I believe Jordon Sparks tried out for AI previously(and was rejected) before winning? So I believe above wrong in stating that Candice was the first and only winner to do so?

  25. Candice has the best vocals this season! Melanie Amaro has comparable vocals and won the X Factor. There is song choice for todays market for a Ballad singer. They should both emulate Christina Aguilara’s and Jenifer Lopez (both strong Ballad’s singers). They need to Juke it up (Pit Bull) or add flavor-like Demi Lovato; or they will come off boring, been there, done that- like “old” Whitney tunes.

    • Are you retarded? Jennifer Lopez can’t sing. Period. Your comment has NO credibility

  26. The best performance (by far) of the night was Adam & Angie on “Titanium”. They should collaborate on songs in the future!

    • From your viewpoint and I respect that. From mine, however, it was Candice and Jennifer Hudson. Blew me away!

  27. If I hadn’t known who top two in the finale were, I would have thought it was Candice and Angie. Did anyone else notice that? Angie got so much camera time as well as she got to sing with two people. I don’t feel like the finale was all about the top two finalists, Candice and Kree, as I felt it has been in the past : (

    • Angie was treated like she was in the top two. But when I heard Kree sing that night she was better then Angie was and rightfully so in the top two.

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