American Idol 2013 Winner Is… Find Out Who Won!

American Idol 2013 finale

The American Idol 2013 winner is set to be announced tonight during the live results show extravaganza. There will be surprise performances, duets, and best of all either Kree Harrison or Candice Glover will be crowned as the winner of Season 12.

We’ll be here with a live recap of the whole night as it builds towards the big reveal. The rumors are out there on who will be performing what and with whom, but until it happens we’ll have to wait and see.

During the live American Idol finale pre-show, which was awesome and you should have watched it if you missed it, we found out Psy would be performing a new single “Gentlemen,” which he declared after demanded a new introduction from Jessica York to include that information. Even Jim Cantiello couldn’t get Adam Lambert to reveal what he’d be singing, which is rumored to be a duet with Angie Miller who will no longer be performing her single “You Set Me Free” since it’s going on sale on iTunes tonight instead.

It’s almost go time so let’s watch and see what happens tonight! Don’t forget to set your DVR to record everything since the show will run until 10:07PM ET, according to the schedule. So 2 hours of performances and then 7 mins of results.

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First up is a group number of the Top 10 performing The Wanted’s “Glad You Came.”

The Band Perry is up next performing “Done” and here comes Janelle Arthur to perform along with them.

Don’t forget to grab your American Idol summer tour tickets before they sell out!

Now we get a hilarious segment called “Sabotage” trying to explain away how all five guys were eliminated before any of the ladies went home. It’s actually pretty funny and it all leads up to the big mastermind behind their elimination. There’s even a nasty Zing! at The Voice about Idol rejects still having a future on NBC’s show. You’ll have to watch the bit to see who lead the battle against the boys.

The Top 5 boys are out performing Franki Valli’s “Let’s Hang On.” Franki should be appearing shortly. Yep, there he is.

Now it’s Mariah’s turn with a pretaped medley of her songs “Vision of Love,” “Make It Happen,” “We Belong Together,” “My All, “Hero,” and “#Beautiful.” Randy Jackson is back there playing bass for her. Even though this was taped this morning it looks like she was still lip syncing the whole thing. Way off in parts.

Amber Holcomb is on and performing “Next To Me” in a duet with Emeli Sande.

It’s time for Psy to debut his song “Gentlemen.” Sure, a song with lyrics like “I’m gonna make you wet” sounds totally appropriate for the Idol finale.

Judge Keith Urban is out now with his single “Little Bit of Everything.” Earlier today Urban confirmed that yes, he hopes he is asked back next year as FOX tries to figure out who will be at the 2014 judges panel.

Candice Glover comes out to sing “Inseparable.” Will this turn in to a duet? Oh yes it will. Jennifer Hudson arrives to join Candice for the performance.

Angie Miller is back from what Ryan calls a “shocking elimination” to perform Titanium alongside Adam Lambert who knows something about life after losing American Idol. But wait, there’s more! Adam introduces a very, very bald Jessie J to do a duet of “Domino” and Angie is thrilled.

Jessie J explains that Angie didn’t get to sing her original song “You Set Me Free” because Jessie J flew in for this second performance. So to make up for it she invites Angie to come to the UK and record a performance of the single with her. Angie enthusiastically accepts.

Now it’s Kree’s turn with “Where the Blacktop Ends” and she’s got judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson playing guitar and bass, respectively. She’s having a ball with it and this is just the kind of uptempo song we needed last night instead of all those sleepy ballads.

Ryan announces what we already knew, Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol after twelve years. It’s a very nice reflection segment on his time over the years. He’s been cheesy, but also a big part of the series. Farewell, Randy, and best of luck out there.

Now we get a live satellite message from Aretha Franklin and it becomes a remote group performance for the Top 5 girls. Aretha doesn’t like to fly so she’s doing this over video from New York.

JLo is back along with Pitbull performing… um… performing something. Let’s find out what it is. Ah, “Live It Up.” This must have been hard for her to schedule considering she’s usually putting Casper to bed around now.

We’re getting closer to the results now that Candice Glover and Kree Harrison are out on stage together dueting “One Less Bell To Answer.” A Burt Bacharach song? Seriously, production? Sheesh.

American Idol 2013 Winner Is…

  • Ryan announces the winner of American Idol is… Candice Glover!

Huge congratulations to Candice on her big win and to Kree for making it all the way to the finale. Congrats to both!

What did you think of tonight’s Season 12 finale? Did your wish come true?




  1. The first picture showing Candice and Ryan pretty much says it all:

    Candice Glover

  2. It sure did look like she was lip syncing. It was very noticeable during We Belong Together.

    • Are we expecting another Oscar winner here? Candice is such a powerhouse and deserves one. (or maybe a bunch)

      • anythings possible right? When jennifer hudson was eliminated i doubt many people saw her going as far as she has.I hope Kree takes full advantage of her idol exposure. She deserved to win just as much as candice.

  3. I would never have allowed PCY to sing on American Idol since he hates America and thinks that ” F***** Yankees should all die”.
    I was offended by his appearance.

  4. After Angie’s performance with Adam and then Jessie J don’t you all now know that the best singer/performer this year was Angie Miller? And can’t all of us ask, “why don’t these contestants sing songs like this during the competition instead of the slow, slow ballads?

    • Disagree Vehemently… and given that she’s not in the running for the title tonight – Oh Well!

    • Angie will be fine. Plenty of second and third placers that went on to do better than the winner.

  5. LMAO, that spoof of the judges was pretty good, especially the stuffed animal print tights. priceless.

  6. JLo! Didn’t see that coming….she can’t stay away. maybe she’s coming back as a judge again…..

  7. The spoof of the eliminated guys was a riot too. Janelle changing Lazaro’s Close To You music was priceless.

    • Yeah, me too. I wanted Kree to win but Candice really really deserved her victory. I love her spirit. Both of them are amazing.

    • Personally I think I will listen to the music on the cd’s before making any decisions over which to buy regardless of the artist. Sorry. BY the way it’s Buy not Bye. Bi Bi

    • Who cares if you don’t buy Candice CD’s, there are a whole lot of us who will. Boo Boo. Next time keep your opinion to yourself.

  8. I was hard on Candice last night because of the annoying judges and racism accusations. But I must say Congratulations Candice, she deserved it. She has the spirit of a true Idol (being the first returner to win the competition). I’m so proud of her. I just saw her from Season 10 singing in Vegas with JSanchez and got cut. But that didn’t break her, she even pursued and grew more as an artist. She accepted her elimination last year but came back as someone who already knew what artist she wanted to be. Kudos to Kree for making it this far. They both deserve to be in the finale and also will be big in the industry. Good luck to both of them. I think no one goes home defeated. They’re both champions.

    • I even forgot to say that her coronation song fit her well. For a girl who has so many insecurities, she must say after all that she is beautiful no matter what.

  9. I’m happy with the results. I’m even happier that Kree competed with Candice in the finale. At least, Idol broke a spell for a guy winner. Idol also broke another racism issue since Amber’s elimination. So happy with that. Congrats Candice.

  10. Consistency was the reason for Candice’s victory, since Kree and Angie are spectacular singers as well. I’m pretty happy to see Candice win, the same way I’d be if Kree did. I’m also happy to see Angie performing Titanium just like in her best day of the season (Hollywood week) and getting her dream come true. Ok she didn’t perform her original again, but now she has a chance to get an audience abroad, in the UK. God bless all the finalists. This was a good season, despite all the criticism it suffered.

  11. Burnell, your 15 minutes of fame are over….I was surprised that you didn’t go out of your way to hump Candice’s leg. My god.

  12. I would like to know how Aretha Franklin knew the winner b/4 the judges, supposedly and everyone else. That was so fixed, or sure seemed to be. Candice and Kree both are great vocalists. I voted for Kree but I knew it could go either way. I said they would be the final 2 the first week they started singing. Congratulations Candice and Kree you will go places sooner than you think. You are a great person along with a beautiful singer.

  13. Angie is so much better when singing with someone. It doesn’t make her voice better but it sort of makes what I found to be theatrics in much of her solo work work much better.

    Very, very happy Candice won.

  14. Congrats to Candice but I’m not really impressed with this year’s winner not because she is not good but the fact that there were no worthy male contestants this year. If she was a contestant last year she will not win at all. She is just a very very lucky girl.
    Now enough of manipulating who will be in the show please. If it’s a boy or girl then let it be.

    • Are u frickin kidding me?! If P2 was never on the level of singing of Jessica, he does not deserve any right to win over Candice!! Just face it – not even Kris, Scotty, or Lee come close to her vocal ability and versatility!! Dont forget the two most successful winners are girls!

      • I guess you didn’t get my point. Over the last five years the boys rule not because they are vocally great but because that’s what the viewing public wants … The cute guy that sings good. WGWG.

        That is why this year they forced and manipulated it to “exclude” these type of contestants so that a girl will win. Candice has a great voice as I’ve said but it will be a different scenario if there are the likes of PP, Scotty, Kris, Lee or David in this year’s contest. Great vocals doesn’t exist in the criteria of winning the american idol over the last five years therefore Candice is lucky her vocals were appreciated because of the absence of the WGWG.

        I just don’t like these obvious manipulation on the show. It’s unfair.

      • I love to hear Scotty, Phillip and Candice, sing they just happened to have been the best at their kind of music. God gave them all the gift of music. Scotty is the best country singer AI has imo etc

      • I agree with everything you said. I thinks this years top 4 were better than the top four of any given year on American Idol. Heck, I even love ALL the Judges this year. Especially Nikki and Keith. I hope they both come back next season.

  15. Wow! What a great live night results show! America made the right choice. Thought Candice and Jennifer Hudson’s duet was remarkable. There many people who can not stay with Jennifer, but Candice did. I thought all the duets the top five did were good.
    Liked the comedy bit about the judges, especially about Nicki’s posterior. The whole thing was so good I would like to see it again. Didn’t tape it. Figures. Was good to see Randy on stage with Keith and Kree. Also liked the farewell tribute to Randy. Read a column interviewing past Idol contestants and every one of them praised Randy for the kind of person he is and how he helped them with good suggestions for their careers. They praised him for being genuine and the same on and off stage and really caring about what happened to them in the future. So, Season 12 ended with a bang that helped downplay all the tension that went on during the season. When Idol can put on something like this, I think the show has some life left. I’m looking forward to next season.

  16. JHud sounded like she outsang Candice in some parts of their duet, the complete opposite of what Glambert did with Angie in their number. He toned down his voice to allow Angie’s to shine. Guest performers should also give the limelight to the contestants who are supposed to be the stars of the show.

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