American Idol 2013: Get Caught Up With Charlotte Auditions Recap (Video)

Charlotte auditions recap for American Idol

Did you miss the American Idol auditions in Charlotte on January 23rd? Well no fear because we’re back with a 7-minute recap video to get you all caught up.

We saw dozens of talented singers earn the coveted Golden Ticket and be sent on their way to Hollywood, but it wasn’t just talent being showcased that night.

The much-hyped drama between divas Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj rode the top bill that night and overall the fight fell flat. Yes, I actually agreed with Nicki’s take on the argument, but Branden was right that there was no reason to behave the way any of them did. Let’s hope Austin and Los Angeles showcase better behavior next week.

You can also read the singer, by singer review of Wednesday’s Charlotte episode with links to their full audition performances.




  1. felt bad for the singer that had to listen to the argument…and the contestants that were next to perform…Nicki was clearly hurt, Randy Jackson was way out of line, especially with the “30 years of experience” comment…props to Nicki for walking away and not making matters worse…

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