American Idol 2013: Get Caught Up With Chicago Auditions Recap (Video)

American Idol 2013 auditions in Chicago

In case you missed the American Idol 2013 auditions for Chicago then FOX has you covered with a quick, six-minute replay of the highlights and even a few “lowlights.”

Considering the season premiere ratings were steadier on the second night of the two-night premiere makes me think that not only were we seeing stronger talent in Chicago over New York, but some good word of mouth helped pique interest.

If you’re looking for more than just the quick and dirty rundown on Thursday’s episode then check out Branden’s recap of Chicago’s auditions along with all the performance videos we’ve gathered up.

Get ready for more auditions this week as American Idol heads to Charlotte then Baton Rouge this week.




  1. I watch this show for the talent . If the two women judges make it about them, I will not watch another show. Please do not screw up a great show

  2. What the hell was Nigel Lithgow thinking bringing Nicki M. On the show, she ruined it for our family. Shes to getto for a show like American Idol. She needs to be on the new show call desperate wanna be judges who sleep in a crayon box. Just saying 😉

  3. Have always been an American Idol follower … BUT not this year. Not until you get rid of the pink lipped plastic Barbie. What were you thinking ??

  4. I was so touched by Lozaro Arbos’ story. I too had few friends growing up due to medical problems. It is such a shame that kids can be so cruel. He and I could have been great friends.

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