American Idol 2013 Gossip: JLo Wants Back On Judges Panel

Jennifer LopezRemember all that chaos last week when it was reported that American Idol 2013 was considering replacing Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez or possibly another former judge? According to new gossipy rumors it was a reverse situation where JLo was actually the one trying to get back on the show.

“J.LO had her manager Benny Medina approach FOX to alert them of her interest in rejoining Idol,” a source close to the situation revealed.

The 43-year-old pop superstar, the insider said, realized after her 2012 “Dance Again” world tour that she no longer wanted to endure the grind of touring and the constant travel it required.

The same source claims JLo never wanted to replace Mariah specifically or even get on this season of Idol but rather had her eye on next time around.

A source clarified to that JLO “never suggested” to FOX that she replace Carey, 43, who has struggled to build chemistry with season 12 judges Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.

“If there was a ‘secret plot’ to replace Mariah, as has been suggested, then it was all FOX,” the source said, adding: “JLO’s approach was about the future. Not the present. She’s talking about next season.”

I’m thinking Lopez shouldn’t have demanded nearly $20 million to sit in a chair and say “goosies!” Is she worth five or six times what Keith Urban is earning as an American Idol 2013 judge?

What do you think? If the judges panel changes for Season 13, would you want to see JLo in one of those chairs again?

Source: RadarOnline via MJsBigBlog




  1. I love JLo. She should replace Mariah or Nickki. She would have great chemistry with Randy Jackson and Keith Urban!!

  2. I would love to see her replace Mariah… and Paula replace Nicki! I like Keith… he’s honest, most of the time. And I think Randy’s “in it to win it” is old and tired, just like him!

  3. I woud love to see JLo back. Nickki & Mariah can go anytime. Love Keith and Randy. This year talent is great but I almost don’t want to watch because of Nickki and Maiah. They are so weird and not entertaining. JLo would be an asset to the show.

  4. I am shocked out how Mariah is as a jodge. She brings nothing to the panel. I would rather Kara come back because she did bring constructive critcism. it was just that she isnt as high profile as Jlo or Mariah.

  5. do we REALLY need the goosies back?? not that it matters. there’s very little difference between jlo and carey…both egotisitcal divas. nicki is in another universe altogether

  6. YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! Oh wait, did I say YES, please bring JLo back!!!!! I just thought about not watching next season because I didn’t like the panel this season. I couldn’t stop watching this season only cause I loved the contestants!!!! BRING JLO BACK!!!!!

  7. Yes bring JLO back in Mariahs spot. Please replace Nickki also…..Haven’t had the stomach to watch much this season maybe 3 shows at the most.

  8. I think the real value of the judges is during the auditions and choosing the final (whatever the number that year) contestants. After that, so much of what they say is repetitious or doesn’t pertain to a singing competition. As far as JLo, she used Idol to promote her own career and got paid to do it. If they have 4 judges, let one of them be a guest judge who knows music and can make some valid comments. Each week would be a little different, not the same 4 people who can’t agree. I think the guest judge was done in early Idol years and seemed to work.

  9. Are you kidding nikki and maybe randy need to go. I love jlo and mariah . I don’t know who running the show but if they think it mariah. Time to shut it down or management changes.

  10. They need to go back to three judges. That will help the “chemistry” and also keep the judges from sounding like idiots. I imagind It’s hard to think of something clever to say after three people have already pontificated. JLo was charming (except to Haley) but didn’t add that much to the judging. That being said I could see her, Keith and Randy (although I’m tired if him, he can play the bad guy and there’s some continuity.

  11. Paula abdul ,Jimmy ivine,Jlo and Keith there`s how you judge line up should be Get rid of the dog he`s stale on this show and give judge more voting power

  12. If they’re going to replace anyone, they should replace Nicki. She’s godawful.

  13. No, no, no!! Do NOT bring JLo back. She would ramble on and on in her critiques and just make me sick–kinda like Mariah is doing this year. Yes she was better than Mariah but who isn’t??
    If you must bring an airhead in, try to get Paula Abdul to come back.

  14. I dont like JLo. She’s just a girl who swoons to idol guy contestants and dismisses very talented girls. She also has been a tool by the production to manipulate the show (Season 10). Randy should go back to school!

  15. As much as I love Mariah, I really don’t think this is the best setting for her. I like Nikki’s songs, but I do not like her as a judge, I really don’t think her imput is helpful for any of the girls.
    Saying that, I would love JLo to come back, and Steve, I thought they made the show more exciting than it was in previous years.

  16. JLo try to tried to destroyed Mariah career last week with
    the rumor her and her manager Medina starting about Idol replacing Mariah for Jlo for the rest of the season 12, Jlo knows her career has hit rock bottom, and for her and her anagement team to starts rumors on anyone for the benefit of her career, how low can anyone go in life is beyond anyone imagination?

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