American Idol 2013: Top 4 (Redux) Song Spoilers


This week the American Idol 2013 Top 4 will again take to the Idol stage with two songs each. This week’s theme is “Then and Now.” That means standards and songs from 2013.

I’d normally be suggesting what I think the Top 4 should be singing this week, but since I’ve already seen the song spoilers, that’s not only silly, it’s impossible. How can I un-see those songs to suggest other ones? Urgh. So instead, I’ll just share with you the song spoilers.

Then (Standards)

  • Candice Glover – “You’ve Changed” by Harry James/Eva Cassidy
  • Kree Harrison – “Stormy Weather” by Ethel Waters/Gladys Knight
  • Amber Holcomb – “My Funny Valentine” by Mitzi Green/Chet Baker
  • Angela Miller – “Someone To Watch Over Me” by Gertrude Lawrence/Ella Fitzgerlald

Now (Songs from 2013)

  • Candice Glover – “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars
  • Kree Harrison – “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood
  • Amber Holcomb – “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink & Nate Ruess
  • Angela Miller – “Diamonds” by Rihanna

So Amber is doing a repeat of “My Funny Valentine? Very interesting. Well, if these spoilers are true. It is pretty early for them to come out. But we haven’t had any false reports from this source yet this season.

Source: The Idol Pad




  1. oh, put me to sleep agan!! by the way, branden and matt, you guys do one GREAT JOB with your UNBIASED articles!! just remember, there is a certain intellectual elite in the country and our numbers get smaller every year

    • Hi Namesake,
      Well Idol is almost over. I hope they replace the judges next season (if there is a next season). I like Angie and Amber but to me they are all very good. I was not impressed with the return of previous Idol winners. Lee Dwyze was awful, worst than when he won. Good luck to your Rangers. I don’t have much faith, the Islanders are playing Pittsburgh in the first round.

      • hate to say it but i think idol has finally run its course. it lost all its credibility this joke of a season except for the four finalists. i could go on and on and on…on a completely different note… LET’S GO RANGERS!! and you’re right about the team from uniondale. they have two chances, slim and none!! and on another note, i’m still waiting for the “trespassing” tour. where the heck is it!!

      • I think he is still overseas!!!! I know the chances are slim to none but its been awhile since they made the playoffs so I’m excited, Good luck tomorrow night!!!

    • Woooho…!!, yeah…., I’ve been trying to add this tune to my Amber’s itunes collection, so far I had to extract this song from her live performance, and the result is not too stellar even after playing around with all those equalizers level and such….

  2. Why is Amber attempting Pink. No no no no no no. God no! She’s going to butcher that song. She does not carry a candle to Pink in that song or in general.

    She really needs to go.

    • The song itself is no more or even less challenging than “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life” or even “Love On Top” and “Without You”, so I see there’s nothing wrong with Amber trying to tackle the song. I say go for it girl…

      Certain parts of the song require a very sustaining definitive low register voice which Amber seems to have problem during her performances, but in the studio she’s flawless there.

      She is an intrepid girl with some crazy [borderline stupid] choices, and that is why she continues to stay in the competition because she is willing to take risks. With her choices and particularly having to play catch up vote-wise, I am still willing to give her more than a fifty-fifty chance.

  3. Does anyone for a minute think we won’t hear Angie’s original song again before this is over? Will she sing it without the piano to “change it up”? I don’t care if she does sing it again. A song well sung is a song worth listening to more than once. Eva Cassidy was an amazing singer. Listen to her version of “You’ve Changed.” Ethel Waters did a fantastic version of “Stormy Weather.” Her lower register especially was beautiful.
    Just because these songs are older doesn’t mean we should forget them or the people who made them great. Let’s just enjoy “Then” and “Now” and forget about the competition until it’s time to vote.

    • Hi giselle, I like Angie too but this season can go any which way. All four girls are good. I like the then and now. I like hearing these young girls singing some old classics. Very interesting this season. Well hope all is well.

      • Hi, Phyllis G. Always good to read your posts here. That’s one thing that can definitely be said about this season: it is interesting and different in many ways. Wonder if Adam is scheduled to appear this year? Would like to see Haley Reinhart and James Durbin again, too. Take care. Am looking forward to SYTYCD. Maybe NBC will counter with a program called
        “The Feet!”

      • giselle,
        So far the entertainment was not that good. REALLY!! I think they should include some of the runner ups, like Adam (but he is on tour)and James Durbin. We can only hope!!!! I would also like to see Jordan Sparks or Kelly Clarkson!!!

    • amber sounds like whitney houston so why is she not picking a whitney song? the best song for her should be I Have Nothing. for the then theme. i think its time for her to go this week. poor song choices.

  4. For America to choose 2 white girls over 2 black girls and when Kree should have been in the bottom 2 I would say there is some racial issues here, Amber may not have been top all season but she is a lot better the Kree who is not top chart success, Amber & Angie are then Candice and then Kree.Kree is blues,jazz and country

    • It’s not the question of racial issues, but rather the demographic of current AI viewership favors certain group of singer. It’s just so out of whack because it doesn’t even correspond to the musical taste of the masses. The last seven idol winners have produced barely a tiny drop of recognition and very little success on the pond of today’s music awareness.

      • I very much agree. Can you imagine the “racial issues” there would be … if this show was called “American Rap Artist”.

    • Note to self when I get old … Never, ever post a shirtless photo of myself. It’s just not something “anyone” wants to look at, I am fairly certain.

  5. If the rumors are true that Jlo wants back for 20 million is this a joke, 20 mill for what give it too passed Idols instead of someone who really doesn’t need it. She made her mint and if she hard up well sell some property, we are know that every time they have their photo in a magazine they get paid hug sums. There are other worthy persons who need the extra cash other then some 43 yr old who now wants to promote her new songs and album but doesn’t want to do the hard work touring.
    Tough Jlo if you don’t like it don’t be a singer anymore

  6. Base on these songs, we might say goodbye to Kree this week.

    • I don’t think we will. I think the judges were way too hard on kree last week. And kree tackling my FAVORITE new carrie underwood song sounds fabulous, and not because its my favorite.

    • Tonights Stormy Weather might make or break Kree. I don’t know if she can make folks forget Ethel Waters and Lena Horne. Come to think of it I don’t know any singer who could.

  7. I wish them all well, great talent this yea rwith the females. I like Angie and Kree however will be happy with Candice winning also. Amber is good but does not measure up to the other three.

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