American Idol 2013 Lazaro Arbos Promises Fans A Better Performance

American Idol 2013 - Lazaro Arbos

Is it possible that the only person to not enjoy Lazaro Arbos’ performance last week was Lazaro himself? The American Idol 2013 singer tweeted out to his fans today that he would make up for last week’s appearance with something even better.

We’re not sure what got him down on his performance of “Tonight, I Wanna Cry” from last week’s show (watch the video below), but if he’s ready to go above and beyond that then we’re ready to watch it when he hits the stage on Wednesday.

Lazaro Arbos is part of the American Idol 2013 Top 10 Guys and they’ll performing in the second night’s episode after the girls have their live show tonight.

Do you think Arbos will move on to become part of the overall Top 10 this season? It’ll be up to you, the viewers, and of course some SuperVoters too.




  1. Omg i <3 u so much! Dont worry youll do great i know u will and i'll vote for u!!!

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