Phillip Phillips’ ‘Home’ Video Premieres

Phillip phillips home video

It’s the most successful American Idol winner’s first single since Kelly Clarkson and now American Idol 2012 champ Phillip Phillips’ “Home” has a video.

And it’s actually a real video. I don’t remember seeing videos for past winners, but then again, they weren’t as popular as this song has been. “Home” had shot up the charts after Phillip captured the American Idol crown in May and the song’s popularity resurfaced when it was used during the Olympics. So the release of the video is both timely and genius of producers.

The video is set up like a documentary that combines performance footage of Phillip and general everyday life footage. I’m pretty impressed. Phillip may just be poised to break the Idol curse that has plagued several of the past winners.

Here’s the video for you to enjoy:




    • You are so right.  He seems like a real nice guy.  How are you feeling?  Hope all is well.

      • Hi Ms. Phyllis!  Feeling great but want to eat brownies five times a day!  I should tape a pic of Jessica Simpson on my mirror, haaa. Don’t you just love this video.  I always loved his voice but didn’t realize how ridiculously handsome he is.  Hope all is well with you in Sin City doll!!

      • @Vanessa  Go to the food network site and type in Knock You Naked brownies.  They are from a cooking show called Pioneer Woman [I think her name is Ree Drummond].  These brownies will put all others in the shade.

      • Oh My God @TEMPLAR…it was an epic night at my house.  The caramels just killed it!  Heavenly…thanks to you, the Pioneer Woman and my husband for making them!!!

      • @Templar…we just have to agree on something eventually.  Sure is a hot summer, isn’t it?!!  BTW, even when you don’t like something or someone you don’t get snarky or nasty.  That is a very cool quality 🙂

      • @30391529072ccc9d42ac0427885b966f:disqus I like him as a person, but his music is just too laid back and mild to appeal to me.  I’m more of a Bon Jovi, Queen, Adam lambert, Def Leppard type of listener.  And I prefer really strong vocals.  

      • Well some of us have class….and some don’t.

        Please do not lump Queen in with any other group or artist, they are unique and stand apart from all else.

  1. I Love it! It’s a video I can watch over and over again. His voice is so amazing. I also thought it was cute how he had clips of his girlfriend in the video. 

  2. I didn’t pick up on Idol until Season 4.  Before then I had no clue as to who Ryan, Simon, or Randy were.  So I wasn’t around for the emotions of Kelly’s win.  I liked the song though.

    Since I’ve been watching, I’d say this is by far the best winners song that Idol has had.  It was on a local station’s playlist until the Idol tour came here (July 5 or 6 I think) but I haven’t heard it since on that station. 

    I enjoyed hearing it on the Olympics.  I hope it gets played again around here. 

    Good luck to not only Phillip, but all the contestants. 

  3. It is nice to see a real video. Good luck to Philip. (His face still reminds me of a young Steve McQueen.)

  4. A wonderful ode to just being yourself…P2 has had this since day 1. Lots of luck .

  5. I love this, I new from the very first time that he sang that he would be a huge star, and look at him now, he is amazing.     Janet

  6. I am so happy for Phillip.  He seems like a genuine upstanding person.  I hope he has much success and stays true to himself.   I LOVE this video.

    • Hi Phyllis! Iam really happy for Phillip too. He does indeed seem like a nice person. Like you I hope he has a lot of success too. I may not be watching American Idol this year. Depends on who the judges are! I will miss Steven Tyler very much. But I could tell he really did not like his job as a judge. You could tell by looking at his face at times he was just plain bored. Steven said he did not like to criticize any of the contestants. It was in todays paper. Also Steven gets bored very easy. That comes from years and years of touring. he is not a person who likes to sit still for long period of time. even though he was next to JLO.  Not sure what it is with Branden or Matt so far?? Maybe they hgave decided to keep mum this year. I sure as heck didn’t know you were posting as Pjg162???? I think their board is a bit messed up!  I tried to say something to Dixie above. and it wouldn’t post.   Your friend Sherry K

  7. Branden/Matt…..I have been commenting under Phyllis G (Las Vegas) and now it comes out Pjg162.  Whats up with that?

  8. I hope you all are right ..I like Phillip but this song is off key and full of la lala la lala la’s.No substance ..Hope he can do better

  9. LOVE IT!  Phillip is the real deal, spunk, charisma, talent…the genuine article.  Can’t wait for his first CD release!

  10. Hey Branden, you haven’t done your research. The David Cook song “Time of your Life” debuted at No. 3 and has sold 1.4 million digital downloads, Phillip’s song only peaked at No. 10 and may not reach the 1 million download mark.

    • Hey Branden! How are you this year sweet heart? So what if he didn’t do his research? You want his job? Branden is nice and he is funny. And a good guy! David Cook is not the same kind of singer as Phillip. I like David Cook. He is a rocker. And has a very serious look on his face when he sings!  But Phillip looks like he is having more fun.  So, really who care which one sold the most records??  Can’t see where that is such a big deal??  Lets give Phillip some more time and see how the young man does. With Gods blessing!

      • “It’s the most successful American Idol winner’s first single since Kelly Clarkson” – this is why it is a big deal.. The whole article started with a lie.. Well I’m not stupid to not notice anything like that.. Anybody who is an AI fan should know this.. I don’t want his job because he writes bogus articles.. Sorry.

  11. Sweet song and video for Phillip Phillips! He’s great and he
    has lots of talent and he was great to watch on American Idol. I loved having
    the chance to watch him as much as I did skipping commercials. It’s great to be
    able to put more focus on my shows than them annoying ads. AI happens to be one
    of my favorite shows during primetime and now I can enjoy my shows with no
    interruptions. I can watch all my PrimeTime Anytime shows with the option to
    skip annoying commercials. I was amazed with the Auto Hop feature, after my
    coworker at Dish showed me how it functions.  Now I won’t wear out my remote or batteries
    like I did all the time.

    •  Yeah if Dish is so great, why did they drop AMC, home of the great “Walking Dead” no thanks.
      Not to mention killing off the Voom HD network, never again killer dish

  12. Hollywood hope u watched this…this young man needs to be in movies…He’s got that magic…called “Star”!   God bless him…and those his music touches..

  13. This is kind of strange and dark, even depressing. Nothing in this video is relative to the lyrics. I don’t get it. It seems rushed and sloppy. Just a bunch of mixed up video clips is what I see. Still don’t like the song and the video didn’t change that. It looks like my last collage of home movie clips. 

    Still wishing Phil the best! I didn’t find anything artistic about watching some guy yawn and scratch his scruffy facial hair though. And Phil just doesn’t look like he enjoys singing this song. And more of the faking of the Ohhhhs and Ahhhhs? How many times are you going to attempt to revive this song? Bring us something new and original Phillip!!!!!!!!

    Just my humble opinion….

    •  I saw a lot videos from the AI-Tour concerts and everybody could see he enjoyed the “Home” – song.  Opposide to this I thought, when he sang it the first time at the finale, he felt a bit uncomfortable. But  the Tour version of this song with Colton and Deandre backing up and without marchingband is a bit different and I like it a lot better and I think Phillip also.

  14. Dixie, I totally agree with you! Isn’t Phillip just so sweet. And when he sings you can tell he likes it. He is in to the music!! This is for all of you grumpy people who do not appreciate a good rocking fun time with Phillips song. It is fun airy and a foot stomping good time! Phillip is a lot of fun. And he has a beautiful smile!

  15. Remember back about 3 weeks ago, I said Nick Jonas was in the running for AI judge…my AI source has confirmed the final deal is done and they expect him to be sign next week or so.

  16. A bit off point, but this is a heads up to Scotty fans.  Mjsbigblog has new video of Scotty singing The Dance [Garth] at The Opry.  It’s worth jumping over there to watch it.

  17. @Vanessa…Things are great in Sin City but I will heading East next week to New York.  My son and his wife just had a baby girl, my first grandchild, we are so excited.  Vanessa you may as well eat the brownie now, you can blame the weight gain on your pregnancy…LOL

    • Yay Phyllis, congrats to your family! You must be overjoyed with your baby girl.  Enjoy New York too 🙂

      • Hi Sherry,  I don’t understand whats going on but now it seems to be back to Phyllis (Las Vegas)…..How are you?  How’s your summer?  You now I’m hoping the Adam is a judge next season but I also know that I will watch Idol no matter who the judges are.  I do wish they would change the voting system….(thats a very important issue I wish they would address).  I love the young talent that comes out of Idol so I will continue to watch.  Hey girl, take care.  Good to see you on the site.

      • We are very excited and we will enjoy New York.  I’ll be in Albany but I will still be in the New York State of mind….:-)

  18. Just got back from the Idols Live! concert last night. I got home about 4am. I’m very tired! Loved it and so did my guests. 

    Thanks again to Matt and AINdotcom and AEG!!!

    We hung around at the main entrance and they had 9 of the top 10 come out and greet everyone. Phillip was a no show. In case you were wondering I haven’t changed my mind about him. It was very hot and humid in Charleston. It was almost unbearable but we toughed it out for two and a half hours waiting on the performers to come out. All of them greeted their fans except Phillip. I guess he had already given us, what was in his mind, our money’s worth of him. The heat may have been too much for him…poor guy. We all know how frail and weak he is. HHMMFFF!!!

    Oh well, he won’t be able to maintain a fan base by snubbing his nose at the people who will be paying his bills. I just fest sorry for all those little children who were chanting his name over and over in hopes of seeing him close up and in person and he let them all down.

    Anyway, as far as the concert goes, you all might be surprised at this but there was one performance that really stood out of the whole night. It was Joshua Ledet singing “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”. It was spectacular and though it wasn’t planned or talked about ahead of time, my guests and I gave him a huge standing ovation and cheered very loudly!! I look around me and nobody else is standing up and I was getting some nasty, NASTY looks from some of the people around me. I guess they had enough standing ovations from the judges on the show for Joshua. But I promise you it was completely spontaneous and the performance gave me chills, for real.

    Another great performance was Elise Testone’s “Whole Lotta Love”.

    One very fun performance was “Proud Mary” featuring Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, and DeAndre Brackensick. This performance was just over the top fun!!! 

    Loved the whole show but those are just some stand out moments. Hollie Cavanagh also did a great job on “Rollin’ In The Deep”. Colton Dixon did a great job on “Piano Man” and his new original “Never Gone”.

    The least impressive of the night was Phillip Phillips, Skylar Lane, Erica Van Pelt, and Heejun Han. These contestants were just not in the game. Skylar’s performances were very subdued and lacked energy which is a huge contrast to the way she performed during the competition. 

    While meeting the crowd out front of the coliseum I was most impressed by Erika, Joshua, Hollie, DeAndre, and Colton. The scorching heat and humidity didn’t spoil their spirits at all. They seemed to be very flattered and appreciative of the fan’s support.

    On the other hand, Jessica, Elise, Skylar and Heejun seemed almost annoyed and bothered by the whole process. And as I mentioned Phillip didn’t even show up!!! It’s funny how you get a different perspective when you see them live but their personalities seemed to be exactly as I had pictured each one of them. 

    Had a great time Matt! Thanks again!!

    • I understand how you feel after two and a half hours waiting for them to come out. But you may want to give them the benefit of the doubt and not be judgmental. They have been to so many cities. They are kids and  this is their first experience touring. Exhaustion can set in and I can imagine how one may not have the energy that night to be as vibrant as you want them to be. They will later get used to that life and they’ll adjust. If you don’t know all the facts, it will be more kind to give them the benefit of the doubt. I believe that’s what a decent person will do.

      • I think I am a pretty decent person. 

        Let’s see, I had some issues with my dad this week. I was in and out of the doctor’s office and the hospital. Had to relocate him, clear out his apartment and get him established in the new location. Had to drive 5 hours to GA and 5 hours back to pick up my sister to help me with this. Had to move all of his bank accounts and his utilities to the new location. I drove 4 and half hours to Charleston for the concert, and sat two hours through the concert and then waited 2 and a half hours for the contestants to come out. After Phillip didn’t show up I got back into my car and drove 4 and a half hours back to my home and arrived at dawn on Tuesday morning and I don’t regret a moment of it!The only one that didn’t show up was Phillip. The rest made an attempt to greet their fans and I give them credit for that. None of them were even close to being rude or inhospitable. I was just making an observation of their demeanor. I was very satisfied with the experience and I had a great time. I am almost twice Phillip’s age and I have been non stop for two solid weeks dealing with my dad and working on top of that then making the two trips I discussed and I had more vibrancy in my big toe than Phillip did on stage and then didn’t bother to show up afterwards. He was on stage less than anyone else and couldn’t muster enough gumptions to come meet his fans.All I am saying is that those children that were there to see him and him alone were very disappointed to say the least. 

      • Taymaro:  We all go through rough phases in life.  It seems like you’re going through one of those now, since your unfortunate fall.  Things will ease up, just ease up on yourself and try to relax and enjoy the good moments.  You are a decent person, most of us are.  I hope for the most part you enjoyed the concert, I’m sure your nieces did.   Smile 🙂

    • Taymaro, hope you and your dad are feeling better.  I went through a lot with my mom.  You feel like you’re the only one but..we’re not.  You’ve proven you have a strong will so don’t let one kid get the best of you!  Hope to see you posting again soon.  This too will pass, trust me.

      • Thank You @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus , I am not down at all. I am doing well. I have never let myself develop a sense of entitlement. If you go through life expecting rainbows and butterflies all of the time it’s easy to be knocked for a loop when the slightest difficulty arises. I don’t let that happen. I know that trouble is waiting around every corner to try and steal your joy and stop you from doing the things that you really want and need to do in order to live a happy life. I just deal with it as it comes along and rely on my faith in God and my determination to get me through any situation. No matter what happens I know that it’s all part of a bigger plan and it’s purpose is to strengthen me for the next crisis that happens my way.

        If an individual gets overly stressed or depressed very easily, I suggest they do a little soul searching in order to discover the real issue. It’s not the challenges that they are encountering that causes their discontent. It’s a deep rooted sense of self entitlement that is at the root. Loretta Lynn’s old song “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” comes to mind as a very good life lesson. Always be ready to deal with the thorns while you enjoy the beauty of the flower. Don’t get overwhelmed or angry at situations that arise. Those feelings come from a deeply held resentment that these things DARE happen to you. It’s not all about YOU!!! It’s about the master plan and life in general. That is my attitude about it. It’s not the situations in life that should define your character, it’s how you handle those situations.

        Paula Abdul: “Adversity doesn’t build your character. It reveals your character.”

      • @Taymaro:  Happy to hear your head is on straight.  You now sound like your old self, forge ahead!

    •  I saw some North Charleston fan reviews on Ticketmaster and these people must see an other show than you , because I only red positive comments about Phillip. Many of them considered him or atleast one of his performances as favourite moment of the show.
      And he was there at the meet and greet, while Jessica was not ( but I would not hold it against her).

      • Must have been Phillip Phillips fans. A lot of people were cheering for him. And of course it was Elise’s home town or at least where she lived at the time she auditioned for the show, so there were a lot of cheers for her as well. I wasn’t at the “official” meet and greet so I wouldn’t know. I didn’t have a VIP ticket. I was only at the area out front where they greeting the general public and that is where Phillip didn’t show up. I haven’t really been a P2 fan so it was just another mark against him in my book of things NOT to like about him. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        The show was great. Everyone did a great job. I really, REALLY enjoyed it! Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!!

      • Taymaro, I ´m reading your comments for a while. And before the finale there weren´t any anti-Phillip comments from you. You always commented pro- Jesscia and pro-Phillip. But after the finale you began all things,what happened ( for example that Phillip gave his parents his new car) to hold against him. Maybe there is a good reason that he didn´t came out after the concert ( not feeling well ). I know, that he came out after  the concert one day before ( in Deluth ) and after a lot other concerts.
        You should stop to be bitter about Jessica´s losing. 

      • I’m not bitter about Jessica losing; I’m bitter about the best of the two contestants not winning. IMO Jessica didn’t lose. She will go on to do bigger and better things than Phillip.

        I understand that he came out in Duluth. I’m sure the rest did too. Does that excuse him from coming out in N. Charleston? No.

        I wanted Phillip to win because I had a bet since the live shows started that he was the one who would win this season. I knew from his audition that he was the “chosen one” this year. I wanted to win that bet so I pushed Phillip but I also stated that he wasn’t the best of the two. But I encouraged people to vote for him at the same time. So there you have it. That’s why the conflicting remarks. 

        One thing has nothing to do with the other. I want him to win for my own bragging rights but I still don’t think he should have been the winner of the two finalists.

    • Yes Taymaro our taste are 180.
      When I saw them, “Proud Mary” made me sick and it showed the worst of all three performers.
      The best for me was Phillip+Jessica performance of Volcanoes.

      Whatever…the point is you’re judging someone else when you have no idea of the circumstances or what it is like being in their shoes.

      I seem you’re still bitter because Jess didn’t win….good grief get over it!

      • I don’t care if you don’t agree. That’s what makes the world such a wonderful place and leaves room for success across the board. If everyone had the same taste we would only need one performer or one style or one genre. 

        I enjoyed the entire concert and I was just pointing out the performances that stood out in my mind.

        It was disappointing that Phillip didn’t come out. I am sure it was disappointing for more than one person who was there. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and went in with an open mind about him fully expecting to be a little more impressed by him live than I was when he was on the TV show. Instead Joshua is the one who completely changed my mind. His performance was the best of the night for me. Maybe not for everyone, but for me. Elise ran a close second behind him with “Whole Lotta Love”. 

        They were all good but those two were absolutely outstanding IMO.

  19. Okay, Branden said Home was the biggest selling first single since Kelly Clarkson and people are calling him a liar. Please explain to me how he is lying.

  20. Pally45, Branden is a very sweet person. and for some stupid reason they like to pick on him. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!! Branden is a nice person and he would NOT LIE to you!!!!!! PERIOD.He just does his job and some of the twirps like to nag him. Or see if they can upset him. Branden you are a sweet heart. Do not pay any attention to their baloney. Later Sherry

  21. @Vanessa, @Pally45 and @Lord Calvin,
    Don’t fall out of your chairs, but I love this song and video. I might be partial to the video since a good portion was filmed here in Colorado.
    I personally felt it was a fitting tribute for the horrific losses we suffered including the personal loss of my beloved 21 year old nephew during the month of July. Home brings me some comfort and for that I thank you Phillip. I know those we lost are with God and that Heaven is now their “Home”.

    • @Linda,  so terribly sorry for your loss.  Music can be comforting to the soul in times like these.  I’m sure your sweet nephew would want his family to live happily and keep his memory close.  I heard P2’s song will be played at tonight’s finale in gymnist segment and again in a Clint Eastwood film in September.  Nice soothing song…I’m sending a hug from New York to Colorado to you and a prayer as well.

    • Linda..I’m also very sorry for your loss. So sad to lose one so young. A parent should never have to bury their child.

  22. Love the video. Finally something that is actually nice to watch. I wish Phillip all the best, and Colton too 🙂

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