Phillip Phillips’ Album Has a Title and Release Date

phillip_phillips_cd_artDespite what American Idol Season 11 champion Phillip Phillips said earlier about his first album not coming out until next year, it looks like we can expect it before Christmas after all.

It didn’t sound right hearing the producers who put out Idol albums would be willing to miss the holiday rush. Even if you might have found the best American Idol winner in years.

According to Digital Spy, the Idol winner’s debut alum will be called¬†The World From The Side of The Moon and the drop date is Monday, Nov. 19. Phillip has been working on the album for months now and has been doing a lot of the writing. He has said that he wants to lead the direction the album is going in. And it was beginning to sound like he was pushing it back on his own, but I’m guessing the executives stepped up and have put a rush on the album to make it in time for holiday sales.

UPDATE: We’ve also now got the album art!

Are you planning on buying Phillips’ first album The World From The Side of The Moon?




  1. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT….in the beginning of nov. adam is releasing an 8 song remix of tracks from”trespassing’!!! that takes precedence!!

    • I love Adam but honestly, I would think the current American Idol’s release date takes precedence.

  2. Terrific for Phillip! Yes, I would purchase it in advance if I could. I love his voice and I admire his solid character.

  3. Can’t wait for it. Phil is such a good artist and I’ll definitley be getting a copy of the cd

  4. Isn’t it wonderful that America got it right last year. It’s about time. We have had good singers come in second or third just because of the voting system. I sure hope they get a new way of counting the votes and stop the vote stuffing that has been going on.
    We have a winner this past year and I am so tickled to hear his music.

  5. Phillip sang the National Anthem so well last night at World Series. He has such a unique voice and style. Sometimes nice guys finish first!

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