American Idol 2013: Schedule For Top 4 Week Part 2

No one eliminated on American Idol

This crowd looks familiar. The American Idol 2013 Top 4 are back again after no one was eliminated in a shocking twist that everyone saw coming.

This week the Top 4 will back with another round of double performances from each of the Idol finalists. They’ll be performing “now and then” songs which have been explained by TIP as “Standards and Hit Songs Of 2013.” So something old and something new for you this time around.

The Top 4 will be singing for your votes starting at 8PM this Wednesday on FOX in another two-hour performance show. The lowest vote earner will be in trouble as there’s no longer any Save in the way of her elimination.

Keep in mind that this week’s American Idol 2013 results show on Thursday will have a little twist with it. Last week’s votes will be summed with this week’s results to decide the final outcome.

Who do you think will be in danger this week of elimination? Can Candice and Amber get back out of the danger zone by Thursday night? Keep watching to find out!




  1. I am still voting the rest of this season but it is hard after the person you really wanted to win goes home. Janelle was my favorite. I hope they make big changes in the show next year (like getting rid of Nikki) or I will not be watching AI any more after this season. I have watched every year since it started but this year with Nikki on I have to tape the show and fast forward through her or leave the room till she is finished ranting and raving and being so irritating.

    • If Janelle had been saved, none of this would be happening. I liked Janelle, and I think her “song for a save” was save-worthy. Plus I would have gotten to hear her sing for an extra week or maybe longer.

  2. If someone’s favorite was in the bottom last week, s/he will probably vote extra hard this week. Any one of them could win. It is such a close race….. it may just depend on who actually sings better. My favorite is Angie but I would be happy with whomever wins.

  3. Listening to them perform is the best part. These girls are very talented and personable. I will be happy for any of them. I fast forward over any judge who starts to get crazyb- except for Keith!
    I think Candice will get tremendous voting support and anyone else the judges pick on. I think the over praising backfires (listening judges?!)

  4. kree wont be going hoe shes the best and so is candice the one should leave is amber and ange there bot fake think there better then any other see right threw aniealt of people think the sam way shes good but she fake like

    • kree and candice hope tey win for sure sis aber and angie areok but they seem to on there selfs fr sure.

      • thans sisi just thi it going to be a i shoer to thworld who really wins this year one of the crapys one like amber and he sholnt win at all or agie. kre or candice we hpe

  5. kree and candice should be the winners just lke you saikris im al l for you to kris you are right angie and amber thin there the world not rally fakes

    • candice all the way.or kree all he way those two are best.amber and angie think they ae beter the can see righthewthem boh peoplestuck on there sels.candice or kreewin

  6. I agree with Danilo Plaza about last week’s votes. They should not be carried forward to this week. I don’t think the “bottom two” should have to be trying to play catch-up with last week’s votes. What is more important–voting numbers or putting double pressure on two contestants’ who don’t deserve to be “punished” for the bad decisions made by whoever on American Idol made them? I voted last week, and I would not be insulted if the votes were dropped. When there is a “save,” the votes are not carried through to the next week. Whether it’s called a “new twist” or a “save,” it’s basically the same. No one goes home, and the show should go on without last week’s results being included. Wipe the slate clean and continue with a fresh start this week.

  7. Amber would have gone home if it wouldn’t have been for the
    “non-elimination” crap they pulled so she should be thankful, not feel
    punished. Its only fair the votes from last week add up to the next idol results. Angie worked very hard last week and that has to pay off
    somehow. They are not punishing anyone. Contestants are supposed to work hard to win, not to catch up!
    Either way Amber will leave. All they did was put the show on “pause”.
    Kree will suck again. Candice will sing a ghetto song on her on way + a mind blowing performance,
    Amber will be praised by the judges even if she sucks + an okay performance and Angie will be
    perfect as always. JUST WATCH.

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