American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Finalists Preparing Winning Album

Angie Miller performs on American Idol 2013

For an American Idol finalist, the swirl of media publicity surrounding them is almost overwhelming. The constant attention, interviews and devoted fans on social media, combined with a weekly television appearance, keeps interest at a very high level. The voting public’s favorite contestant will go on to win the title of American Idol Season 12 and the show will come to an end. Unfortunately, the media attention also tends to come to an end shortly following the season finale.

The winner of American Idol is awarded, among other things, a recording contract that allows them to release their debut album and capitalize on their hard won achievement.

The drawback? The process of producing an album can take months, by the time the songs are written, arranged and recorded in the studio. During this time the intense excitement generated by the newly crowned American Idol has inevitably begun to wane and the level of publicity has been in a steady decline since the season came to an end. The cliché, “out of sight, out of mind” comes into play in a big way.

There is a fairly long list of former Idol winners who have lost their recording contracts because by the time their debut album was released, there was little, if any, interest left among consumers. The album simply did not sell and the record company had no choice but to drop them.

This season, the American Idol 2013 finalists are trying something new in the hopes of avoiding the same fate that so many of their predecessors have met with. According to The Idol Pad, our source for the most reliable inside information on Idol, the remaining contestants have been busily working on writing and recording original songs so that when the winner is announced, the lucky girl will be ready to release her debut album almost immediately, while public and media interest will still be at its peak.

The Idol Pad is also revealing that the finalists will have the opportunity to perform one of their original songs before the season comes to a close, and when the winner is crowned, she will perform a song that she either wrote or co-wrote.

Another benefit of the immediate release of an album will be that the winner of American Idol Season 12 will have the chance to promote the album by performing her songs during the upcoming American Idol Tour this summer.

Are any one of the remaining girls memorable and media savvy enough to safely wait until the season is over to begin work on an album? Do you think that this year’s American Idol will have a better chance of succeeding by getting her songs written and recorded ahead of the show’s finale?

Source: The Idol Pad




  1. I read that Haley Reinhart’s contract was cancelled by Interscope because her album didnt sell. why didnt they think of doing this sooner. I doubt they were doing it without AI’s knowledge. Somebody is paying for studio time. Jimmy’s company loses a lot of money if he has to drop somebody. Probably his idea.

  2. I think that is a really good idea ! I have noticed quite a few of the winning idols just sort of disappear. This will be nice for the winner. And like someone else said for the ones who do not write their own songs too.

    They will get experience from the ones who do write their own songs like Angie. / American Idol you have made a wise decision! Thank-You for doing this for the youngsters! May god bless each and every one of them. And may the best girl win!

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