1. Pia have a good voice but less follower so better she move to be a presenter

  2. Wow is that Pia Toscano why not have her on the judging panel, why not Adam Lambert as well,in fact wouldn’t it best to have a record producer as the main spokes person who makes the deciding factor, yes okay 3-4 judges were the norm before.But about the final, well it depends from where you watched the program, for me via a tv there were to many commercial breaks, performances by Keith were lame, Mariah was a waste of time, the show lacked razz mar tazz. Psy and seeing Angie and Adam on stage was good, but there was no explosive performances and as for Aretha Franklin couldn’t she be bothered to travel by train, I mean you do have first class trains there in the USA? I am very please Candice won, isn’t it amazing how Adam Lambert ha taken off for coming second and Chris [whats his name] who won has faded. Pia was booted off and now lands a hosting job, it proves that if you have talent you do not need to win idol to be successful or a star but it helps.Candice is heading for stardom for sure another Jennifer Hudson her career is mapped out for sure with the correct producers and managers.
    Pia could land a modelling job any day with that figure.

    I would hope that Ryan continues and if not who do you choose,who does it like Ryan.

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