American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Top 3 Songs Leaked

Candice Glover

The American Idol 2013 Top 3 are taking on three songs this week. One will be picked by the judges, another by Jimmy Iovine and the third by the producers. And thanks to TIP, we’ve got the alleged song spoilers for the week.

The American Idol 2013 Top 3 Song Spoilers

Angela Miller

  • “Maybe” by Emile Sandé
  • “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” by Elton John
  • “Try” by Pink

Candice Glover

  • “Next To Me” by Emile Sandé
  • “One” by U2 & Mary J. Blige
  • “Somewhere” by Reri Grist/Barbra Stresiand

Kree Harrison

  • “Perfect” by Pink
  • “Better Dig Two” by The Band Perry
  • “Here Comes Goodbye” by Chris Sligh/Rascal Flatts

I don’t mean to sound terrible, but these song choices are AWFUL. I mean AWFUL. I like my Top 3 song suggestions, WAY better. At least I get my wish of Candice singing a Mary J. song. But the rest? Ack.

What do you think of these American Idol 2013 Top 3 song spoilers?




  1. who picked these horrendous songs??? and why??? marlee matlin could have done better!!

    • It was explained in the articles, for every contestant, one song is chosen by judges, one by Jimmy and one by producers. Ever wonder why many people believe AI is so out of touch? You could throw all of these people under the bus for such uninspired choices, and nobody would’ve even noticed.

  2. Branden, I agree that most of these songs are awful. There should be at least one song choice by the contestants to show what they would liked to have sung. Don’t see why there have to be two Pink songs the same evening and two by Emile Sande. Is this supposed to be for comparison between the way contestant’s handle the artist’s singing style? Kree seems to have gotten the worst deal. I presume they will be doing the “revised” version of “Perfect,” but most people know there is another version that would not be permitted on Idol. Also, the last song for Kree “Here Comes Goodbye” seems like a prediction. I remember Melinda Doolittle on Season 6 always said she did not want to sing a song that even hinted of goodbye because, in the past, when a contestant sang a goodbye song, they were voted off that week. Can only hope your TIP people are incorrect this week, but they have been so reliable in the past it’s improbable. With Angle’s strong fan base, the real contest is probably between Candice and Kree, anyway.

    • It is Emeli Sandé and her songs are great if you are an R&B style singer so Candice should be at home with Next To Me. There is an acoustic version of Maybe on You Tube that Angie could make her own by performing it as simply as Emeli does with the acoustic backing and her voice taking center stage.

      I am not sure how well Emeli Sandé is known here since she only released her debut album in June 2012. Simon Cowell rates her as the top current singer/songwriter. There is no doubt that her best known song is Next To Me and that is tailor made for Candice.

    • i agree and great comment…but i do remember that the contestants have chosen A Song before ….and not that long ago. Wish them all Good Luch..i do not plan on voting as my voting ended when my favorites went home.

    • Wasn’t just the judges. One choice was Jimmy Iovine’s, and the other one was the producers’. What impressed me more than the vocals on Pink’s “Try” was the choreography on the video. But, this isn’t “So You Think You Can Dance,” and the song by itself is just “OK for me” to use Randy’s words.

  3. Since Angie’s path will most likely be in the same direction as Colton Dixons, you’d think she would have a song of faith in at least one of the three?

    • She has no say in the matter. Songs were all picked by others so there is no contestant choice this season at the Top 3 stage as there has been in previous seasons. Controlling the result comes to mind!!

    • She will have a chance to sing that song if she survives and goes to the final two. I think one of the three songs for the finale is a repeat of the one they had performed in earlier rounds.

  4. @Branden: I don’t class these as song “choices” since the contestants are made to sing songs chosen by others. I guess there must be a P!nk and an Emeli Sandé fan among those who chose the songs. Note her name is Adele “Emeli” Sandé and not Emile per your song lists.

    If Angie does Maybe per Emeli’s acoustic version that is on You Tube, she could make it work – to pinch a line from the song but she will really need to put some emotion into it.

    Next To Me is tailor made for Candice Glover because it is an up tempo R&B song and listening to Emeli singing it, you can almost hear Candice in her voice so I think she has the better of the two Sandé “choices.”

    Of the P!nk songs, Perfect is the better known since Try is from her new album and since Maybe is one of the lesser known numbers from Emeli Sandé, I think Angie has a real challenge but the songs will suit her voice if she does what she is capable of and I’m sure she will be at the piano for the Elton John song.

    I remember Season 10 at this stage when Jackson chose You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette for Haley Reinhart and then ripped her for her performance of a song that is goddamn awful as it is. I recall Crystal Bowersox doing a “duet” with this song with Morissette and it was awful then!

    By contrast, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery were given 3 country songs to sing – duh!

    At least that season in the top 3, the Contestant was able to choose one of the three songs.

    This season, the contestants have no say so, more than any other season at the top 3 stage of this so called competition, others can sway the result by the song “choices.”

    All we can hope is that the three very talented young ladies rise to the occasion and give us a good show but there is no doubt that Candice has the songs that are more likely to make her shine tomorrow.

  5. It really doesn’t matter, Angie could sing the telephone book and still win.

  6. lol i honestly cant say that i know any of these songs such bad choices for the girls but i wish all 3 good luck and kick butt , you are all winners in your own way, not winning American Idol is not the end of the world its only broadcasting you for other people and opportunities to come your way, their are so many winners of this show that just dropped off the radar , this is just a stepping stone, win or lose you are the ones that can direct your destiny to where you want it to go. As i said good luck ladies and my best of wishes and i will be watching to cheer you all on.

  7. Candice definitely got the better Emile Sandé song: “Next To Me”. They’re not doing Angie any favors by giving her one of Emile’s obscure & not very good songs “Maybe” that lyrics repeatedly say “maybe it’s time to go”. How come Candice gets the best set of songs by far? Unfair!!

  8. I don’t like the picks for the girls so my personal advice at this point would be just remember who your favorite is & stick with it because all 3 girls can sing their butts off! My fav is Kree just love her pure smooth vocals!

  9. Omg! I have an idea, why dont the ones that chose these songs just sing them!!! Better idea, let the singer have a say and a choice in their own music, thats the best song choices!!!

  10. Awful! I agree! especially for Kree! PINK really??? The two country songs they chose for her are certainly not ones I’d call awesome. I’m stunned that out of all the great country songs, these are the ones she has to try and sell!! Yuck!!!

  11. Terrible song choices. There are better songs out there and they should have picked songs that all people know. The best of luck to all three. They are all worthy, but my favorite is Candice. Kree is my next pick and Angie comes in third place for me. She is highly overrated. Good luck to all.

  12. I Think they gave Angie songs that she wouldn’t do well on purpose. I’ve heard the hype about judging being fixed for ratings & always ignored it….well not this year! Im done watching Idol. I’ll stick to the voice!

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