American Idol 2013 Top 4 Performances Live Recap: Final Four Girls Do It Again

Kree Harrison

It’s not deja vu, but it feels like it because the American Idol 2013 Top 4 are again taking the stage to sing for your votes, America.

Tonight, they’ll be singing two songs each again and then they’ll be doing a group song at the end. Tonight’s themes are Then and Now.  And as always, we’ll be recapping the performances live and I’ll be grading each performance with a letter grade. Please join me and share your thoughts and own grades in our comments section below.

American Idol 2013 Top 4 Performances 

 Round One: Now (2013)

Angie Miller, “Diamonds.” Well she’s back at the piano. That’s apparently the only place the judges want her to be. So that’s good. I guess. The other good thing is that I really dislike Rihanna’s version of this song, but I didn’t dislike Angie’s. Well, except for that one part where she screamed. I thought the performance was really smart and powerful. Angie continues to go strong. And even though I find her boring at this point, I think she’s still very talented and worthy. Grade: A-

 (OK, so let me get this straight. The week I think Angie did very well, the judges didn’t? Seriously? OH, so this week their plan is to criticize Angie in an attempt to boost Amber’s votes. Unbelievable. And I’ll only take these thoughts back IF they criticize Amber in a bit.)

Amber Holcomb, “Just Give Me A Reason.” That was a pretty solid effort from Amber. I think I’ve finally realized what it is that’s causing me to disagree with the Amber love. It’s her problem with annunciation. I think she has a strong voice, but the way she performs songs don’t always connect with me. Grade: B

(Uh-oh. The judges learned that their excessive Amber praise is catching some attention, so they’re clearly pulling back. And hey Randy, you know what it’s called during this time of the show when the contestants start acting off? It’s called FATIGUE you worthless hack. They’ve been performing for weeks and weeks. They’re worn out. Please ditch the Dawg, Idol.)

Candice Glover, “When I Was Your Man.” OK, I love Candice, but singing this song is just weird. Even more weird that she didn’t change the pronoun. I know it’s just a song, but when you cover a song, you adopt it as your own and we’re supposed to believe the words you sing. OK, I’m over thinking this. EDIT: I’ve learned that Candice wasn’t permitted to change the words, which makes total sense. Overall, the vocals were great and Candice is very talented. Grade: B

(It’s definitely opposites week. I’m going to stop analyzing these judges because they’re all crazy. Last week they hated Candice, this week they don’t.)

Kree Harrison, “See You Again.” What ever the judges were smoking last week benefited Kree because their ridiculous critiques apparently lit a new fire under her. Her performance tonight was fantastic. It was emotional and connected just like she said it needed to be. Best of the first round, easily. Grade: A

(Can we show at least half the judges to the door and let Harry Connick Jr. take a seat on the panel?)

Round Two: Then (Standards)

Angie Miller, “Someone To Watch Over Me.” Oh no, she’s not at the piano! Will the world end? Nah. First of all, what a boring theme. It’s so boring that if I get bored by any of these performances, I’m not going to say it because it’s not the contestants’ fault. So when you don’t see me write “This is boring” then it probably actually was boring. OK, no onto Angie’s recap. Hmm. This is harder now that I’ve restricted myself from saying “boring.” So I’ll say her vocal was just fine, especially the end. Grade: B+

Amber Holcomb, “My Funny Valentine.” Hey, if you got a heck of a boost the first time you sang it, why not sing it again. Especially when you were almost sent home the week before. The funny thing is that this wasn’t as good as the first time. It was good, but I liked it the first time better. Grade: B+

Candice Glover, “You Changed.” Yes. Now that was a performance. Unless Kree does something insane, this is the best performance of the night. This genre was perfect for Candice. Which might be why she won’t and shouldn’t win this show. She doesn’t need to win American Idol to sing like that. She’ll be cool with whatever happens. Grade: A+

 Kree Harrison, “Stormy Weather.” I think Kree picked the best song out of the four. Well, she and Amber, that is. Both of their songs really say “standards” to me. Kree’s performance was pretty solid, but no one is topping Candice’s last performance. Grade: A-

(Hahaha. Best moment of the night: Harry Connick Jr. schooling Randy Jackson. Perfection.)

That (obviously pre-recorded) group number at then end was random, but pretty decent. What did you think of it and the rest of the performances? Who were your favorites from the night?




  1. (OK, so let me get this straight. The week I think Angie did very well, the judgesdidn’t? Seriously? OH, so this week their plan is to criticize Angie in an attempt to boost Amber’s votes. Unbelievable. And I’ll only take these thoughts back IF they criticize Amber in a bit.)

      • You do realize I’m just a normal guy who writes for a blog for a pretty small blog wage, right? I’m not employed by Fox or anything affiliated with American Idol. So I’m not sure why your thing is to come here and leave me negative comments every week.

      • branden i sometimes dont agree with your thoughts but that is gonna happen. with angie tonight i quite agree with you. i thought she did really well but they completely cut her down

      • They say this, respectfully, Branden: If you are afraid of the heat, stay out of the kitchen…

        Fair means fair, and you are not. Period. You actually have a thing for Kree. That is OK with me, but do not try to say you are being objective when you are actually not, especially with respect to certain contestant(s) and try to cover it up by a bunch words. It looks so transparent.

        You are repeating the same mantra almost every single time when you are about recapping the show, and it goes quite tiresome after a while. You keep saying that such and such contestant were being praised excessively because such and such things, and you want to see if they are doing the same for tonite show… You keep saying the producers or judges are trying to manipulate results or outcomes. but ironically you are actually doing the same with your so called recaps which can influence people are actually not being objective at all.

        Again, this is my opinion of your writings. Few people might find it
        valid and some others might not find it accurate att all, but life goes on. It’s just a “first world” problem anyway.

      • But where are you getting that I love Kree? I don’t love Kree. I hate country music. I think Kree is the second-best singer. I know you’re trying to pigeon-hole me into this redneck racist white guy category, but that’s far from who I am. FAR.

      • And if this is your idea of respectful, I’d hate to see your ugly side. And for the record, this isn’t CNN. This isn’t journalism. It’s a blog that recaps a tired singing competition show. You should be kinder to people.

      • You should don’t like Amber, I can see that from day one. Are you a racist?? Amber just knocked over that song. That was great. Come on that was an AAAAAAA

      • Please tell me you’re joking with the are you a racist question. How much more clear do I have to be that I love Candice. Is Candice not African-American? I’m SO confused.

      • And is your name Amy, Sandy, Caroline or Tutu so I know what to address you as?

    • your stragety is dumb… really want to think the judges do this for that and so dumb….you seem like you really do not like AMBER. …..FOT

      • I’m sorry, but I can’t understand any of the words you’re typing.

    • Like the singers, I’ve been doing this for weeks and I’m worn out too! Haha

  2. I don’t care about the judges anymore.. I have my own ear and a heart to appreciate music. Love Angie. Waiting for Candice and Kree!

    • Good attitude, Zam! I like to think no one listens to the judges.

  3. @google-2d8a0d62bfd2e45398ed39527ffb907f:disqus I dont know why i copied it lol

    • Disagree! I think Amber seems great, but she is boring to me. I generally fast-forward her performances after the first 30 seconds because she’s uninteresting to me. Also, her “Funny Valentine” was good, but not as good as her performance when she did it the first time. I think her performances slipped, the judges needlessly praised her a ‘little’ too much, and if she is saved from elimination, it will be because of pity votes because she cried. (My opinion)

  4. Agh, can’t wait for Idol to air over here so I can hear them tonight… =3=
    Angie, Kree, Candice… I don’t care who wins, just one of these three. (Sorry to Amber, I’m just not a huge fan of her)

  5. . You know when someone is singing SO PERFCTLY that it touches you and you find yourself forgetting to breathe throughout their performance? #Kreedom

  6. Harry Connick Jr. totally slays the judges. It maybe the reason why the judges are very critical in their comments. Someone’s afraid to lose their job. Ha!

  7. Angie is the whole package, great look, great vocals, writes and plays the piano,very marketable. Kree second, not quite the whole package but then look where Kelly Clarkson is.

      • That’s a very low comment. It doesn’t matter about. Angie is talented! Point, blank, period!

      • Talent isn’t really in question. There are loads of talented people out there. To really make it, you need more than talent, which is what I think SusieQ intends to imply with her comment.

      • Unfortunate but kind of true. I mean, isn’t it the same reason they have an age limit? Are we to believe that being over 30 suddenly means that people are incapable of performing? Of course that’s silly but on Idol, if you’re over 30 you’re just too old (which is particularly LOL inducing considering that all of the judges past and a vast majority of the mentors are pretty well over 30).

        It doesn’t make SusieQ wrong if she’s just pointing out our society’s obsession with skinny women. Of course if that’s not her point…well, I just choose to assume it is.

  8. Branden, let’s just let the judges praise and praise Amber, because they did last week, and look at what happened. BOTTOM 2. If they still praise her, America will figure it out and send her home. I’m done with the standing ovations.

  9. Worst Judging in history of Idol. When people feel the judging is not impartial & even worse, totally inaccurate, then the program loses its appeal. Maybe they can’t hear because of all the insane screaming from the audience ?????

  10. Hey judges! Did you hear Harry disagree with you of Amber’s performance? He made completely sense.

  11. I think there is a very good possibility Angie or Kree will win AI however I agree with Branden’s comment regarding Candice. She does not need to win, she has had the exposure she needed and she will do extremely well, as will Kree.

      • I am not sure how Randy was schooled. Harry made a comment saying that what Amber did “made no sense”. Randy was correct to say something.
        Songs are not meant to sung one way. What happened here is Harry trying to remake these young girls in one session however what he did was make them sing within themselves. They were all uptight. He was not a good mentor.

    • You can actually learn something from Harry through his critics. Love the way he disagreed with Randy. Go away, Randy!

  12. If you loved Angie’s diamond performance, she has a YouTube video up of another rendition she did last year. I lovessssss it!

    Love Amber’s look, but she can go home. Angie is awesome… Sometimes. Candice seriously touches my heart when she sings. Kree is KREE! Can’t get enough of her.
    Tonight was ehh. Lol
    Thanks for this blog Branden. I wouldn’t have survived Randy’s “Yo”s without you

  13. Although I love her, I’d put Angie on the bottom two based on tonight’s performances. She’d be there with Amber, of course. Somehow all that crying from Amber got me annoyed, besides she’s suffering from the same issue Jessica Sanchez faced last season, which is the ‘sing only ballads virus’. The difference is, Sanchez did not get me bored. lol.

  14. Such talent is what I say. However, I have to say I am dispointed in the judges. With that said, I adore Harry!! How sad that Randy chose to argue with him banter or not! This is an accomplished singer and honestly could teach Randy ALOT! I love Kree and really like Candice, Angie and Amber are okay as well. I still will vote for Kree she is the all around talent and has the voice that cant compare to any others, but Candice is very close too. Amber and Angie both are good as well but seems when they go for the high notes it screeches. My thoughts.

  15. I’ve been rooting for Candice since the beginning but if I’m being honest, Kree stole the night. She was absolutely amazing….jmo….I still hope Candice wins though.

  16. “Hey Randy, you know what it’s called during this time of the show when the contestants start acting off? It’s called FATIGUE you worthless hack.” Oh my gosh, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life hahah.

  17. My two favorites are Candice and Kree and Amber…I like Angie and she does sing well but I truly think the other three girls are much better…

  18. Why doesn’t Idol identify who we are voting for when we vote? “Thanks for voting” just doesn’t do it. How do we know our votes are going to the singer we want? There have been other years when the number did not correspond to the singer. How did we know? Because the recording said, “Thanks for voting for contestant (whatever).” Why should I vote, when I can’t even be sure I’m voting for the person I want? This week it’s just “Thanks for voting.”

  19. One thing’s for sure: Next year replace Moriah Carey with Harry Connick Jr. and Nicki with Jlo or Paula! (Or maybe someone better than those two?)

  20. Who was the winner of the judges’ battle rounds? Was it Keith or Randy in Battle #2 or Nicki or Mariah in Battle #1 or was it Harry vs. Randy in Battle #3? Don’t bother calling. It will just say “Thanks for voting.”

    • Speaking of the “Battle Rounds”…The Voice has a greater entertainment value in respect to the judges. The general talent level of the contestants has been better than AI this year as well (Although I think Candice and Kree would be contenders in any contest). Don’t get me wrong…I am still a fan of Idol…they just are not the only game in town these days!

      • On The Voice I never feel like I get to know the contestants. On Idol I know the names of the contestants and remember the winners. I don’t remember any of the winners of The Voice. What I do like on The Voice is the mentoring by the coaches and the chemistry among the coaches/judges, especially Blake and Adam. The two new additions have fit right in, too, and I like them.

  21. I do not know how anyone with functioning ears can deny the pure and raw, yet, refined and controlled singing talent of Candice!? Regardless of the outcome of this contest, if she can pair her talent with some very good promoters and song writers, she will emerge as a “Diva” that rivals Mariah, Whitney, Adele and the like! The quality of tone and the soul that laces it is remarkable. Kree also has a very pure voice that should carry her very far within the Country genre. Amber and Angie should be very marketable for a record company and I think we will see more from all 4 of these ladies.The judges are sideline entertainment and are not perfect. When they are not “Entertainers”, then, they are just fans of music like the rest of us.

  22. Angie completely deserves to win! She’s the total package, and her performances have been steadily strong! GO ANGIE!!

  23. Must admit I did enjoy Harry Connick Jr comments about learning the song (lyrics and melody) first before putting your twist on it. Thought Candice was the best tonight, but worried that she will be eliminated tomorrow.

    • I couldn’t believe that happened, either. I noticed her in the audience before Ryan came down that aisle. It might have been different if she hadn’t been sitting right on the aisle seat. I still remember her performance of “Blue,” and she was criticized for it. It was one of my favorite performances from her.

  24. The judges were definitely trying to boost the vote count for Candace and Amber. The difference is that Candace is a much better singer, although Amber did sing better tonight. Usually she is way off key and therefore the worst singer of the final four girls. To measure how little class the judges panel has just remember that Harry Connick Jr. was an invited guest of the show to mentor the singers but was badly treated by the judges who critiqued him more than the singers at times. I think he would make a good judge for next season.

  25. Branden, since it seems you’ve been getting some…not-so-kind comments from readers, I just thought I’d pipe in with my opinion. Most every week I look forward to reading your live recaps more than I look forward to seeing the show. Even if we haven’t always shared the same opinions over the years, I come back to read these because your blogs are well-written, straight-forward and clear (a nice change from the Idol judges!). Cheers!

  26. I think you mean to say, “Randy schooling Harry was THE best moment of the night”. Yes, Randy knows what he’s talking about if he was privileged to be getting musical advice from Miles Davis back in the day.

  27. I usually like Amber and Angie. This week, their performances left me bored. Probably the worst I seen them both perform all season. Tonight, I thought both of Ambers songs were boring and the she seemed bored while she was performing them. There is no question in my mind that the best performer tonight was Candice, with Kree not far behind. I am not saying Amber and Angie are not good. Just that they were not that great tonight.

  28. I thought the judges were bad last season, but it’s getting worst this season…I miss Simon!

    Btw, so many Amber fans here…or is it just one “crazy one” who keep voting??LOL

  29. Unlike the Voice, the look & image are the most important factors for AI….take a look at the last few winners, if you don’t believe me!

  30. No matter what you say people about Candice being the best of the night, or kree even, yada yada yada, i still want ANGIE TO WIN!!!

  31. Tonight Perfomances in order ( From I liked to less liked)
    1. Candice – You’ve changed
    2. Kree – See You Again
    3. Angie – Diamonds
    4. Candice – When I was Your Man
    5. Amber – Funny Valentine
    6. Kree – A Whiter Shade of Pale
    7. Angie – Someone To Watch Over Me
    8. Amber – Just Give Me A Reason

    Still Candice and Angie for top 2 !!!

    • Kree sang A Whiter Shade of Pale last week. She sang Stormy Weather this week along with See You Again.

  32. Brandon, you have a very narrow view of the standards. These songs are classics and that is why they have been around for decades and will continue to be for years to come. There are very few artists these days that can or have recorded a song that will be a classic!! Kree absolutely butchered Stormy Weather, and not in a good way. She did everything that Harry told her not to.

    • Right! If Kree had been the first ever to sing “Stormy Weather” the way she did last night, it would not even have been a one hit wonder. That was the one song I was really looking forward to hearing. What a disappointment!

  33. This is my top 3 since Hollywood week: Kree Angie and Candice, and I’m still rooting for them until now. I don’t care if the judges continue boosting Amber.Whatever happens, these three are instant stars.

  34. So glad that America got my Top 5. (who are all-girls) Hope they would get my Top 3.

  35. why are you guys so bitter about Amber? It’s not her fault that judges keep on doing this pimping thingy. She’s reached top 4 coz america voted for her; that’s the fact

  36. and yes Branden Barker; it’s kinda obvious that you don’t like amber, it’s so evident in your posts, seems like we can never please everybody after all

    • No, you can’t please everyone all the time. That’s the entire premise of this show. One person wins.

      Not everyone is going to like the same person. Branden is welcome to have his own preferences, likes, dislikes, and opinions. So are you and everyone else.

  37. well i think its time amber goes…
    she has been at the bottom for weeks.
    and im gettting tired of her.
    angie is cleary the best. they built her up last week.
    just to tired her down this week.
    i think the judges are stupid.
    and if american idol wants a musican that is “Marketable”
    then angie is the answer. i mean you really see Candice making it? or amber?? kree may could open for urban this summer. but thats it,. to me i think that angie is far the best.

  38. You have got to be kidding or completely delusional!!

    Let me present the facts.

    Both Angie and Kree had 2 stellar performances. Candice had a great 2nd performance but her 1st was not up to par. And then there was Amber. These 2 performances were among the weakest she has done.
    Angie WINS
    Candice and Kree close seconds
    Bye Bye Amber

  39. I like Harry Connick Jr. but he failed as a mentor last night. His has a strong personality and he is so opinionated, which is good for him, but he overpowered girls and striped them of their personality. He undetermined their self esteem. This show isn’t about him, its about them. His way isn’t the only and necessarily the best way. He could learn a lot form The Voice mentors.All that sadly led to bland and boring performances for girls. They were scared instead of fearless.

  40. Candice glover is the best, she will be the next American Idol.

  41. 1. Angie – Diamond: She is too busy with the arrangement. Change that and that. Vocally not over the top. She is definitely not stepping up. (1.5/5)

    2. Candice – When I Was Your Man: Not her best, but this time is when I really felt her. The emotion is so right on. She always sing with emotion and feelings. Loved it because she sang it like this song means a lot to her. Beautiful. (3.5/5)

    3. Amber – Just Give Me A Reason: She destroyed my favorite song. At first, It sounded pretty good. But when the band start making noises, it ruined everything. It made everything so corny. So karaoke. Not feeling it at all. (2/5)

    4. Kree – See You Again: Kree definitely gave everything that everyone wanted. She showed everybody that shes current. It may not be her best, but I appreciate that she is feeling the song. Beautiful version of the song. She won round one. (3.5/5)

    5. Angie: Angie sounded so stiff. I always loved when she began to sing with the high notes. Dress is awesome. Performance?boring. (2/5)
    6. Amber: I disagree if this was the best My Funny Valentine ever sounded like. I like the vegas round’s version more and more. This is too boring. But vocally, she nailed it. (2.5/5)
    7. Candice: What can I say? Candice is back. I love the jazzy spin at the beginning. She can sing anything everyone better watch out. (4.5/5)
    8. Kree; I expect more from her. This one’s pretty boring. But vocally she really nailed it. She felt every words of it. That’s where sher eally shines. (3/5)

    I honestly thouhgt Angie’s having that inconsistent runs on Idol. I really wanna have Candice-Kree finale.

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