Top 4 Week (Again): Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?

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Last week on American Idol 2013, we said goodbye to no one, but tonight someone will be packing their bags ahead of the Top 3 hometown visits.

And it’s seriously anyone’s game at this point. The judges and contestants themselves have messed with all of our minds so it’s hard to tell who will be going home tonight. The only thing certain is that Ryan Seacrest will deliver the same corny line he delivers every year where he tells a contestant to pack their bags because they’re going home … for the hometown visit, meaning they’re really in the Top 3.

OK, so time to get serious. This is really, really tough this week. For the first time in history, I don’t feel comfortable choosing someone who is “100 percent safe.” So I won’t. I can’t.

American Idol 2013 Top 4 Results Predictions

As always those are just my predictions. This week they’re my very weak predictions. Just please don’t think they’re my personal opinions. They’re just how I think America’s votes could play out. Some of our readers wear me out trying to explain that. But anyway, I get easily distracted at this point every season. So back to it…

Our poll is indicating that Angie is close to the bottom. And while that’s accurate oftentimes, I just can’t believe that. But it’s possible that she might be in danger. It’s also showing us that Amber is way ahead. I also find that hard to believe. But maybe the judge pimping and the reverse psychology this week has actually worked. Hell, maybe Angie will go home and Amber will be in the Top 2. Maybe she’ll even win next week. All I can do at this point is shrug.

Who do you think stays and who do you think goes tonight on American Idol 2013?





    • I love everyone, I do. And I want Candice to win. But the thing is, you’re also saying that Angie’s and Candice’s poll is cheated as well before? Just because Amber owned the poll this week doesn’t mean she’s cheating with the votes. It’s everybody’s game right now, unexpected things happen. So please try to think thoughts before posting them down.

  1. These girls are so powerful. even If One of them will go home tonight they will still outshine. GO KREE AND ANGIE FOR THE FINALS! <3

  2. M I K K O

    an hour ago

    Well. Amber’s poll is obviously cheated.>> bitter

  3. I have no fear for Angie, she has always delivered and is very popular.. The only contestant in my opinion that really delivered last night was Candice. Angie was OK last night, Kree was OK, Amber was less then OK, her rendition of My Funny Valentine.was not impressive. I do not vote because I believe it is predetermined so why waste my time. I would purchase Angie, Kree and Candice’s music. I have downloaded all three, none of Amber.

  4. I just don’t like listening to Amber’s voice, it’s boring. There’s just something about her tone, I don’t like it. She seems like a lovely girl just not as dynamic imho. Angie & Candice FTW!!

    • For me I wouldn’t say it’s her voice. I think she has a wonderful voice. I have thought all season though, and has been alluded to by Jimmy and brought out by Harry last night, she doesn’t understand the music. She doesn’t have the same understanding of the music as some of the other girls. Now when she learns this (time and experience) she will become a force to be reckoned with.

  5. Seriously I hate the idea of any of them leaving, it could be a four way tie. In my book…..whose album would I buy? That is my bottom line and it would be Kree’s. I love the purity of her soul and her voice and I hope that success does not change her nor any of the other girls. I loved Carrie Underwood during her season on Idol, still love her, though she has allowed some of the glitz and glamour to now possess her…..if you look seriously at these four girls, the one least likely to be affected by all of that, in my estimation is Kree, she’s sung purely, simply and not glammed herself up as the others have tried to do….she’s not showing off legs or trying to “own” the camera, she just sings from her heart and that is appealing to me. I don’t agree with a lot the judges say and do and I do feel they have tried to sway the audience, standing ovations should be eliminated period, and gushing over different ones, just give a good honest critique based on their own knowledge of the industry and leave the “extras” out….then you have a true show. If they want to boost Idol ratings that would be my suggestions. And to all the folks who “nasty” talk different contestants, please don’t do that to these young people, it amounts to the same as the idiotic announcers at the Olympics or anywhere else for that matter critiquing a sport or event they actually have never tried and thus know nothing about. Keep your comments civil, honest, if you like someone say so, if you don’t… as your Mother hopefully taught you…if you have nothing nice to say…say nothing at all.

  6. Right now the contestants are so uptight the talent that got them there in the first place is masked by trying to please 4 judges and a mentor who don’t agree and seem to be looking for something different each week. Add to that the pressure of wanting to win this so much. It’s all having a negative effect on their performances. I did not think Kree followed Harry’s mentoring advice to sing “Stormy Weather” without the “frills.” To me she did what she had planned to do before she talked to Harry and changed the song into something forgettable. Candice did listen to Harry, and it improved her performance. After Amber’s last song, I believe she thought that would be her last time to sing to the audience in this competition. Why wouldn’t she feel down? I think it’s amazing that she’s been able to hold up under all the pressure from the judges’ overboard comments causing many people to criticize her because of the judges’ bias. All of this fighting and contradiction ruins the show. This time in the competition is never my favorite because it is clear why some people in show business have a short career (or life) because of the pressure.

  7. In my humble opinion safe are Angie and Candice,guessing that the final are betwen these two.Going home is between Kree and Amber.Amber show insecurity last night.Don’t know but for me the 4 are winners,it’s a tie.

  8. Candice is good but no charisma to audience, same thing with Amber. Kree has a different problem, her choice of song is pulling her down. Its always a moment for Angie if she plays piano and with all her feelings coming out that you can really feel it. The problem with this girl is if she’s away with the piano. She tends to be conscious. But still my choice is Angie, coz she brings me to another amazing world when she plays piano and her beautiful voice.

    • Not, she didn;t listen to Harry, and I can’t stand when they “Churchify” a song instead of following the melody.

  9. I love Angie and want to see her win. IMO, it should come down to Angie and Kree for the top two. If I had to pick one to go home tonight, it would be Amber. She has never really “clicked” for me… but I think that Candace could be in very real trouble as well. People are tired of always being “taken to church” when she sings. There aren’t a lot of gospel fans who watch the show.

  10. Let me present the facts.

    Both Angie and Kree had 2 stellar performances. Candice had a great 2nd performance but her 1st was not up to par. And then there was Amber.
    These 2 performances were among the weakest she has done.
    Angie WINS
    Candice and Kree close seconds
    Bye Bye Amber

  11. Remember that this week’s votes will be added to last week’s and Amber and Candice were bottom two last week. So, unless they had stellar performances last night, or their fans got extra busy voting out of fear, or Amber gets the sympathy vote for having broken down in tears last night, I think one of the two will be going home. Since Candice had better performances, IMO, last night and Amber has been in the bottom so often, I think it will be Amber going home. Kree had two very good performances (though you wouldn’t know it listening to the judges–why do they harp on song choice for her and not for the others?) and Angie was probably the worst last night, I think their popularity so far and the fact they got a head-start on votes by virtue of being in the top 2 last week, will keep them safe tonight. I have found the poll to not be as accurate this year as in previous years…for some reason it is possible to vote more than once in the poll this year, so I believe there are a few ardent Amber fans who are voting multiple times. Her performances last night don’t in any way merit the huge skew in the votes.

  12. The writer or so called predictor of these results should bounce,,,,why do u wish for Candice to go home? thats BullShit,,,, Candi G is staying till the end,,,Go fly a kite instead,,, Rubbish

  13. The judges have been campaigning for amber n we r not quite sure why. Its Americas time to decide so the judges should stop. They get paid enough so sit there n smile douche bags

  14. All I can say is Candice better not go home. She is the best singer of the 4. Candice has been great every week and was the first to get standing ovations from the audience and the judges for her raw, emotional voice. The other 3 are great too, but Candice has a special, clear tone to her voice that makes her stand out from the rest.

  15. Are you all forgetting they said last weeks scores will be COMBINED with this weeks scores? Angie and Kree were the top 2 last week.

  16. I’m agree with the America is right i hope is Angie will go homs. She wasn’t the best performance last night and she will make a music

    • I agree with you Maggie! But, sometime America just doesn’t get it right. I strongly feel Candice is the best. It is just my opinion. No one has given me goosebumps like Candice in a very long time. I’m rooting for her, and if she goes home there is nothing I can do but wait for her album and concert tour.

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