American Idol 2013: Top 4 Part 2 Performance List

Candice Glover on American Idol

It’s like deja vu all over again this week on American Idol 2013 as the Top 4 take the stage for a second straight week thanks to FOX’s scheduling demands.

Tonight on Season 12 the Idol finalists will be performing two songs. One will be a modern hit and the other song once popular many moons ago. Check tonight’s song spoilers for the full list in advance.

Here’s your performance recap for tonight’s American Idol 2013 show.

American Idol 2013 Top 4 Live Performances – Round 1:

American Idol 2013 Top 4 Live Performances – Round 2:

  • Angie Miller — Someone to Watch Over Me — 1-866-436-5701
  • Amber Holcomb — My Funny Valentine — 1-866-436-5702
  • Candice Glover — You’ve Changed — 1-866-436-5703
  • Kree Harrison — Stormy Weather — 1-866-436-5704

What did you think of tonight’s performances? Let’s hear your predictions for who will be voted off American Idol this week.




  1. I feel Kree will be voted off. I think the guy coaching this week should treat all the young ladies the same. He helped one young lady more than the other three. He even said his wife like her.

    • Jealous!! Someone needed to say something positive about Kree because the judges have been cutting her up for 2 weeks now & as far as Amber being in the top 2 well maybe the tears will work for her but they didn’t for Lazaro she doesn’t do anything for me all all! My favorite is still Kree although Candice did deserve that standing ov!

  2. Wow…I’m just stunned at the results of your informal vote system? Seriously? Amber was lackluster, Angie was just her usual over the top, staring at the camera stuff. Candice was the best of all, her vocals are unbelivable. Kree was her usual good self.

    I’d like to see the final two be Kree and Candice…they are the real talents on this show now.

  3. Round 2 Kree should sing take me to your heart or you and me of lifehouse…or Right Here Waiting For You…Athough not right song she sing very good,she is great…

  4. The most gifted singer does not always win. Look at what happened to Adam – the finest singer ever on a reality show stage. When bias kicks in the best get the boot.

  5. Just like to say a big thank you to the US Adam Lambert fan who sent me her three Glasgow tickets a few years ago when the weather was wild (she was right to do that because transport systems shut down the next day). To be in that small theatre with the great man right on stage and me at the front just mind blowing. Still buzzin.

  6. Amber and Candice should be the top two!! And which ever one of those two wins it’s OK. The second runner up usually gets an offer too. Especially if they are good. And both Amber and Candice are better than Kree, Or Angie. Period!

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