American Idol 2013: Top 5 Twitter Round-Up

The American Idol 2013 Top 5, which as we know, is composed of all girls this season, have been tweeting up a storm since making in the coveted final five spot. We got an inside look at what the girls have been up to since last week.

Ford Video: Amber Holcomb tweeted this photo of her and the other girls from the Ford commercial this week.


The Top 5 And The LA Kings: According to Angie Miller’s Twitter and Instagram, the girls took in a hockey game Saturday night in Los Angeles. Angie posted a few photos, including the one below:


Janelle Drops A Hint: “One of my songs is pretty old,not too recognizable but doing my own arrangement of it..came up with it about a yr ago in the DFW airport lol,” The Top 5 finalist tweeted. She later asked her fans who they think her diva is (one of the themes this week is divas) and about 95 percent of the fan guesses were Dolly Parton.