American Idol 2013: Top 5 Week Schedule

Kree Harrison - American Idol

We’re just weeks away from the American Idol 2013 season finale. There are five finalists left in the competition, all of them ladies, very talented ladies, and one of them will be this season’s American Idol winner. But before they can get there we’ve got some work to do.

Starting on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 the Top 5 girls will perform another pair of songs on FOX at 8PM/ET for another two-hour show. Rumor has it the theme will include a “diva song” however that turns out to be interpreted. Interestingly, FOX has not made that theme or song pick part of an official press release.

What we do know for certain is this week’s set of guest performers on Thursday night’s results show starting at 8PM on FOX. Fantasia will be back to perform her new single “Lose to Win” and Clay Aiken will return to perform a song as well, though no word on just what that’ll be.

Are you ready for the Top 5 week? What theme would you have them perform if you were in charge of American Idol 2013?




  1. for the first time in a long time the best five have made it to this point. three of them really shine…candice, kree, and angie. amber and janelle are also wonderful. song choice is most important at this late date. in any event, the shows should all be terrific up until the end. about time, too. idol has almost gotten its credibility back. now if only theycould get rid of nicki and mariah

  2. Kree will win hands down she is solid !!!! Candice is a screamer !!!! Amber has been in the bottom to many times to even think about winning !!!!! Angie is to stuck on herself and thinks she is better then all above!!! and Janell is going to have a contract no matter when she ends her days on idol. she is country there is my prediction !!!!

  3. I’m not sure if this could be classified as a “theme,” but I’d like one of the songs to be just the voice without benefit of playing an instrument or backup singers or orchestra or lighting effects. This would be “Back to the Basics” and would be similar to the first audition, but we should be able to see a difference in vocal improvement, song interpretation, and facial emotion. I know we’re not voting for “most improved singer,” but sometimes those other factors get in the way of really appreciating the contestant’s true vocal ability. Was there ever a theme using cartoon songs that became popular? I don’t like “songs from the year you were born,” because some years were filled with great song choices and others were not.

  4. We all can sit back and relax this Wednesday as Randy will say “yes” to a save. Which will probably be either Jannelle or Amber.

  5. Angie sounds exactly like Delta Goodrem and she would climb over the other 2 in kree and candice if she did one of delta`s songs at the piano “Wish you were here” would be a good song for her

  6. Kree is so beautiful. I never get bored seeing her pretty face. I think top 2 is gonna be: Angie and Kree. Angie’s voice is not too good in my opinion, compare to Kree and Candice. But she has stage presence and full package.
    But this season twitterr followers of the contestants were not that many. I remember Heejun’s followers already reached 130k though he ended at 9th.
    This year Angie is leading at 100k and it’s already 5th week. I think AI has lost interests, especially by using Lazaro’s background story as selling point and then humiliate him in front of national tv.
    I have lost my interest too. I prefer watching the Voice, more fair and fun to watch.

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