American Idol 2013: Vincent Powell Performs “Cause I Love You”

Vincent Powell on American Idol

I honestly thought this guy was a gag performer when he walked in to his American Idol 2013 audition. The rimmed glasses and shaved head had me thinking “Randy Jackson impersonator looking for a few laughs.” Nope, this guy is for real. Vincent Powell just happens to share a similar fashion sense as Randy and that’s okay.

It’s especially okay when you’re good enough to become part of the Top 20 singers this season and move on to the live shows. Last night Vincent did just that with his performance of “Cause I Love You” and after a string of weak performances that was exactly what we needed.

Check out his Top 20 earning spot from last night and then get ready for more Vincent as we head to the American Idol 2013 live shows next week!