American Idol 2013 Top 20 Singers Revealed – Update: Photo Gallery

American Idol 2013 Top 20 Singers

The signs and leaks were all there and now it’s been confirmed: the American Idol 2013 Top 20 singers are here!

Update: We’ve got a photo gallery featuring your Top 20 singers. Check them out below. We’ll keep adding more as FOX releases them.

After four rounds of cuts by the American Idol judges and sending twenty Hopefuls home we’re left with, what we’re told to be, the best of the best. Next week the singers will compete for your votes and now the viewers will be in control of who stays and who goes. Check the American Idol 2013 schedule.

American Idol 2013 Top 20 Singers:

Did your favorites make the cut? Get ready for more performances next week when ten more singers will get cut all at once before we’re down to the season’s Top 10!

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All images: CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright / FOX.

Update: Hear what the American Idol judges have to say about the Top 20!




  1. Gonna be rooting for Devin Velez, Vincent Powell, Cortez Shaw and Nick Boddington

    • I dont get why more people arent impressed by nick boddington. He’s got a genuine talent. Nobody else has the voice or the ability to apply it to just about any song (within reason.) as well as he does. Ive seen him perform elsewhere and he is quite good.

      • I agree. Nick Boddington has a genuine talent and an amazing voice. It’s too bad that not a lot of people can see that about Nick.

  2. Top 10 next week? what a joke?

    i wish they couldve did a top 20, ughhhh 🙁
    this year will just fly by now….. and its all determined on one night? i think it should be the lowest 5 elinmated 1st week,
    then the lowest 5 the next week,
    and then the top 10 regardless of what gender.

  3. well my predictions are
    Cortez Shaw
    Devin Velez
    Charlie Askew
    Curtis Finch Jr
    Lazaros Arbos
    are the top 5 guys.
    and the top 5 girls are
    Candice Glover
    Tenna torres
    Janelle arthur
    Angela miller
    and aubrey cleland
    and they will make the top 10.
    Reply to this and state your top 10.

    • My Predictions are:
      Devin Velez
      Vincent Powell
      Burnell Taylor
      Lazaro Arbos
      Cortez Shaw
      Adriana Latonio
      Angela Miller
      Amber Holcomb
      Kree Harrison
      Candice Glover

  4. This show has dropped in my view and one of the reasons is the judge “Idky” Minaj….What a travesty to judging…..

  5. I’ve actually come to like Niki as a judge. She generally has accurate comments about the performances and isn’t afraid to just tell it like it is–most of the time. Yeah, she isn’t your sweet cookie cutter judge but she does know how to evaluate talent. And don’t forget her record sales cred. Huge. I never thought I’d like her as a judge, but I really do now. (This comment is coming from a career pro concert and recording musician who also actually knows how to judge talent…) A judge should leave the emotional bias out of it and stick to decisions based on skill, chops, and talent.

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