American Idol 2013: What’s Keith Urban Looking For?

Keith Urban - American Idol judge

One of American Idol 2013‘s new judges, Keith Urban, is more interested in looking for some raw talent that might be in need of some polishing.

“That’s part of what Idol is really good at,” Keith tells CMT. “Watching that happen across the season is one of the things I’ve always loved about Idol. You watch this ‘raw diamond’ talent start to really figure it all out. Confidence is one of the greatest things for an artist’s evolution.”

That person also really needs to speak to him and show some vulnerability AND confidence.

“It’s an indefinable thing. I think for me, it’s somebody who really speaks to me,” he says. “And I can feel all of the humanity, really, and the vulnerability, the strength, the confidence, the conflict, the anger, all of it. For me, a great artist always knows how to convey that.”

Keith also tells CMT about his own experience as a reality show contestant and a lot more in their Q&A with him.



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  1. I am not happy about the fact that the young man who sings in the subway went home. How about bringing him back as a wild card?

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