American Idol 2014 Auditions Feature Guitars For Season 13

It looks like now that American Idol 2013 got it’s girl winner at the cost of horrible ratings, they might be ready to embrace the “White Guy With a Guitar” trend.

American Idol 2012 Phillip Phillips

Because for the first time ever, hopefuls were allowed to use their guitars for their initial auditions. But there is a hitch. Here are the details from American Idol officials:

Now, for the first time in AMERICAN IDOL® history, you can audition with your guitar! So bring out your guitars and show us what you’ve got!

Please note that each audition MUST start with an a capella piece and hopefuls will only be able to use their guitars after the a capella audition at the discretion of the producers. Auditioners were not required to perform with a guitar at any time.

What do you think about opening the auditions for people to perform with an instrument for American Idol season 13? Do you approve or do you think we’ll just end up with another WGWG again?




  1. I am driving 5 hours to allow my daughter to audition. Do I have to b at the audition city a day early or even 2 days early to register? Can u register same day as audition? It doesn’t say on website

  2. Uhh this rule doesn’t change a thing. Auditioners were already allowed to use their guitars at the judges’ discretion after singing without it. They let Phillip Phillips do it if you remember correctly. I just hope they’re not trying to steer this season in the direction of a wgwg winner because they should just let viewers vote for who they WANT to win. If that happens to be another wgwg then so be it.

  3. I think it should go way back to when the singers sang acapella. I am not sure, but I think Kelly Clarkson sang Acapella. Now they have back up singer and dancers. I would rather just hear their clear voices.Too many distractions going on. Especially on X/Factor. Too much smoke. Too many dancers. And too loud music.. I enjoy the sound of the contestants the best.

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