American Idol 2014 Judges’ Search Update

American Idol Keith Urban

It’s starting to sound like we’ll soon know the American Idol Season 13 judges, according to show host Ryan Seacrest.

“I’ve been involved in the conversations that have been going on,” Ryan said. “But we have not yet confirmed who will be on the panel. It will be confirmed soon.”

Of course as we know with American Idol, nothing is official until it’s official, so take these reports as you will. Here’s what we know:

  • Producers plan to return to a three-person panel: one female and two males.
  • Kelly Clarkson is NOT going to be a judge.
  • Adam Lambert is also off the table.
  • Keith Urban is almost certainly returning for a second season.
  • Producers are apparently trying to decide between Jennifer Lopez again or Jennifer Hudson. Apparently Lopez’s steep salary requirements have them hung up there.
  • is looking like the third person to be on the 2014 panel.

I think any of these things are possible, but I predict the panel will be JLo, Keith and Even though I’d prefer JHud,  Keith and ANYONE other than Who do you hope to see on the judge’s panel?




    • Just a random update: I was just at the Boston auditions and there were less than 2000 people present… Numbers are way down.

  1. I’d only have watched this season if they had been smart enough to hire Adam Lambert – he’d have added excitement and intelligence to the panel. Idol is very quickly losing ground and it’s because they haven’t had any chemistry on that judges’ panel. Doesn’t sound like they’re going in the right direction for the new season, either – except that I do like the 3 person judging format; too much yadayadaya with 4 judges.

  2. No Adam Lambert no ME. JLo poor as a judge…no thank you, not even worth one million IMO. Only one I like is Keith. Will watch something else worthwhile.

  3. Wow, very boring judge panel if this is true. Fox knows AI is losing viewers like crazy, so you’d think they’d want to put people on the judges panel that will bring excitement and viewers back to the show. Adam Lambert would’ve done that. Well, the stress of having to start watching AI again is pretty much gone! YAY! I’m actually happy about that. I think AI will be cancelled after this season. Yawn.

  4. No Adam No American Idol simple as that.. I’m totally sick of your antics……. R.I.P American Idol.

  5. Branden you have no taste at all. Your judge picks are terrible. If you made up this story you will definitely hear from ppl who are very unhappy with this story.

  6. I agree with other commentors – I dropped AI last year because ot he dismal choice of judges and the only judge who could possibly entice me back would be Adam Lambert. The panel as proposed above holds no appeal for me, so I’ll be singing “bye-bye (Miss) American Idol”…

  7. i want adam in american idol without adam me my family and friends not see the american idol

  8. I actually thought about watching Idol next season when I read that Clay Aiken might be considered as a judge.but that obviously not going to happen. Next year will be another season I won,t watch Idol.

  9. I was hoping to watch again if Adam Lambert was going to be on the panel, if not I am not interested in watching.

  10. 3 out of 4 judges last year were black and they picked a large percentage of black contestants – a higher number in the top 20 than in any other season. PC is going to do its part to hurt AI this year. I agree with the other people who have commented about Adam Lambert – he could be just the spark Idol needs.

  11. It’s too bad. The one thing they badly needed was a clean sweep and a fresh start. Too much been there done that in this panel. Keith might have been fine since he’s bland but likable, so depending on the mix of personalities at the table, he could represent the demo of country white guitar folk. I would have liked to see him with Lambert, but nothing changes it seems.

  12. Please no goosies again. Though I do admit that I’d take JLo over Nikki Minaji, but that’s like saying a headache is better than a migrane.

  13. No Adam Lambert again, Idol? Another failed season. Not interested in a rerun of Jennifer Lopez.

  14. Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert would bring back viewers and get new ones. Jennifer Lopez is old news. Keith Urban is boring and Will who? Who thinks this team will up the ratings?

  15. Oh well, Adam Lambert would be the only thing to bring me back to Idol. No Adam – No Me!

  16. With JLo on this panel and Will (whatever) I will not be watching this boring show. JLo sucked as a judge last time, I can’t believe you’d bring her back again. You should have picked Adam Lambert. He would have brought some excitement and creativity and intelligence to the panel. Good Riddance Am. Idol!

  17. The panel should be:

    – Adam Lambert
    – Jennifer Hudson
    – Carrie Underwood (optional)
    – Chris Daughtry

  18. Jennifer Lopez isn’t worth the money they may potentially pay her. She wasn’t worth the money they paid her two years ago. She added nothing to the show or the contestants. I don’t think I can stand hearing about her “goosies.” Even the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. Mark my words, nothing will change and the contestants will get nothing out of her being on the show!

  19. I love that Keith Urban looks to be returning because he has been the best judge they’ve had in years. He actually gave the contestants constructive criticism and truly acted like a mentor. This was the best decision the new producers could have made. Compared to the others, he is totally underpaid. I’m of the opinion that he is worth more than ten J Lo’s or Mariah’s.

  20. I can get over j lo being a judge again and even Keith urban but i do agree they need to spice the show up again the
    X factor and the voice have taken over American idol. Now
    One judge i could not tolerate was Mariah Carey. I wanted to jump through the screen every time she opened her mouth and slap her. And she talked with her hands too much. And Nikki? I won’t even go there…American idol is going to wind up going off air…what would be exciting? Bring back the original three judges…but i don’t think Simon would be that stupid.

  21. The new head honchos had a chance to step up the game or same ole’, same ole’. They went with same ole’. same ole’ so I am going bye, bye. JLo is a deal buster and an inane choice.

  22. Who is Will I Am? I like J Lo and love Keith Urban. Would love for Steven Tyler to come back!

    • YES…..oh please bring Steven Tyler back…he brought a lot of excitement to the show!!!!! And Jennifer Hudson would be awesome too 🙂

  23. Very disturbing their apparent pics for judge. That puts the nail in their coffin for good. Was hoping Adam Lambert would have revived the show. Since his initial stint in 2009, ratings have dropped off considerably every year. Get the hint, American Idol?

  24. Please, no Will I Am! Can’t stand his music. J LO should stick to movies and other things. She is no judge. Jennifer Hudson would be a much better judge. Keith Urban was a good judge, would like to see him back this season. How about Harry Connick Jr. or Barry Mannilow or maybe even Clay Aiken?
    I won’t watch if Will I Am is a judge. You can bet that many others will pass AI by this season if the judges are in bad taste.
    Some of them have no idea about how to judge good voices or competition.

  25. Idol is losing viewers and now contestants. Adam Lambert got screwed in the win of Idol (and he is doing better than the winner ( what’s his name again?)) and now your overlooking hhim as a judge. Didn’t Idol learn their lesson the first time when he didn’t win? Instead of paying JLo’s outrageous salary, get two ex idol contestants who made it big and is already mentoring young hopefuls? Go with Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson. Make it a clean sweep and forget Keith and get another Idol Alum like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. That would be a show I would watch.

  26. Jennifer Lopez returning would be fantastic. I look forward to seeing this beautiful, sexy lady every week.

  27. Not sure if you guys noticed but American Idol has confirmed on Twitter that Keith is coming back for a second season. I like it, he was hella funny and he knows better than anybody about country music! 🙂 “@AmericanIdol Did you hear?! It’s confirmed: @KeithUrban will be back at the judges table for American Idol XIII. We love you KU! #IdolKU #TCAs13” (Aug 1st)

  28. I had high hopes Adam Lambert would be a judge. He would lighten up the show a lot. Clay Aiken would be another choice for a male judge. I do like Keith Urban also, glad he will be back. I much prefer Jennifer Hudson to be the female. I thought I heard she had already signed a contract .

  29. Look, the truth is that Adam Lambert “broke” American Idol after Season 8. There was simply no one that came after him that could compare. So, the smart thing would be to now let him :fix” it as a judge.

  30. JLo is coming back because Idol producers are paying her a whopping 15 million (I believe the same as last time she was a judge). Mariah got 18 Mil. X Factor paid Britney 15 Million but this year (2013) gave Demi Lovato a 2 x raise or from 1(2012) to 2 Million (2013). X Factor is seeing it’s mistakes (and Idol’s) and revamping; while AI continues on the same path to destruction.


  32. I like 3 judges, 2 males 1 female. That’s how it was in the beginning, that’s how it was when the show’s ratings were highest and that’s how it should have been the whole time.

    Keith Urban was a fine judge. I have no problem with him returning for the next season. He shouldn’t be punished for last season’s bad ratings which weren’t his fault. They just have to let him critique contestants as he should and not make him act like certain contestants (Amber Holcomb) are great when they’re really not.
    Will. I. Am. could be either really good or really bad. I’m not necessarily opposed to him as a judge but I’d have to watch the show to see how I feel about him as a judge.
    As far as J. Lo vs J. Hud goes, I’m kinda torn. J. Lo wasn’t a good judge, but she wasn’t terrible either. She’s miles better than Nicki Minaj. But she’ll want them to pay her way more than she deserves. There are better people for this spot, but the show was just fine the two season’s J. Lo was on the panel, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. And as for J. Hud, I know I’m not the only person who hates the idea of Idol alums on the judging panel. She would probably be pretty good as a judge, but something about having judges who were on the show once just bugs me.

    Finally, it looks like they’re embracing the wgwg phenomenon this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try just as hard to get one of those winners as they did to get a girl winner last year. That would be a terrible idea. In my opinion, they should just cast the best 12 male and best 12 female singers who audition and let viewers vote for who they want to win. In other words, stop trying to manipulate the system like they did last year.

  33. On a somewhat related note. It seems like everyone wants them to hire Adam Lambert as a judge and word is that if he were offered that job he’d take it in a second. So it seems logical that they do it, but they haven’t. I’m pretty sure there some reason we don’t know about why they haven’t.

  34. Horrible Panel EXCEPT Keith Urban. I WILL NOT watch with with Jennifer Lopez on the Panel who uses the show for a publicity stunt! She is a has been who does NOT add any fan fare, yet talent….!

  35. I get bad “goosies” just thinking about JLo being back as a judge. I heard Harry Connick, Jr., is going to be the third
    judge. He came off pompous and insensitive last season, but a number of people seemed to like him. This sounds like an
    unlucky season for American Idol and maybe the last.

  36. I am happy that Keith Urban is back in the judges panel, he knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t beat around the bush when talking to contestants. J Lo knows her music and her advice to the singers is also accurate, her emotional moments honor her latina blood, that’s it. And I agree with the person that misses Steve Tyler, to me, besides his knowledge of music, he added a touch of crazy rock’n roll fun that would balance the gentle tone of Keith. I’ll miss Randy too, very much. Peace to you daug!

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