American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 7 Performance

The American Idol Top 7 has delivered! Now it’s your turn to tell us who had the best showing of the night. Vote for your favorite artist in our poll below and share your thoughts on what makes him or her the very best.

Jena Irene on American Idol 2014
Jena Irene on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

FOX’s official voting opened at 8PM tonight with the start of the show thanks to their Google Search Voting method and the rest of the voting methods have joined in as the phone lines were unleashed for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. This is it. This is the week Caleb suddenly gets voted off and the judges aren’t able to save him cuz they already wasted it on the boring wgwg.

    • we can always hope. but I think it will be Jessica. Sam is the best followed by Alex.

    • They wouldn’t of been able to save anyone this week. That was the last time they could have used the ‘save’. After that day the ‘save’ was null and void’
      Either way I don’t think Caleb is going anywhere. I hope not. 🙂

      • That’s not true. The save is in effect until the Top 5. Ryan announced it during last week that they only had toe weeks left to use it. That means when it would have been the final six, which would have been this week if Sam weren’t saved. So this would be the last week that the save could be used.

    • I keep stating this…. the best rarely wins…. so his future is bright should he be voted off….. I think Jessica will go this week.

      • I think she will stay for two reasons 1. people really like her voice 2. too much criticism from the judges

      • The best overall singer often doesn’t win (exception last year with Candace), but the most watchable, appealing person with a style of music that is currently enjoyed usually wins. Country contestants often have an edge due to the fan base. Caleb has been most consistent, but his rocker style and something about his personality may not give him the win.

    • Anything could happen, but I don’t think a surprise elimination will happen because it is so easy to vote now that you don’t have to spend hours dialing the phone. People who want to vote can do it in a minute or two so laziness isn’t as much a factor.

  2. Sam was marvellous! Emotionally rendered and perfectly sung. Most unpretentious of the night. Keep him, America!

  3. Sam and Alex are my favorites are I would buy their CD – together or separate. Obviously, their style of music is my style of music.

  4. Obviously Caleb and Jessica helped Jena and Sam this week. Nice to see team work. Might want to upgrade guitars from those $20.00 garage sale acoustics. Unless you can not really play?

  5. He might not be the best, but SAM is an excellent example for our children today. Like I said before, He reminds me so much of Ricky Nelson.

  6. Caleb is best followed by Jena (she has an incredible voice), then Sam and Alex. Dexter has a good voice but there’s not any thing unique about him. CJ, sorry but you’re just not ready. Keep trying.

    • Best is actually an individual opinion…. depending on your music genre preference. CJ for me is the best — blues and soul. But I give the best vocals of the night to Caleb, then Dexter. The remainder are equal and equally talented.

  7. I love country music. And I am so tired of you guys saying “Jena and Caleb are the top 2” when anyone can booted off at any time! I think Sam did the best and J-Lo is so biased! She wants Jena to win and I am so tired of it!

    • Dexter was awesome last night….. He was #2 in my opinion…. brought it home…. His song choice really was the best song choice for the individual singer — of the night….

  8. Jena’s performance from last night is so overrated. I like Jena a lot but I know that song and it was just ok. She’s safe for sure but it was not that good. It was B+ at best.

    • I have to agree…. Last night her red lipstick, jewels around her neck and her bangs and ‘straight’ hairstyle added volumes to her appearance – and since she stated she has always been into makeup – why hasn’t she had this look before? They are all talented and at this point any of them could win. As I’ve stated, the best won’t win – never has…. so Jena has a good chance of winning. I didn’t care for the duo she and Caleb did — except for the last phrase or note – whatever… she held it and it was a great phrase…. Best wishes to her, though and to all of them.

  9. They are all winners at this point.. now it just comes down to voting people off. I just hope they all realize just how good they are. 🙂

  10. Based on reading the boards online, CJ could be the one to go and if so at least he leaves on a high note. Although I did like Dexter’s performance better than his previous ones, he lacks creativity and uniqueness and he may be in the bottom 2, or Sam. The rest I think are safe.

  11. I hope it is Caleb….He is so full of himself…and the comment he made “make some old women cry” was not a very good comment. He needs to go…I don’t think any of the others would have made such a degrading and little of moral comment

    • I felt the same way about Caleb’s comment “make some old women cry.” It was thoughtless. Did he ever think that some of what he calls “old women” are voting? As my mom said when I said something like that once, “You’ll get old, too.”
      Caleb’s performances are good, but he does not make them his own. He doesn’t add anything that would say “that’s Caleb’s version. How does he feel about people calling him “Meatloaf Jr.”?

    • Caleb is a Lazy contestant. When Jena talked about spending hours practicing then aske Jack Black if he practiced her smirked like “heck no, too busy smoking bud and having the munchies.”

  12. Jessica needs to quit being so dark and be more competitive or she will be out soon. I like her but she seems afraid to compete so JENA kicks her buts of the females left.

  13. American Idol must be voted on by the contestant who performs the best…not just once in a while but almost all the time. Voting should be based on the talent, not who our favourite looking person is. Up to and including last night Jena has ranked either at the top or No 2 every week. Last night she easily out performed the rest. Listen to the judges and you will see who will most likely win this Season.

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