American Idol 13 – Best Top 7 Performances Of The Night [VIDEOS]

Wednesday night on American Idol featured some surprising performances from our season 13’s Top 7 artists. Some of those were good surprises and some were disappointing. Who will move on and make the cut now? We’ll find out tonight. But while we wait, let’s see who did the best this week.

Ryan and Caleb duet on American Idol 2014
Ryan and Caleb duet on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Here’s our list of who had the best showings from the Top 7 solo performances, but we want to hear who would make up your “best of” for the night and especially tell us about your favorite duets! Share your thoughts below!

#4 – Jessica Meuse – “Gunpowder and Lead”

#3 – Caleb Johnson – “Family Tree”

#2 – Sam Woolf – “Sail Away”

#1 – Jena Irene – “Creep”

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  1. I’m failing to see how Alex did not make this list? Jess’s performance was easily the worst of the night.

  2. I like CJ, he has a heart ,good voice.he is a credit to young folks today…..good luck to all 3 Alabama folks tonite! we got lots talent in Alabama…….football……and talented folks in every walk life…..

  3. I really like Sam and Caleb the best…Sam reminds me so much of Ricky Nelson. I would actually love to see him win, but Ithink it will come down to Caleb and Jena for the win. Last nights performances…I liked Caleb, Sam, Jena, C.J. in that order.

  4. These are not my comments, but I could not agree with them more, hence I am reposting:


    • This was a good episode. Not the best, but good. Jena, Caleb and
    Alex, in my opinion, have distanced themselves from Dexter, CJ, Sam and
    Jessica. At this juncture I believe those will be the top 3. But who

    • After Wednesday’s show, I’d say Sam and Jessica — even though she
    hasn’t been in the bottom three in a while — should be worried. They
    were the low points on this night.

    • What do a pop singer, hall of fame football player, teen dance DJ
    and female UFC fighter have in common? None of them needed to appear on
    “American Idol” tonight. What a waste of time.

    • Harsh Harry was hoarse Harry tonight. He sounded terrible. Someone get him some tea and honey!

    • Will Harry ever give anyone a standing ovation? He says as a judge
    he won’t but will any performance force him to break his rule?

    • Can we lay off the extreme close-ups of Sam Woolf’s face please?
    For all of us non-teenage-girls, it’s getting pretty uncomfortable.

    • I think you’re wrong about Sam, on all levels. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with Anonymous’ opinion.

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