American Idol Season 13: Randy Jackson Goes From Judge To Mentor

American Idol 2012 judge Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson is proving to have nine lives when it comes to American Idol.

Yes, the Dawg is back. Only this time he will not be a judge, but he will serve as the official American Idol 2014 mentor. There’s not been an actual confirmation, but most people are presuming that means Jimmy Iovine will no longer serve as a mentor. Even though that was one of the few things actually working with the format the past few seasons.

“Surprise, surprise! I am so happy to be back as part of this amazing show that started it all,”  Randy said in a statement.  “Season 1-3 is the place to be. The original talent show is back with a vengeance and ready to discover the best talent in America.”

There’s apparently some other changes in store for the upcoming season, but everyone is remaining tight-lipped about that. Which means the producers probably don’t even know what they want. Host Ryan Seacrest is already touting the season, though.

“I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the American Idol 13 family. Our new producers, judging panel and mentor are all fired up for this season,”  Ryan said. “I’ve already witnessed some amazingly talented contestants from around the country during our early auditions, cementing my belief that a new superstar is well within our sights.”




  1. Great! Randy remains the” Lone Wolf” from the original AI. I felt sorry for Randy last season as he was in the middle of Nicki’s and Mariah’s squabbles. Also last season ,Nicki was constantly in Randy’s face when he was trying to talk (when she didn’t agree with him). No more of that bigmouth this year! Ha!

  2. Please tell me NO…Jimmy was the only real positive thing left on the show. I was struggling to remain a fan since I’ve been there since the first season but please don’t say Jimmy is gone and Randy is taking his place. Jimmy was at least objective. Randy made all his decisions based on his on personal feelings and not objectively.

  3. Well I can see the END of the show after Lopez than Nicki and now they are bring Lopez back what in the name of GOD are they doing? I have never missed a season last 2 years has been very hard to watch but I really don’t know if I will watch this season thank God Keith is there and the worlds best host without them 2 I would not watch at all. I really think Idol is on it’s last leg and will be off the air soon ‘-{

  4. Ugh. You said it exactly, “Jimmy was the only thing working about the show”. How unfortunate. I almost always enjoyed Jimmy’s segments, he was usually (kind of) funny but constructive. Randy has just always been so…annoying.

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