American Idol Season 13: JLo Thrilled To Be Back On Judge’s Panel

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez is set to return to American Idol for a third time after previously sitting on the judges panel during seasons 10 and 11. And she couldn’t be happier.

“I love this show and I am glad to be back, Lopez said in a statement. “Last year I went off and toured the whole world for the first time. It wasn’t the easiest thing to fit in this season of ‘Idol’, but I love it so much … I did miss it.”

Lopez joins Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. on the American Idol 2014 panel. Along with that panel and the show refocusing itself, Lopez thinks things will get to normal for the show that has lost its way the past few seasons.

“It makes me feel good that there’s good feelings about American Idol,” she says, “because the show’s a great show and the focus is back where it’s supposed to be — on the show and contestants and tuning in for some great entertainment, a few laughs and the emotion that comes along with that ride and that journey.”

Lopez and the other judges have already been to work at Boston auditions this week.




  1. She ought to be thrilled! She’s making 17.5 million to do it this season. You can buy a lot of “GOOSIES” with that much.

    • Why does or why did Keith Urban ” The Hunk ” Only get paid $4 Million? He Gives me the shivers everytime he says Baby! His comments are spot on too!

      • Keith is country not pop. He hasn’t ben around as long as Mariah ($18 million). JLo also is an actor and fashion designer and women rule this industry (much like men rule the sports money). Last two she judged, she got the most Beautiful women in the world award, perfume and clothing contracts, endorsements galore. But these started to dwindle last year (not an AI judge) and her music didn’t sell as good as her on AI debut of GO-GO-Go music video.Note: Mariah did the same this past season with her “Your so beautiful” music video. Also Jlo got a raise from $15 to $17.5 Million for the 2014 season. The preliminary judges have been doing all the hard work as the now judges are just getting started-keith, Harry and Jlo. See ya on the X Factor blog!

  2. I AM NOT THRILLED with her being back. She added nothing to the show so why should this turn around be any different!!! I am going to throw up the first time I hear the word “goosies” come out of her mouth!!!!

  3. OMG NOOOOOOOO I can not stand her she is so fake it is unreal some one should slap who ever hire her

  4. Is she going to get 20 Million this year? She got 14 Million the last time she was on AI. Branden sweet heart do you think she is worth $20 Million I didn’t mean to embarrass you Branden! You are just such a nice person I couldn’t help it.. See you later doll face. Sherry K

  5. JLo back again?? Hasn’t she taken enough money from this show? Her “goosie” comments are already getting on my nerves, and the show hasn’t even begun yet. In addition, she’ll be performing and showing the contestants how to bore the public. Harry Connick, Jr., came off as pompous and insulting to some of the contestants as a mentor. Do they really have to put up with that all season? More bad choices, Idol. This season (13) is beginning to look unlucky already.

  6. I somewhat dislike J. Lo as a judge, because she picks favorites (often contestants who aren’t even good) and clearly gives them special treatment and her critiques are generally useless. However, she isn’t a terrible judge like Nicki Minaj. If this season tanks like last season, it won’t be solely because of J. Lo. Remember that the other two seasons where she was a judge were still good seasons.

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