Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finale: Season 16 Winner Kellie Pickler Performs

American Idol season 5 finalist Kellie Pickler finally won her reality TV crown as the Dancing With the Stars winner for season 16. As the reigning queen of DWTS, of course, Kellie will be taking the stage again for the season 17 finale next week before the new Mirror Ball Trophy winner is crowned. This time, however, she’ll be behind the mic instead of on the dance floor!

Kellie Pickler on Dancing With the Stars - Source: ABC
Kellie Pickler on Dancing With the Stars – Source: ABC

Next week on the first half of the Dancing With the Stars 17 finale on Monday, Kellie Pickler will appear on to perform her latest single, “Little Bit Gypsy.” Kellie is currently doing the rounds to promote her new album, The Woman I Am, which opened at No 4. on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart. We’re sure there will be a fab dance from the DWTS 17 pros and troupe to accompany Kellie’s latest chart-climbing song.

We loved Kellie Pickler as a singer on American Idol and we loved her equally as much as a dancer on Dancing With the Stars. We can only hope that the celebrity who wins the Mirror Ball Trophy for Dancing With the Stars 2013 will be equally as awesome all around as Kellie! (Hint: We’re rooting for Amber Riley from Glee for another singer/dancer combo winner!)



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  1. Monday’s DWTS final will be an extravaganza! All of the elements required for an awesome experience are in place; 4 remarkable stars/ballroom dancers and their partners, 3 amazing dance challenges concluding with the fan favorite, Freestyle, 2 outstanding vocal talents performing an array of hit songs; Kellie Pickler, and TLC; and 1 extraordinarily brilliant and witty master of ceremonies, Tom Bergeron and his right hand lady, Brooke B-C.
    All of the finalists are uncommonly good at what they bring to the final and that has made this season so unique and so exceptional. Amber Riley is such a dynamic dance competitor, energetic and sassy in the Samba, Jazz, Fox Trot, and other up-tempo dances, while bringing elegance and fluidity to the Rhumba, Tango, and slower paced rhythms. Bill Engvall brings the fun, puts his heart and soul into pleasing the audience, delivers every time and that makes his performances exciting. Jack Osborne is a revelation. A quick learner, he is the hero of the ballroom. He basically went from knowing zero steps to advancing to the head of the class as he has delivered one nearly flawless performance after another. But when you talk about flawless performances, one person comes to mind every time, Corbin Bleu. Watching him perform is like watching Avatar, or Star Wars, or Titanic for the very first time. You know the performance is going to be unforgettable, bright and brilliant, epic in scale, a masterpiece. Half the fun of watching him is the anticipation of what is coming next.

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