American Idol 2014: Ranking The Top 10 Girls


The American Idol 2014 Top 10 girls performed for America’s votes Tuesday night and there were some hits and misses and some highs and lows. Most of the girls were victims of nerves as “Rush Week” found 15 of them waiting to be called to perform in only 10 spots. So we didn’t get a real look and listen to what some of them might have in store.

Keeping all that in mind, here’s how we’d rank the performances from Tuesday night:

MK Nobilette sings All of Me On American Idol 2014

1. MK Nobilette, “All of Me.” MK is making a lot of headlines for all the wrong reasons. She’s a great singer and that’s why she’s in the Top 10 and at the top of this list. She had the best performance of the night. Maybe it was the best only because everyone else fell victim to nerves. Regardless of the reason, she’s in the top spot.

Malaya Watson performs Hard Times on American Idol 2014

2. Malaya Watson, “Hard Times.” Malaya is a natural. She’s got energy, spunk, personality and a voice that won’t quit. She’s easily the best performer in the competition, but she was pretty spastic during her performance and that pushed her to the No. 2 spot on this list.

Bria Ania sings Wrong Side of A Love Song on American Idol 2014

3. Bria Anai, “Wrong Side of A Love Song.” Bria kind of came out of no where for me. She wasn’t even on my radar until Tuesday night. And here she is coming in at No. 3.

Jessica Meuse performs Drink a Beer on American Idol 2014

4. Jessica Meuse, “Drink a Beer.” I was admittedly confused that Jessica busted out a country song. She just doesn’t have the look. I don’t know if she was just appealing to the country fanbase or what, but it worked.

Majesty Rose sings Happy on American Idol 2014

5. ¬†Majesty Rose, “Happy.” This wasn’t a great song for Majesty, but she’s talented and has gotten a lot of airtime so she shouldn’t be going anywhere this week.

Jena Asciutto performs Paint It Black on American Idol 2014

6. Jena Asciutto, “Paint It Black.” I’m calling this as the best song choice of the night. It wasn’t the best performance of the night, but I give credit where it’s due. I like her energy and her edge. I hope to see more from her.

Kristen O’Connor sings Turning Tables on American Idol 2014

7. Kristen O’Connor, “Turning Tables.” I’m still confused why the judges picked her over some of the others. But I’m more confused with why she picked Adele. She does not have an Adele voice and that’s why she comes in on this side of the our top 5.

Brianna Oakley performs Warrior on American Idol 2014

8. Brianna Oakley, “Warrior.” It’ll never make sense to me why people pick these studio songs that are made for manufactured singers (also see #10 on this list). It’s just not a good idea. They aren’t made for singers so the performances are never worth listening to.

Emily Piriz sings Paris Ooh La La on American Idol  2014

9. Emily Piriz, “Paris Ooh La La.” I’m with Harry Connick Jr. on this one. I think that’s a horrible song for a young woman to be singing and on top of that it just has no substance and does not showcase a singer’s voice.

Marialle Sellars sings Roar on American Idol 2014

10. Marialle Sellars, “Roar.” We’ve seen the “I’m the next American Idol” clip from her over and over again. It’s almost like producers are trying to tell us something. And actually all we heard Tuesday night was the worst performance of the night. Horrible song choice (see #8), bad vocals. Just bad.




  1. I am a HUGE AI fan and have been since Season 1. This year HAD been good BUT this “Rush Week” just sucks and if this is as good as it gets for the girls I am done. The men better bring it……BUT dropping 5 like that was annoying to say the least. I feel AI has run its course.

    • I’m still Ok with it. The only girls that impressed me were MK and Jessica. Lots of posters are saying Jena and Emily, but to me Emily was like a kid playing star in her bedroom mirror and Jena made a mistake singing Paint It Black because Siobhan owns that on Idol. We’ll see.

  2. She’s not that good. AI is trying to be “too” politically correct! others in the group are better but not chosen.

  3. I made my top 10 as well while I was watching the show, according only to the performances and not the personalities. Actually I was quite surprised by some of them in a bad or good way. Here’s my top.
    1. Malaya – I really like her since the beginning: voice, influences, range, and great personality ! And I love Ray Charles music so this was the best for me
    2 – Majestic Rose – I really enjoyed the performance even if I think she can do so much better
    3 – Jena – Great vocals and solid performance
    4 – Emily – Even if the song choice was not good, she has a great voice
    5 – Bria – I agree with what the judges said, she almost screamed and it was not nice to hear. Otherwise, she came out of nowhere so thats a good surprise – and she has a great personality too!
    6 – Jessica – Great voice but I was confused as well by the country song choice
    7 – MK – Most emotional performance but it was a bit weak for me
    8 – Kristen O’Conner – good vocals but less impressive compared to the others
    9 – Brianna – bad surprise because I expected so much more from her and don’t understand the song choice.
    10 – Marialle – Awful, off key, too much confidence…eurk..

    I think I would have preferred Kenzie Hall and Andrina (that we have not seen at all) perform on stage that Marialle and MK.

  4. Why are they calling her Jena Irene(instead of Asciutto)? Her vocals were nervous last night but I still put her at No.1 and Majesty at No.2. I didn’t think Jessica belonged but she pulled out a top 5 performance (this time).

  5. My top 5 would be Jessica (nice vocal and confidence), Malaya (great performance if a bit messy), Bria (love the personality and voice), Jena (courageous song choice and difficult song well done), and Briana (not her best but showed more than the bottom 5). I’m glad to see Marialle at the bottom. I feel she’s unusually inauthentic in all ways. MK had nice feeling but voice very average. I’d rather have seen 3 of the ladies not picked for the top 10 than the other 3.

  6. I’m getting tired of all the drama. I just like the singing. I really think the workshop was a terrific idea, and probably very helpful to all the contestants. I just wished they had shown us a little of the other girls since they worked hard, and had just given us the top 10 up front.
    I love Malaya.

  7. Excited to hear tonights results!! I loved Kristen’s song and Majesty Rose! I think nerves were a factor with both the girls and guys with the whole elimination round loaming over there heads…and they didn’t get show everything they had…but they will when they are more relaxed in the coming episodes.

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